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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Best Drinking Water

Best Drinking Water – Clean fresh water is not so long ago was considered an inexhaustible natural resource, but humanity and turned into a deficit and the object of a serious business competition. More and more regions of the world are experiencing an acute shortage of fresh water not only for irrigation of agricultural areas but also for drinking. The theme of the quality of drinking water is critical in the US. Moreover, the answer to the question “What kind of water is best, and what water to drink?” Interested in increasing the number of US citizens.

Moreover, for our country shortage of quality drinking water artificially developed: by the collapse of obsolescence and all utility systems, water treatment plants, pipeline system, weak state control over the quality of water sold and filters to clean it, instead of its natural scarcity. As a result, more and more people in our country are forced to look for ways to overcome this human-made problem.

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The quality of drinking water

The US differently seek clean drinking water, for this purpose, it is settled boiled, frozen in a refrigerator, disinfect potassium permanganate, filtered in a jug or Hired filters stationary “mortise” filtration systems, which typically located under the sink, bring water home from springs and wells. Thus far all these methods lead to the desired result. Best Drinking Water

For example, add tap water potassium permanganate is meaningless, because it already disinfected with chlorine and adding manganese can cause additional harm to their health. Settling and refluxing leads mostly to get rid of excess chlorine as well as forcing some of the compounds to precipitate, but the boiled water is completely devoid of oxygen. In fact, there are procedures for preparing the so-called melt water, and it really will be cleaner water, but it is a complex multistage process, holding of which is not available to non-specialists in housing conditions without specialized equipment. Best Drinking Water

From natural sources

Any spring water before eating should undergo a full laboratory analysis on the usefulness and safety because the information that any spring water tap is still useful – a myth. Water from a spring may be even more dangerous, cause infection, poisoning, bile, kidney stones or kidney failure. Therefore, if you water from open sources like the taste – still take her to a specialized laboratory sample before you begin to use it regularly.

Spring water almost any source of urban or industrial areas potentially dangerous for health.

Also, its composition varies depending on the environmental situation, which is self-control is impossible: in the spring at any moment can get fertilizer, chemicals, and other hazardous substances.

From the tap

The quality of tap water in the US varies widely depending on the region. In all regional centers of different wear of water supply system, various options for the modernization of water treatment plants, but most importantly – the different characteristics of the water itself and the environmental situation. For example, in Moscow, that was said, a stable water quality is acceptable, although it also differs by region. In principle, the water from the tap is not able to cause substantial harm to the body if it is to defend a couple of hours previously in a separate clean container. During this time it will disappear from the chlorine compound. Best Drinking Water

It is very desirable to chlorination products accumulate in the body because the chlorine significantly affects the reproductive function of both men and women. Therefore, it is better if the water from the tap passed through the further filter purification. In this case, I doubt the quality of water does not remain, and most importantly – not lack its mineral composition, as is the case when boiled or when cleaning on the principle of reverse osmosis.

Filtered water

Household filters can eliminate various types of water chemical and mechanical impurities, and in some cases – to enrich its beneficial trace elements. The filtered water is much more pleasant to the taste and health safety than tap and even bottled.

The water from the filter jugs

The principle of operation of such a filter is simple: the top of the jar is filled with ordinary water, which passes through the nozzle filter, falls to the bottom of the can. Best Drinking Water

The functional purpose of replacement cartridges is different:

  • For standard purification;
  • Removal of heavy metal salts and iron;
  • To reduce stiffness;
  • To clean and metered addition of nutrients;
  • For a unique water treatment for children.

With the filter jug, you can clear the water from the chlorine, harmful trace elements, excessive rigidity, and even bacteria. Thus there cassette, allowing not to change the pH, add the water required elements, e.g., fluorine, magnesium.

Choose the type of recording is worth based on the characteristics of the water that flows from the tap in your home. For country cottages First is better to conduct an exclusive analysis of the composition of the water.

Resource interchangeable cassettes 100-350 liters. The cost of tapes, on average 180-400 rubles, depending on the type, cost jugs of different capacities and configuration – 250-700 rubles.

Flow-through filters

This kind of filter is installed under a sink and takes the already cleaned water directly into the tap. Typically, filter elements are mounted together with additional “drinking” taps, to avoid wasting the resource filter for technical needs.

Types of filters:

  • For standard purification: mechanical removal of large particles, active chlorine, heavy metal ions;
  • For further purification by high concentrations of iron;
  • To further reduce water hardness;
  • For further purification of organic compounds and organochlorines et al.

Flow filters have developed for efficient and deep purification of drinking water (almost all of them have three cleaning steps). By installing such a filter, you get rid of the unpleasant smell and taste of water, toxic metal ions, extreme hardness and iron content. Wherein the cleaning elements do not too soft water.

If you decide to install a filter in the home under the sink, then, as in the case of filter jugs, you must first carry out the testing of water. That will allow you to choose the appropriate type of filter element.

The resource of replaceable cartridges – up to years of use, despite the fact that the filtration rate of about 2 liters per minute. Prices on average 2500-3000 per set, which includes a special crane.

Filter-tap on the nozzle

In this case, a small flow filter attached to an ordinary faucet with a special adapter.

Such filters are:

  • Standard (for removal of chlorine and heavy metal ions);
  • bactericidal;
  • Additionally, water softening;

Filter-nozzle used to eliminate unpleasant tastes, odors water for its purification from harmful chemical and organic compounds. Select the type of the filter depends on the fundamental properties of the water in your home.

A lifetime of a standard nozzle on the average – about six months, which amounts to up to 1500 liters of water. Cost – 1000 rubles.


National Association for Genetic Security warns that drinking water sold in plastic. Or glass containers often finds lower quality compared to ordinary tap water. Disappointing findings confirmed by a recent study by the non-commercial partnership in the field of quality control and safety of goods and services “Roscontrol”. According to the analysis of 6 of the ten units of bottled water does not meet regulatory requirements. Also, the US regulatory documents no provisions for verification of bottled water on the trihalomethanes. And the mutagenic effect, which removes all guarantees for the safety of the water, even with its squeaky clean.

Some counterfeits of famous brands of drinking water, depending on the region, reaching 20% of the total volume of products sold. Moreover, up to 2/3 of the entire legal bottled water in this country is made not on the declared. And approved technology. Therefore, to be relatively safe to buy bottled water, do so only in the leading reputable stores that buy drinking water directly from the manufacturers.

Bottled water is the following categories:

  • Mineral water can be called water obtained from underground aquifers or pools. Artesian wells and springs, with preservation of all the fundamental biochemical. Organoleptic properties. In this mineral water can belong to one of four groups: a dining includes water with a salinity of 1 gram per liter. Metallic table – with a salinity of 1 to 2 grams per liter, mineral medical-table – from 2 to 8 grams per liter. Mineral water treatment – with a salinity of 8 grams per liter.
  • Artificially mineralized water denote fresh drinking water “sagging” through the reverse osmosis membrane filters. Then artificially enriched with mineral substances to stimulate the natural water. And the compensation for loss of micro- and microelement composition.
  • Drinking water is called the water that has deep cleaning of all potentially hazardous chemical compounds – it may produce from a central source of water supply, artesian well, a mineral source or pump room. It is clear that an overwhelming percentage of drinking water accounts for after-treatment tap water. So drinking water SanPin divided into two categories: the first and higher. The first group permitted to produce from tap water, “Deferring,” softening, removing chlorine from that place. And then re Disinfecting means of UV radiation or silver ions, partially restoring the lost mineral composition. Drinking water of the highest category should extract only from an artesian well. To be not only completely safe but also physiologically full of micro- and microelement composition.

However, in spite of all the existing rules and the requirements of even the largest producers treat them carelessly. For example, some definitive studies have shown that the water “Bonaqua” is not correct in the content of organic pollution, “Holy Spring” – regarding “permanganate oxidation.” “Shishkin Les” – the content of macronutrients – bicarbonates, as well as calcium and magnesium- of calcium and magnesium.

From the cooler

In the US and EU countries, this spring water can not found in plastic containers of 1.5 liters or 5 and. Moreover, in 19-liter bottles for coolers – all of it sold in glass containers of small volume and much money. You should not be naive to believe that the US producers hold personal sales philosophy. They can not extract water from an artesian source selected, packaged it with modern equipment. And then to drive hundreds of kilometers away, and, taking into account the margin, to sell in the store at the price of 7-12 cents per liter. That can only be possible near the source when the cost of gasoline and the cost not included in the cost of production.

It is not enough that the water was just clean – it has to be useful, it is not possible without additional artificial mineralization. However, the producers of even the most well-known brands of water cost not interested in the water saturation useful micro. And macro elements and import artificially mineralized drinking water (almost all brands) rather expensive for US consumers.

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What water is better to drink and how to determine the quality of drinking water?

High-quality drinking water should be full of valuable macro-and micronutrients in optimal proportions and quantities. In total, there are about fifty quality and safety of the water. Including potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate, fluoride and iodide ions, silver, sulfates, chlorides, heavy metals, Phosphate, nitrates. And many other elements and compounds.

Unfortunately, on the one hand, will be sufficient to list the US brand of drinking water. That meets all the requirements in full. All of them located in the regional centers of US and use water from artesian wells have modern equipment for water quality control. And can produce products with a relatively small total economic cost.

However, how do you find a quality product? If you decide to buy a decent drinking water, see that on the label read “water of the highest category”. And buy it only in the leading reputable stores – so you have a real chance to purchase is not counterfeit. Or shoddy drinking water from an artesian source.

High-quality water can not be too cheap if seemingly two different bottles look the same. It does not mean that both provides adequate water quality.

Pay attention to the label on the container with water; it should contain all necessary information, including:

  • Category water – drinking, mineral, dining, medical and canteen, medical;
  • Source – “Cleaned-up water from a central source,” and the name or № wells, the depth, location;
  • Manufacturer – legal address, phone numbers, and other data;
  • The chemical composition – the number of anions and cations, the total mineralization level PH, the description of one phrase. For example, “water-chloride-sodium sulfate alkalescent”;
  • Registration data.

Counterfeit products usually have an unkempt appearance, the label printed. Clearly, there are no specific security features.

However, often, the average consumer is hard to distinguish a quality product from a fake. Therefore we suggest you do the following. Buy several samples from different manufacturers, refrigerate them below 20 o C and run tasting. The water that you have the most taste and will be the best for you. However, only regarding its organoleptic properties. Best Drinking Water

However, the most reasonable solution would be to purchase the appropriate quality of tap water filtration system. Then you will be able to control its quality alone, without experiencing doubt about the next trip to the store.

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