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Monday, October 7, 2019

Drinking Too Much Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks that do not need any introduction. The negative effects or any criticism of coffee are usually ignored or are unpopular. But with the benefits of coffee, there are some side effects of consuming too much as well.

Coffee wakes us up in the morning and keeps us going through the day. It even gives us enough energy before an intense workout. However, too much coffee can be counterproductive. Working out without regulating diet is almost useless. Consulting a nutritionist is essential if you have set fitness goals for yourself. Get customized daily diet recommendations with FITFEAST and get in touch with expert nutritionists at your convenience.

Here are the side effects if you make a frequent habit of taking coffee in everyday life.

1. Insomnia

If you are taking too much caffeine then it may cause insomnia. This will give trouble falling asleep. As per research statistics, normal amount of caffeine consumption is about 250 milligrams per day or it is equivalent to three eight-ounce cups of coffee.

2. Nervousness

Coffee effects on your body are similar to those of a frightening event. It can make anxiety worse and can even trigger an anxiety attack. Which results in getting nervous.

3. Restlessness

Obviously you take coffee in order to feel refreshed, even a few sips of coffee will make you feel good. Normally you will feel restlessness when you take coffee.

4. Irritability

Coffee is a type of caffeinated beverage that works by tricking your brain into releasing dopamine and serotonin. For which it releases norepinephrine. This causes coffee drinkers to experience irritability, agitation, and anxiety.

5. Stomach upset

Coffee, a source of caffeine triggers inflammation of the stomach leading to heartburn, and the abdominal pain that accompanies an upset stomach.

6. Fast heartbeat

If you are the type of person who takes high caffeine then it may cause your heart to beat faster. It may also lead to altered heartbeat rhythm, called atrial fibrillation, which has been reported in young people who consumed energy drinks containing extremely high doses of caffeine.

7. Muscle tremors

Drinking too much coffee which contains caffeine may cause muscle tremors. Caffeine is bad for muscle stimulants. When a person has too much caffeine, it stimulates muscle tremors anywhere in the body.

Want to get the benefits of caffeine without the side effects, then you have to conduct an honest assessment of your sleep, your energy levels and all the other factors that might be affecting your body, and reduce your intake if needed.


Consuming high doses of caffeine is unpleasant for your body and can even have dangerous side effects. Have a look at the 7 side effects of taking too much caffeine.

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