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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Drinking Water For Children

Drinking Water For Children – a vital link in the biochemical processes of the child’s body. On its quality directly affects the health and well-being of the child. Therefore, each parent is important to know how to choose and how to store children’s water, so as not to harm the baby. It believed that the optimal properties for its taste are spring water, but that in no way does not guarantee its quality. Also, living in the city, we often forced to drink chlorinated tap water. However, this processing method can not ensure protection from harmful microorganisms and does water useful. Seemingly simple way to avoid the unpleasant consequences of the child’s health – is to give him a special children’s drinking water. However, even here there are pitfalls.

What is the “baby water” and what it should be?

An interesting fact is that, in the State Register of food products, materials, and products, allow for the preparation of the US Federation, there is no concept of “children’s water.” This document refers only to “natural” category, “dining,” “bottled.” Means that the state does not require manufacturers to test the water mandatory for children to harmlessness. In fact, the “children’s water” is a marketing name for ordinary drinking water, falsely reassuring parents.

However, the lack of sanitary requirements does not negate the fact that the water for the children yet to be different from “adult” in composition. Before giving it to your child, you should take into account five important factors:

  • water category;
  • mineralization and stiffness;
  • microbiological safety;
  • water intake source;
  • manufacturing date, storage conditions, and shelf life.

For example, on the label of bottled water can be a mark “recommended for the Institute of Nutrition of baby food.” Usually, means that the product has passed a special hygienic examination in the Ministry of Health.

Instead of “reading tea leaves” and hope for the integrity of the manufacturer. You can purchase a special filter, which after cleaning children’s water is safe and suitable for drinking and preparing food. It distinguished by an optimal combination of trace elements, which promote normal digestion. And activate the work of all the child’s body systems.

General requirements for the composition of infant water

  • General mineralization salts – not higher than 300 mg / l. Important: The child should not be given medical and preventive water because it initially exceeded the figures.
  • The absence of carbon dioxide (i.e., water for children should not be carbonated), silver (as it preservative).
  • The content of iodide ion (not more than 0.06 mg / l).
  • Less than usual “adult” water, the amount of fluoride ion (0.7 mg / l).

Water from public sources considered to be suitable for children?

First of all, Artesian, that extracted from deep wells. Passing through the various layers of rock, such water is subjected to a natural purification saturate nutrients and micronutrients. It should be only water from the second and subsequent aquifer. But not from the first, that is not from surface boreholes and wells. In the latter case, the liquid contained too much harmful organic compounds. And various impurities falling into it from the soil, in particular of dangerous chemicals. It is also important where it produced water. It should be a clean area where there have never been any contaminants (radiation, chemical, biological). Ideal – water extracted in the reserve, wellness area or the spa area.

How to store children’s water?

Water in open containers should use with the maximum of two days. To prevent ingress of microorganisms therein, it recommended keeping at a temperature of +7 … + 12 ° C. Filtered water for children should transfer to a glass container. A large number of drinking water (for example, used in the country) can store in closed wooden. Or ceramic ware, in which case it will retain its properties for the specified time.

Remember that no one is taking care of your baby’s health is better than you! A BARRIER filters become your excellent assistants to provide it with a clean and safe water.

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