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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Business Mom – How to be Healthy

How to be Healthy – If a list could be made of all the things a mom should do, it would be endless. Motherhood is quite a busy job that fills up many hours of the day. Numerous things need attention from children to household chores and sometimes demanding careers.  It is no surprise, thus, that a mother’s health quickly takes a back seat in light of all these requests. This creates a need for a means to stay healthy while tackling all other responsibilities.

How can a Busy Mom Stay Healthy?

The tips below will help the busy mom keep her health on track:

  • Have a Meal Plan

With all the activities of the day, it is easy to fall prey to quick fix meals many of which are not healthy. Sometimes ordering in is the most attractive idea as it will save on the cooking and dishes that need cleaning later. But if you can create a meal plan, you can plan ahead ingredients and cooking times. You must include healthy foods in your daily meals (including takeaway meals), and you can track what your family has been eating. Make a meal plan that covers all seven days of the week implement it, and you are sure to see an improvement in the health of your whole family.

  • Choose a Simple and Quick Workout

As you have little time to spare, you need an exercise routine that can get through in those few minutes that you have to yourself. Search the internet for short but effective workouts or consult a fitness trainer to help you out. You may also opt to enroll in a gym that has a childcare section. In addition to this, stay active as much as possible. You can even play with your kids to get your heart pumping. Working out consistently will boost not only your physical health but also your mood.

  • Stay Hydrated

The benefits of drinking at least eight glasses of water have been touted by nutritionists for many years now. Water is the essence of your body. Keep a water bottle near you at all times as you go about your mommy duties. Remember that you are more likely to hit your water intake target by sipping a little throughout the day rather than drinking it all in one sitting. And since many moms are too busy to sit down in the name of drinking water anyway this works out well.

  • Set a Strict Bedtime

Many times after the kids have gone to sleep is when mothers start working at a list of things they did not get to during the day. But if you choose to stick to a set time for sleep, you will get some much-needed rest that will refresh your body and mind, and enable you to accomplish much more the following day. Bedtimes are not only for babies and school going children. They can also be applied to moms so that they can rip the health benefits of a good night’s rest.

  • Meditation

With so much activity filling up their day, it is important for moms to take a moment to clear their minds. Taking some time to reflect is beneficial for your mental and spiritual well-being. It will help you plan better and makes it easier to put a positive spin on things as you are less likely to feel overwhelmed.

  • Get Regular Checkups

It is common for many moms to postpone medical checkups and ignore what they consider mild physical aches as they are busy caring for their families.  In the hub of activity, it is easy to take lightly the recommendation of getting a physical exam regularly to ensure that all is okay with your health. But you must be vigilant and set and keep your appointments with your doctor.

  • Finding Tutors

Each mom does her best to ensure her child is a high achiever. But this can be one of the leading causes of the stress that moms face especially in the modern and highly competitive world. This stress is unhealthy. Ensuring your child is getting good grades while keeping up with all other tugging needs can put pressure on any mom. Finding tutors can help relieve some of this pressure. A trainer will help your children perform well academically and will reinforce your plan of giving your kids a quality education. Just ensure that any tutors you hire are highly qualified and thoroughly vetted to ensure the best for your child.

In all they do, moms should not let good health slip away from them. A sick mom brings down the whole family as she is the main caregiver. Application of these simple tips will greatly improve any mother’s health and that of her whole family.

Carolette Alcoran is a Content Writer from the Philippines. She has rendered services accurately and is flexible in writing various topics. She writes promotional advertisements, issues concerning both virtual and reality, lifestyle tips, marketing trends and also media’s effectiveness.

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