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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Everywhere you go, whether you’re out in the street, watching TV or shopping online, you’ll see advertisements and content telling you how bad aging is and how we need to do everything we can in order to stop it.

Everybody wants to look younger and have the energy they used to have when they were a child, almost so much so that people are starting to become fearful of it. However, thanks to the advancements in modern technology, there are more devices and breakthroughs than ever before that can make aging far less scary.

Today, we’re going to explore seven of these technological breakthroughs that are ensuring the inevitable aging process just isn’t so bad.

1. Better Accessibility Options

Consider all the variations of technology we have available to people these days. As people get older, they become less and less able to use technology because the processes of using it happen so fast and it becomes difficult for older people to learn, especially if they have disabilities.

Fortunately, technology is constantly being developed to make this easier than ever, whether that’s in the form of more visible screens, audio description, or speech-to-text services.

2. 3D-Printed Limbs

We’re already hearing the wonderful stories about how affordable 3D printers and materials are capable of printing affordable prosthetics for people who have lost them due to any kind of medical condition, especially coming into old age. This limb replacement service is due to take off over the coming years.

3. Modern Hearing Aids

While hearing aids have been about for many years, they used to be big and clunky and were difficult for most people to use. However, modern-day hearing aids, such as Miracle-Ear’s rechargeable hearing devices, are making it easier than ever before to improve your hearing quality.

4. Voice Search Technology

Hand in hand with our consideration above when it comes to searching for information and content using the internet, more and more devices are introducing Smart voice search technology which makes it even easier to communicate and interact with devices.

5. Medical Alerts

Consider how smartwatches these days have built-in heart-rate monitors. These are already being used among elderly people to track their health in real-time. If the elderly person is alone and succumbs to an attack of some kind, medical response teams and family members can be alerted digitally.

6.  GPS Tracking

With the rise of mental health conditions such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s, more elderly people are going missing for a few hours when they’re trying to make their way home and forget where they’re going. Instead,

GPS trackers are being used to eradicate the confusion and worry.

7. Fitness Monitoring

Remaining healthy and active is such an important part of everyday life, especially when you get into old age. Whether a medical professional is tracking the fitness levels of someone, or they are monitoring them themselves, fitness trackers can bring about so many benefits.


It’s easy to see that technology is bringing about so many benefits that can help the elderly people of the modern world live healthy, happy and comfortable lives. If you’re suffering from a condition, it’s always worth looking into technology to see what’s out there that can help!

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