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Monday, October 7, 2019

Cough Remedies For Kids

Cough is a common symptom of colds and flu, in most cases it does not go into severe form, and it can be managed with home remedies.

We all know that the common cold and flu are most common in the winter, because our immune system is weakened and we are exposed to viruses and bacteria that can attack our body.

In the case of children, it is very important to consult a pediatrician and listen to the recommendations that he will give to fight the common cold and cough .

We can also rely on home remedies for cough relief , their use is supported by the doctors themselves, because it has been proven that they can significantly alleviate the symptoms.

What causes cough?

Although, as we have already said, most often cough is a symptom of flu and cold, it does not mean that in all cases it is so. Cough occurs when, due to viruses, the upper respiratory tract becomes inflamed and irritated , and, in most cases, they produce an increased amount of mucus.

Cough can be a clear sign of a cold, an allergy or a more serious disorder:  bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma or even lung cancer. In children, it can appear suddenly and usually lasts up to four weeks.

In any case, no matter how inconvenient the cough is, it is not recommended to completely suppress it with the help of medications, because it is a natural protective reaction of our body, designed to clean the respiratory tract and get rid of microbes, dust, chemicals or other irritants.

In order to facilitate coughing in children, there are many home remedies that can be very effective, because in addition to facilitating coughing, they have a pleasant taste, which, of course, will appeal to children.

Chicken soup

This favorite children’s soup goes far beyond the simple grandmother’s recipe. Chicken soup is famous for being very good for alleviating the symptoms of colds, and, in particular, coughing.

According to researchers from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, iron and zinc, which are contained in chicken broth, help to speed recovery after a heavy cough , especially with sputum.

Warming Ointment

A classic warming ointment, for example, VapoRub, is another popular remedy for relieving cough and other cold symptoms.

Before going to bed apply ointment on the feet of the baby and wear socks. You can also do breast and back massage, this will increase the effect of the ointment. As already mentioned, this ointment is safe for children and babies, but, in any case, it will not be superfluous to consult a pediatrician.

Honey with lemon

These two components are ideal products for strengthening the immune system and fighting the cough. Lemon is rich in vitamin C, and honey is an excellent natural antibiotic. In order to prepare this remedy, you need to mix a sufficient amount of lemon juice with natural honey and give the child a few spoons a day.

Hot chocolate

A study conducted by the Imperial College in London, UK, found that  chocolate contains an important ingredient called theobromine , which has the property of suppressing the prolonged cough often occurring in children after a viral infection.

Zephyr Marshmelou

This is a very tasty home remedy that will help with coughing, and children love it very much. Add a handful of marshmallows in a cup of hot milk and wait until it dissolves. Drink a drink before bedtime.

Banana Cream

This banana cream is delicious, healthy and contains a lot of nutrients. His delicious taste will make him a favorite “remedy” for children, and we assure you they will gladly ask for supplements.


  • 2 medium ripe banana
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 400 ml of boiling water

How to cook it?

  • Grind bananas with a fork, preferably plastic, otherwise they will darken.
  • Pour the bananas with hot water, cover and leave for 30 minutes.
  • After the mixture has cooled, add honey to it.
  • Additionally, you can pass the resulting paste through a plastic sieve for a more uniform consistency.

Method of consumption

Banana cream can be consumed up to 4 times a day. Every time you want to give this product to your children, you need to warm it up a little in a water bath.

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