Top 10 Breast cancer symptoms

Most people don’t realize that their body is signalling that something is wrong. For example, Breast Cancer symptoms often precede a woman noticing a lump in her breast.

Of course, you do not need to panic for any reason and look for diseases where they do not exist, but you should not ignore obvious symptoms either, otherwise serious health problems can occur.

In the case of breast cancer, which we will talk about today, experts state the following: early diagnosis is the most effective measure to prevent the negative impact of the disease on the body and significantly prolongs life expectancy.

Nevertheless, the primary symptoms tend to go unnoticed, and breast cancer is detected already in a more advanced stage, when the treatment is greatly complicated.

Therefore, it is so important to know about the first signs and symptoms of this terrible and, unfortunately, common disease, only in this way it is possible to diagnose it in time and provide appropriate treatment.

And today we will tell you about 10 signs and early symptoms that may indicate the development of breast cancer.

Sharp weight loss for no apparent reason

For many women, this effect may seem like a real miracle, which they have been waiting for so long because practically, everything is constantly wanting to lose weight or at least maintain a healthy body weight.

However, instead of unrestrained joy, you should experience, rather, anxiety, this circumstance should alert you, since a sudden weight loss (5 and more kg) is one of the first signs of the development of breast cancer.


If you are tired after a busy day or have experienced a series of difficult situations, then fatigue is a normal feeling and the state of the body.

You can start worrying when fatigue becomes something permanent, chronic and does not go away even after a long rest period.

Abnormal bleeding

Any bleeding (other than menstruation) is a signal of our body that something is wrong , it can be both breast cancer and other serious illness.

People who develop breast cancer may notice small bleeding from their nipples.


Most of the seals and nodules that are found in the tissues of the breast are usually benign, but this must be checked, and the earlier, the better.

After all, such seals can be a developing cancerous tumor. The main thing is not to worry and not to make hasty conclusions, but as soon as possible to consult a doctor and find out what kind of compaction (cyst, infectious inflammation, etc.).

Changes on the skin

The skin on the chest can also give us an alarming sign and thus warn about the possible development of cancer. Here it is important to pay attention to the following:

  • Redness
  • The appearance of ulcers
  • Color change
  • Cellulite or the so-called “orange peel”

Deformity of the nipple

When examining the breast should pay special attention to the state of the nipples, in the norm they or there is any change.

Nipple sagging or severe deformity is a common symptom of breast cancer.

Chest pain

In the early stages it is rare to have pain in the mammary glands during palpation, however, in more advanced stages of cancer, the breast becomes very sensitive and can be touched lightly enough.

Of course, this pain should not be confused with premenstrual syndrome or pain in infectious diseases, for example, such as mastitis.

Breast size change

Breast size is also very important for the early detection of breast cancer.

Therefore, if you suddenly noticed that one of your breasts is inflamed, swollen and different in size , then do not waste time and consult a doctor.

Discharge from the nipple

Sometimes allocation from the nipples can be a variant of the norm , in this case they usually pass on their own in a few days.

However, it is also a very common symptom of breast cancer. Women who were diagnosed with this disease complained of a discharge with an unpleasant odor from one or two nipples.

Unusual changes

If you notice that the shape or texture of the breast has somehow changed strangely , this may also be a sign of cancer development, as well as a way to detect it.

In the presence of a malignant tumor, there often appear peculiar “irregularities” on the chest, redness, or fossa.

What are the main risk groups?

In most cases, breast cancer is diagnosed in women, but it can also occur in men. You can identify the main groups of people at risk:

  • Women aged 55 or over.
  • Presence of relatives suffering from this disease.
  • The onset of menstruation is earlier than 12 years.
  • Late or, conversely, an early menopause.
  • Obesity.
  • Absence of children.