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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Drinking Cold Water for Weight Loss. The desire to lose weight helps make incredible feats: buckwheat weeks there, sweating in the gym, spending money on expensive dietary supplements instead of dresses. To bring the beauty aisle at times too expensive sacrifices – health, welfare, mental well-being.

To avoid complications, or at least minimize the negative consequences of weight loss, it is important to approach the selection of funds carefully. Cold water for weight loss – free and universal helper in the fight against fat deposits. The benefits of ice pouring we discussed earlier today talk about drinking cold water and purchased bonuses.

How and when to Drinking Cold Water for Weight Loss?

“Is drinking liquids require instruction?” – The reader will notice with surprise. Doctors say: “Yes, to quench their thirst too correctly and on time.” Otherwise, you can get the opposite effect – poor digestion, weight gain and ill health. Before proceeding to the instructions, talk about motivation.

Drinking Cold water 01

  • Decreased appetite. Often thirst we take for hunger and appetite are trying to extinguish when the body needs the other. When hunger quench your thirst. In most cases, it’s enough to remove the call sign “I want!” As a result – you will eat less, and therefore – lose weight.
  • Cleansing the body. The body weight loss period, not only gets rid of fat, but also toxins, and so-called “slugs.” The process of splitting fat is associated with the emission of harmful waste products. Water washes away the “rubbish”, cleanses the body and skin.
  • Acceleration of metabolism. Deficiency of H20 causes slowing of metabolic reactions. Saturation of the body fluid metabolism speeds up and facilitates the speedy disposal of fats.
  • Normalization of stool. Constipation – a consequence of improper eating and lack of fluids. Pimples, acne, small bio-energy, weight gain and other side effects of constipation can be eliminated with a stroke of glass.

And, according to some experts, the liquid ice helps to burn the extra calories that the body uses to display the contents of the stomach. It is just about 50 kcal per liter, but in the long run it thousands of calories burned!

How, when and how much?

Nutritionists use figures 1.5-3 liters per day. The volume depends on the age, height, weight, physical activity, time of year. When excess weight safely consumes 2 liters and above, under extreme stresses and summer throws another liter.

  • Do not go to excessive drinking suddenly. The body needs to get used to the changed circumstances. For the first time, possible swelling, extending as far as an adaptation.
  • Half a liter on an empty stomach – the most essential and immutable rule of success. The rest of 1.5-2 liters spread throughout the day.
  • Glass for 30 minutes before a meal – a guarantee that the excess does not fall into the stomach. After eating soak period of 1-1.5 hours before quench their thirst.
  • Drink while eating chilled liquids prevents healthy digestion. The food leaves the stomach undigested, rot and wanders in the intestine.

Drinking Cold water 02

How to cook diet drink of cold water to lose weight?

When the soul requires taste and resists boredom, cook diet drink. And eliminate the risks of disruptions in the maelstrom of packaged juices and sugary drinks.

Cold water with cinnamon for weight loss

Cinnamon – a hot spice that lowers blood sugar, normalizes insulin, accelerates metabolism, blunts hunger and sugar cravings, combats parasites, toxins – provides ideal conditions for weight loss.

Preparation and application:

  • Brew 0.5 h. l. a cinnamon liter of boiling water, drain and cool;
  • drink up to 250 ml of the food;
  • in the beverage when brewed can add the mint.

Cold water with lemon and ginger for weight loss

Lemon stimulates the immune system, fights bacteria and viruses, strengthens blood vessels, helps to drain fluid and eliminate toxins. Ginger accelerates metabolism, increases lipolysis, reduces cholesterol, invigorates and refreshes. The combination of properties gives a striking result – a plumb line for the final month to 5 kg without dieting!

Preparation and application:

  • 2 liters of fluids – juice of two lemons and a tablespoon of grated ginger with a slide;
  • mix the ingredients, brew drink 2-3 hours, strain and cool to drink during the day.

Cold water with lemon and honey for weight loss

Honey “lemonade” has a diuretic, choleretic and immunostimulatory effects, beneficial effects on digestion, reduces appetite and provides a feeling of fullness “out of the blue.” We drink, and do not forget to rinse your mouth after each drinking glass to protect tooth enamel.

Preparation and application:

  • in a glass – juice of half a lemon and one tsp.. honey;
  • daily portion – not more than two beverage cups, one of which is necessarily consumed on an empty stomach.

Drinking Cold water 03

Dill water for weight loss

What does fennel is the figure? The most direct. Dill drink eliminates edema, improves digestion, relieves constipation and bloating. A healthy digestive tract is known – weight loss foundation.

Preparation and application:

  • 1 tbsp. l. finely chopped dill herb to 0.5 cups of boiling water
  • to insist and strain;
  • Keep refrigerated;
  • taken before or after meals, following the “distance” for half a cup;
  • before use to warm to room temperature.

Mineral water for weight loss

Natural mineral water ( the perfect drink while reducing weight. Resorts with mineral springs saved from obesity and other metabolic disorders are not one life.

At home nonprescription mineral drink liquids permitted if the product – low-mineralized, and the table (with a salinity of 1-3 g / l).


  • Morning cup of fasting;
  • day and evening for half an hour before meals and 2 hours after a glass;
  • the total daily volume – up to 2 liters;
  • Course duration – 30 days.

Drinking Cold water 04

Cold water slimming thighs

Chilled liquid and apple cider vinegar – one of the most practical “solutions” for wrapping.

Preparation and application:

  • Mix the ingredients in equal parts, soak a mixture of bandages, wrap their thighs and abdomen;
  • top – plastic wrap and a warm robe and relax hour and a half;
  • Take a contrast shower;
  • Acetic wrap eliminates cellulite, reduces the size of the hips and waist, tightens the skin, softens and whitens it;
  • Rate – at least ten treatments 2-3 sessions per week.

They say that a person has reasonable grounds to consider itself a liquid. H 2 O is 60-83% of the human body. Avoid dehydration. Quench your thirst at the time. This slim!

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