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Monday, October 7, 2019

It’s almost Summer! Time to fit into your new set of bikinis and show off nothing but bare, beautiful skin under the sun — MAYBE! If you’ve got Cellulite, that could be a major bummer and it could literally mean your next epic summer adventure has just ended and it hasn’t even started yet. Hold your horses, Ladies, and brace yourself because there’s so much more about Cellulite that you need to know right here, right now so you can do something about those bulges immediately.

Where Did That Dimpled Skin Come From?

Cellulite didn’t just come out of nowhere, you know. Physiologically, experts now know that causing Cellulite to appear like an orange peel. Here’s what’s happening just underneath your skin when you start noticing Cellulite:

• Your skin fibers become loose, causing it to trap fat cells just right under your skin surface.

• The skin fibers pull down on your skin, causing dimples to appear when viewed from the outer side of your skin.

• The fat cells bump against the walls of your skin surface which appear as bulges. The larger these fat cells become, the harder they push against your skin from underneath.

Still, nobody knows what causes these physiological changes to occur. Although, it has become widely accepted that more than 90 percent of all women are affected by Cellulite to some degree — although, some show them more prominently while others grow less evident forms. At this point, there’s more speculation as to what could be causing these changes to happen. Listed below are some of the most compelling reasons by far:

• Sex. Women get Cellulite more often compared to men due to estrogen. The female hormones drive a woman’s body to store fats in preparation of childbirth and rearing, whereas men’s testosterone store more muscle as a product of evolutionary changes to help them in hunting and gathering food as well as in building shelter. Traditional roles of the sexes have driven the bodies of women and men to evolve differently.

• Genes. Some people inherit their body’s tendency to store more fats and develop more fat storages. A good indication of this is by simply observing how women in your family manifest Cellulite and where they grow their fat storages.

• Chronic starvation, stress and sleeplessness. All or, a combination of these factors can drive your hormones to become dysfunctional — your ghrelin and cortisol levels spike, causing you to feel hungry and crave unhealthy foods all the time. At the same time, your body builds resistance to the signals released by leptin, the hormone that tells your brain that you’re satiated which causes you to eat more, more often.

• Sudden weight loss and weight gain. This factor can loosen up your skin fibers so badly that it can cause the skin to become flappy and completely lose elasticity to a significant degree. You can expect the same loss of firmness to cause fibers underneath your skin to become loose, starting off a favorable environment for Cellulite to develop.

• Poor lifestyle choices. Smoking causes your skin to lose elasticity and releases free radicals that put your skin cells at a higher risk of becoming degraded. Too much salt in your diet causes more fluids to become stored in your body whereas too much sugar causes your skin fibers to break down more easily. Too many useless calories cause trapped fat cells to bulge and push against the walls of your skin harder, so does lack of exercise and regular physical activity.

What Are The Best Ways To Reduce Or Eliminate Cellulite?

The home remedies that you’ve gathered through the years about how to burn belly fat may work just as well in fading the appearance of Cellulite. It’s just that Cellulite can be so much more persistent than belly fat and, depending on the degree of your Cellulite, might even require outside intervention to improve its appearance.

The good news is that there’s no doubt that the appearance of Cellulite can be improved. Although most of the home remedies that you’ve learned from your aunts and grandmother may not be sufficiently effective to eliminate the physiological causes of Cellulite — the trapped fats and loose skin fibers — these tried and tested remedies can still make the bulging and dimpling appear smoother.

Here are the Top 9 ways to bust that Cellulite and fit your bikini like the next top model in time for Summer:

1. Add a cellulite cream to your regimen. 

Skin firming creams are usually formulated with ingredients like topical caffeine, and methyl nicotinate or similar mentholating components to enhance local blood circulation and promote fluid drainage to reduce the size of trapped fat cells which, in turn, smoothes out Cellulite.

2. Retreat to a relaxing massage.

 This remedy also helps improve excess fat and fluid metabolism by improving nutrient and blood circulation which revitalizes your body’s energy levels, enabling it to perform these essential functions for fading Cellulite.

3. Get regular workouts. 

This is analogous to recharging the batteries of your devices. Remember, too, that you can’t lose those horrible looking skin issue by performing targeted exercises alone. That is why you need to get a cardiovascular cellulite removal workout three to four times weekly. On top of that, weight training exercises to build more muscle that causes more excess fats to burn is also a top requirement to reduce the prominence of your fat bulges.

4. Perform dry skin brushing regularly.

 This is another way to improve circulation while also flooding cellulite-challenged areas with a rich push to get your lymphatic system, the system that powers your immune response, moving. However, this remedy will fail to deliver optimal results when used on its own only. Dry brushing must be complemented by regular heart-pumping workouts to become effective in smoothening out Cellulite.

5. Keep moving.

It isn’t enough that run a mile or pedal a stationary bike for up to two hours for at least three days weekly. Performing rigorous exercises a few hours every week does not give you the permission to lie like a couch potato for the rest of the time. Moving more should become part of your lifestyle — bike to your place of work instead of driving, take the stair up to your neighborhood mall rather than the escalator, get your daily cup of coffee from the cafe at least three blocks down the road instead of the one just across your apartment. Little things that get you moving all add up to make your muscles firmer.

6. Prepare a meal plan weekly. 

Counting calories will be helpful but, more importantly, this exercise teaches you to plan out your meals and mind what you are eating. You should turn this into a journal where you jot down that actual food you’ve taken during the day under an adjacent column. More variety helps make sure that you are getting sufficient amounts of nutrients even as you are on diet.

7. Learn to cook local food.

Stop getting the nutrition you need from the food that has been transported from the other side of the world or, from processed foods that have been processed so rigorously that the output is not even food your body can digest anymore. In general, the farther away from its natural environment your food is, the higher the likelihood that it is already contaminated from handling and just as likely to be laden with preservatives. So, know what food is naturally captured or grown where you live and start cooking it.

8. Sign up for a cellulite reduction procedure.

In a study that assessed the cellulite reduction benefits of so-called non-invasive body contouring modalities that include cryolipolysis, radiofrequency (RF), low-level laser light therapy and high intensity focused ultrasound. According to researchers, there is evidence that shows these procedures deliver statistically significant improvements in the presentation of Cellulite. However, no weight reduction can be associated with these procedures.

Another study presents a potentially new and effective cellulite reduction method that stimulates the lymphatic pathways to slim cellulite-challenged areas. After subjecting 10 patients to the experimental treatment, the researchers noted a statistically significant improvement on treatment areas after 10 sessions.

Before going in for a procedure, make sure to do your own research and to ask your provider very intelligent questions that concern your safety above all else.

9. Cover up. Nope! Don’t compromise the sexy, trendy look of your bikinis! Cover up with a self-tanning lotion or, with a bronzing body makeup. Making your skin darker instantly smoothens the appearance of Cellulite because darker skin masks it by making your skin appear tougher and thicker. If you have some extra cash to spare, get yourself a professional spray tan. That will give you peace of mind that your tan won’t come off during a scheduled weekend resort vacation. The other good thing about it is that the entire procedure can take just a minimum of 1 hour or even less complete, plus, you get to walk out of the salon with an instant tan.


Cellulite must be one of the most loathsome skin care issues any woman can face. More than being an eyesore, Cellulite can be persistent and not very easily reduced, more so, eliminated. Yet, you don’t have to feel helpless but rather hopeful that there remain to remedy that work to improve its appearance, as more innovations are being crafted to eliminate dimply skin once and for all.

From our daily advice and topics for all of you willing to make your and the life of your dearest better and healthier. Taking care of your health is part of your locus of control. Take the initiative starting today!

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