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Monday, October 7, 2019

Diagnosis of breast cancer

Diagnosis of breast cancer is currently based on self-examination and mammography. But the radiographic method sometimes gives incorrect results.

Therefore, researchers in this field have two main objectives: to develop a reliable and reliable method for detecting cancer cells and diagnose the disease at the earliest possible stage.

In a study conducted at the University of Michigan (United States), a tablet was created,  which allows to detect cancer cells in the chest with 100% accuracy .

The principle of its operation is very simple, and it acts quite effectively.

Diagnosis of breast cancer can be more rapid and reliable

So far, the diagnosis of breast cancer is not very accurate and reliable. Often an erroneous diagnosis is made, there are even cases of erroneous mastectomy.

The new technique of diagnosis, in question, allows you to put the correct diagnosis for every woman. But we will clarify at once that while this technique is in the testing phase.

However, as noted by Greg Thurber, one of the researchers, this technique has already been successfully applied in other fields of medicine in European clinics. And it is expected that it will work successfully in the diagnosis of breast cancer.

Tablet, which “highlights” only cancer cells

The principle of action of this tablet is very simple: the patient swallows a pill, and soon it releases a fluorescent substance that, if there are cancer cells in the body, connects to them. As a result, during fluoroscopy, such cells glow and “give themselves away.”

  • The reason why scientists began to develop this technique is that mammography does not give exact results when the breast has seals.
  • In addition, the traditional technique of diagnosis often does not allow distinguishing malignant cells and tumors from benign; and this often leads to false diagnoses.
  • A new diagnostic technique was introduced at the 251st Meeting and the Annual Exhibition of the American Chemical Society in San Diego, United States.

In rats, it was demonstrated how a substance contained in tablets helps identify tumor cells and blood vessels of the tumor.

  • If the tumor is benign, there is no glow, which allows doctors to quickly establish a diagnosis without resorting to biopsy and not forcing women to suffer from uncertainty and fear in anticipation of a diagnosis.

In a few years it will be possible to distinguish rapidly growing tumors from slowly growing

Sometimes, for various reasons, treatment or surgery is delayed, whereas the tumor state requires the fastest reaction.

Therefore, it is vital to get all the information about the tumor as quickly as possible. This will save many lives.

  • Currently, the “highlighting pill” can only help to distinguish a malignant tumor from benign, but it can not “tell” how the cancer cells grow – quickly or slowly.
  • But the authors of this technique of diagnosis set a new goal: to develop a substance (and include it in the tablet), which will help identify aggressive tumors.
  • This will allow patients to get a diagnosis very quickly and receive, if necessary, urgent and adequate treatment. 

Thus, it will be possible to avoid situations where patients receive too “aggressive” or too conservative treatment.

Great progress, high hopes

The earliest detection of breast cancer makes it possible to effectively fight the disease.

But even today breast cancer is not synonymous with death. Thanks to the development of treatment methods and diagnostic systems, this disease can be combated, and millions of women have already cured it.

These are real heroines, courageous and strong, who could defeat breast cancer. Let us, and we will do everything possible for the prevention and early diagnosis of this disease:

  • Carry out a regular self-examination.
  • Take a regular check-up with a doctor and do a mammogram.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle, do not gain weight, do not smoke and do physical exercises.
  • With double attention to monitor the condition of the breast and more often undergo examinations with adverse heredity.
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