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Monday, October 7, 2019

Ankle Sprain

Ankle sprain is a  very common  injury. Most often, people who professionally engage in sports face it.

Any sport is associated with increased health risks, and one of the troubles has been just ankle sprain, or  ligament damage.

And although at first glance you may think that it is something unpredictable and inevitable, in fact, there are a number of tips that can help prevent such a trauma or at least to quickly cope with it.

If there is a sprain, then your ankle will need special care. This is not a very serious injury, but it causes considerable inconvenience and severely limits our mobility.

For the treatment of ankle sprain there is a certain algorithm of action. The problem is that not all follow it.

poorly healed extension of ligaments can lead to further surgical intervention (when the problem can already be solved only in this way). Therefore, it is very important to properly treat strains so that the injury heals and there is no “relapse”.

Useful tips and advice: how to prevent and cure an ankle sprain

Proprioceptive training

This is a fundamental load (special exercises). It is aimed at strengthening the ligaments of the ankle joint.

Thus, minor stretching of the ankle or subluxation of the foot can be prevented.

Proprioceptive training is widely used in sports.

Its main function is to prepare the ankle for possible injuries in the future. This makes the consequences easier, they will not be so serious.

Equilibrium in both legs

In all people, some limb is dominant. This leads to the fact that the second limb cannot develop as it should.

And if one ankle is stronger in comparison with another, it will increase the risk of future injuries.

For this reason, it is necessary to train the legs evenly, giving them the same load. So you can prevent ankle sprain. In addition, it is important to evenly strengthen the muscles of both legs.

Strengthening of muscles

Proper muscle training will strengthen the ankle joint. This will also help prevent stretching and other injuries.

Strong muscles around the joints protect them.

Under the training of muscles, we mean not only the intensity of physical activity, but also the exercises for coordinating and maintaining the balance. 

Down with fear!

After people have an ankle sprain, they begin to feel fear that it can happen again. As a result, there may be psychological limitations, which in turn will affect posture and the performance of some specific activities.

But here it is important to remember that in order for the ankle to heal properly, it must be loaded exactly as before. Otherwise, some muscles can simply atrophy. And if this happens, then fully restore the mobility of the joint will be much more difficult.

A good regenerative treatment helps to return the former mobility to the ankle, and the person at the same time loses fear of a future trauma.

After a not very long rest period, the damaged ankle should begin to receive adequate stimuli. And so gradually the joint and ligaments can recover.

Why is it important to restore mobility?

In the case of ankle sprain, the recovery period is very important. Simply “time” here will be absolutely useless (or even harmful).

Despite the fact that the inflammation really subsides, the muscles will still remain damaged . And this condition does not preclude re-stretching and more serious trauma.

Dislocation of the ankle joint (ankle sprain) is a very delicate injury. It is important to immediately seek help from a specialist.

The first step is to go to the doctor. Then, physiotherapy, which will promote the healing and healing of ligaments.

And although the recovery period can be very long, it should be understood that this is the only way to return the former ankle mobility.

Act quickly

The most important for such a trauma will be the first two days. It is very important to get an appointment with a doctor during this time period. Otherwise, damage can become irreversible.

Stretching the ankle always requires quick action. It is advisable to consult a doctor immediately after getting injured. This will allow you to avoid undesirable consequences in the future.

And despite the fact that stretching the ankle – this is not the most serious injury, measures must be taken necessarily . In case of incorrect treatment, even an operative intervention may subsequently be required.

In addition, as we already noted above, the lack of timely treatment irreversibly atrophies the muscles of the limb. 

Especially cautious should be people who professionally engage in sports and those who lead an active lifestyle in general.

It is very important to exercise before exercise, to stretch muscles. Similarly, you should finish your training. Muscles should always be prepared for the load. Then wear and tear of joints and injuries will not be too serious.

So the best way to prevent dislocation or sprain of the joint is to pre-warm up the muscles.

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