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Monday, October 7, 2019

How To Take Care Of Bowel Health

How do you take care of your intestinal health? You probably did not know this before, but it’s women who are more prone to the diseases of this important part of our digestive tract. Do you want to know how to prevent them with natural means and right habits? Read our article!

Features of the female intestine

Why are women more prone to diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome? In truth, the exact cause of these problems is unknown, but experts say that factors such as hormonal disruptions, stress, increased anxiety, and poor eating habits lead to the following characteristic pattern:

  • Problems with digestion.
  • Pain and bloating, similar to colic. This can last for several hours or even days.
  • Irregular stools. 
  • Painful sensations can be dulled after going to the toilet, but we suffer from either an upset stomach or a prolonged constipation.
  • Gas formation: it’s  enough to eat just a piece, and we feel swollen.
  • Nausea, burning in the chest, fatigue, a feeling of tension in the abdomen …

As we have already said, the problems of the large intestine, and especially the irritable bowel syndrome, are mainly manifested in women. When can the first symptoms appear? Usually up to 35 years.

According to doctors, women with dysmenorrhea are the most affected . That is, those who experience severe pain before menstruation, leg cramps, kidney pains, migraines, vomiting … and, in addition, quite a lot of bleeding, and the need for analgesics to relieve pain. Another interesting fact is that heredity sometimes matters. Mothers and daughters may suffer from this.

How to take good care of the intestines of a woman?

1. Pay attention to what you eat, be careful with diets

This mistake, which many women allow. We often sit on very strict diets, during which we eat wrong.  The lack of fiber, protein or the necessary vitamins can lead to the fact that the health of our gastrointestinal tract worsens, and the large intestine starts to function incorrectly, accumulating excessive amounts of bacteria and toxins.

We must be cautious. If you follow any diet, take care to eat more fiber, fresh vegetables and products with probiotics.

2. Useful substances that will help your intestines

Vitamin C, vitamin A and beta-carotene are excellent antioxidants that help caring and restoring cells in our intestinal tract, making it stronger and healthier. In which products can we find these vitamins? Record:

  • Pomelo juice
  • Orange juice
  • Broccoli, carrots, celery
  • Apple and papaya.

Remember that it is better to eat fresh, unprocessed fruits and vegetables, since they contain enzymes that help in digestion.

Fermented milk products are also very useful for intestinal microflora.  Add to your diet natural yoghurt, kefir and other fermented dairy products …

3. Natural laxatives

How about starting a day with a piece of papaya or a glass of orange juice?  Perfectly! Do not forget about useful oats, bananas, flaxseed, apples, pears, cucumbers, mango, aloe juice and olive oil. All these products will help you balance the work of your intestines, remove toxins and avoid constipation.

4. Do not forget to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day

We remind you at every opportunity that drinking water is very healthy. Water is necessary for the fulfillment of the most important task of our body – moisturizing, it purifies and improves the work of internal organs, helps to remove toxins.

Try to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day, then your intestines will work like a clock and his health will noticeably improve. If this is difficult for you, add a little lemon juice to the bottle, and drinking will be much more pleasant.

5. Avoid foods high in fat

We know that after work there are forces only to warm up a pizza or a semi-finished product from a supermarket. Or sometimes we really want to eat bad chips, or cakes, or deep-fried …

All this, in the long term leads to the fact that the body accumulates toxins and fats, which we can not digest. The fluid is delayed, edema develops, and our health gradually worsens.

6. Take care of your peace of mind

Probably, this advice will surprise you, but our gastrointestinal tract, almost like a second brain, controls our body. What happens if we are very nervous? We have a sore and abdominal twitch, there may be, for example, diarrhea.

All our experiences are reflected in the gut, you should never forget about it. Find time for yourself, set priorities, enjoy time spent with your family or take up a hobby. Increase your self-esteem, enjoy yourself every day, and remember, the meaning of our life is to be happy, and it often turns out that we need much less for this than we thought.

Take care of your intestines, and remember that health is the most important thing.

From our daily advice and topics for all of you willing to make your and the life of your dearest better and healthier. Taking care of your health is part of your locus of control. Take the initiative starting today!

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