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Monday, October 7, 2019

Eggs for breakfast are a great idea for a good start to the day. They are a rich source of proteins and other nutrients.

Unfortunately, many of us are concerned about eggs because they believe that they contribute to increasing the level of cholesterol in the blood, which in the future can negatively affect the health of our heart.

This is not true. Eggs are an important nutrient and are an integral part of the modern diet. Considering the benefits of eggs for our health, it is recommended to eat them regularly, but in moderation.

Today we wanted to tell you more about the benefits of eggs . So, why is it recommended to include eggs in your diet?

1. Eggs are not dangerous for our health

Indeed, eggs contain cholesterol. But this does not mean that they are a danger to our health. It should be borne in mind that some of our organs, mainly the liver, also produce cholesterol. This substance is necessary for the normal operation of our body.

Problems appear when the amount of cholesterol begins to exceed the norm. Therefore, it is very important to keep the cholesterol level stable.

In this sense, eggs do not pose any risk to our health, because the amount of cholesterol contained in them is not dangerous for a healthy person whose “bad” cholesterol level (LDL-cholesterol) is within normal limits.

Also in eggs, saturated fats are harmful to human health. As you see, there is no reason for concern.

2. Are sources of “good” cholesterol

Regular consumption of eggs is a good prevention of a deficiency of “good” cholesterol (the so-called HDL-cholesterol).

This substance protects our body from cardiovascular diseases and helps to take care of brain health .

3. Eggs – the most important sources of choline

Have you ever heard of this substance? Perhaps not. But choline is a very important micronutrient, essential for good health and well-being.

Choline belongs to the group of vitamins B. It participates in the process of creating cell membranes and brain cells.

According to the results of the medical research conducted in the USA, about 90% of the population to some extent suffers from a lack of this substance.

But you can cope with this problem! To do this, you need to lead a healthier lifestyle and include eggs in your diet.

4. Eggs – nutritious food

As already mentioned above, eggs are a great idea for starting the day. You can cook for breakfast a delicious scrambled eggs or eat a boiled egg.

Thanks to them your body will receive:

  • Vitamin A : 6% of the recommended daily intake rate
  • Folic acid : 5% of the recommended daily intake rate
  • Vitamin B5 : 7% of the recommended daily intake rate
  • Vitamin B12 : 9% of the recommended daily intake rate
  • Vitamin B2 : 15% of the recommended daily intake rate
  • Phosphorus : 9% of the recommended daily intake rate
  • Selenium : 22% of the recommended daily intake rate
  • 6 g protein and 5 grams of healthy fats

5. Useful for vision

With age, our eyesight begins to deteriorate. But do not take for granted this degenerative process. It can be suspended by including in its diet some vitamins, for example, lutein and zeaxanthin, which are contained in the eggs.

These antioxidants strengthen the retina of the eye, which is very important for the prevention of cataracts and macular degeneration. To do this, it is enough to eat only 5-6 eggs a week.

6. To reduce the level of triglycerides, choose organic eggs

Probably, this does not need an explanation: it is better to choose eggs obtained in environmentally friendly conditions, without the use of hormones , which often give chickens in order to carry more eggs.

What is the benefit of such eggs, obtained naturally from chickens that feed on natural food?

  • They contain more Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Due to the high content of omega 3, the level of triglycerides in the blood decreases.
  • Such eggs strengthen the health of our heart.

7. Eggs are good for the brain

Indeed, until recently, there was a large number of myths about the dangers of eggs. Fortunately, most of them were dispelled.

Eating eggs does not lead to increased cholesterol levels in the blood , is not dangerous to heart health and does not lead to dementia.

During the study, during which for 10 years, 263 938 patients, consuming 5-6 eggs per week, were observed, the specialists did not find any disturbances in the work of the brain in the participants of the experiment.

It was noted that people with diabetes, it is recommended to limit the consumption of eggs to 2-3 pieces per week.

8. Eggs – nourishing food that helps us lose weight

It is very important to note that eggs can not contribute to weight loss by themselves. But their indirect role can not be underestimated, because thanks to the eggs, we quickly feel full and eat less between the main meals.

Eggs are a rich source of protein. Best of all, if you prepare scrambled eggs with spinach in the morning and add this apple and white tea to this delicious breakfast. In this case, you will calmly hold out until dinner, without feeling hungry.

Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods, thanks to them we feel fed for a long time and use fewer calories.

From our daily advice and topics for all of you willing to make your and the life of your dearest better and healthier. Taking care of your health is part of your locus of control. Take the initiative starting today!

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