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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

They say that you cannot lose weight fast with the Extreme Diet or others diets. Because it is harmful to the body and illogical. Well as you can in a few days to get rid of kilograms recruited over the years? Rapid weight loss – is not a myth. If you have excess weight, you can lose weight fast in a week or two (or even a few days) to several kilograms, which undoubtedly will be a boon for you.

In this coin, however, there is a downside. A person who wants to lose weight very quickly should be borne in mind at least two not very pleasant effects.

  1. When you lose weight quickly, then it is likely that some time back missing kgs. As there is a likelihood that you will come back more weight than you dropped.
  2. Fast weight loss – a lot of stress to the body, and any stress can cause temporary malfunction of any system and be worsening of chronic diseases.

Therefore, I recommend that you first understand the same time, what you need to lose weight fast. There are times when dramatic weight loss is partially justified. Let’s say you need to lose weight fast in a week because you want to look good when meeting with loved ones. Or you will soon be a critical event, for example, graduation or anniversary, and you want to look good in photographs. Or you desperately need to get into a favorite dress. I dropped about 8-9 kilos in two weeks before the wedding. One of the techniques mentioned below. And do not regret that this had to torment. Cases are different.

If you just want to get rid of the extra kilos and do not want to wait. I do not advise you to use these methods. At a minimum, you will be tough to fix the result, you have an extra way for several days, and the weight will come back. In these cases, (the majority of whom) I recommend using a proven method of healthy eating. You will be able to normalize your weight fix the result, and in general to strengthen their health. Finding in his abilities, which you could previously only dream of.

Extreme Diet – The low level of Extreme

Extreme Diet to Lose Weight Quickly- The Best Diet Plan

Extreme Diet - 01

01. Limit fast food, flour and sweet

You will not believe it, but many of the dieters need only to give up junk food. 2-3 weeks of regular healthy diet can lose weight by 5 kg and more, without resorting to other methods. Plus method is that it is good for health, negative – that it is relatively slow. If you’re parallel exercise, you lose even more.

Extreme Diet – The average level of Extreme

02. A low carb diet

Extreme Diet to Lose Weight Quickly- The Best Diet Plan

There are many variations of this diet – “The Kremlin,” “Dukan diet,” “Atkins diet,” ketogenic diet, and others. The essence of the diet is that you are at the initial stage, which takes just 1-2 weeks, trim the maximum content of the diet containing carbohydrate foods, and gives the advantage of food with high protein content. Because the body is deprived of the primary energy source – carbohydrates, it looks for other ways to “charging,” in particular, the fat reserves begin to burn.

This diet is effective for short periods of time and, depending on your original weight, you can lose weight fast in a week or two for a few or even a dozen kilograms.

Low carb diet would be the ideal option for losing weight, if not for some annoying drawbacks.

Extreme Diet - 02

First, get off this diet very carefully and smoothly

Back to normal with the help of natural products containing carbohydrates – vegetables, fruits, and juices. If at the end of the food you sharply will return to the familiar to your diet, the body, delighted at the advent of an energy source, will start to put off hard fats in reserve.

Second, the low-carb diet puts the body into a state of stress, and at first may be a variety of unpleasant effects, such as headaches, sleep disorders, and so on. If you have a weak immune system, it would be very easy to get sick. However, everything is individual – perhaps you do not feel anything and may earn health problems. And, yes, almost all the people who have tried this diet, marked lethargy and drowsiness.

Well, and, fourthly, the person is successfully burned, not only carbohydrates but also muscle tissue. Low-carbohydrate diets have been used successfully weightlifters, boxers and other athletes who want to get to a particular weight class. The effectiveness of low-carb diet for a short period is supported by hundreds of thousands of people, but in the long run, it is not applicable.

03. Raw food diet, fruit diet

Extreme Diet to Lose Weight Quickly

Raw food diet – a diet is not based on cheese, as was commonly believed among the people. Here, eat raw, that is, raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts and drink fresh juices. Raw food diet is the exact opposite of a low carb diet. You totally exclude animal proteins and fats, but carbohydrate intake increases dramatically. “Burn” natural food effect is achieved in several ways.

First, you stopped to eat saturated fats of animal and synthetic origin, which tend not to burn and deposited in reserve (vegetable fats from nuts, oils, and fruits such as avocado, a harmful effect not given).

Secondly, the body begins to clean and remove toxins vigorously. On the one hand, you feel unwell, On the contrary, you will lose weight fast, improve your skin color and odors disappear.

Third, in most vegetables and fruits low calorie. The main disadvantage of a raw food diet is that for the new person to move in natural plant foods is tough, both physically and mentally. I know many individuals who can easily give up the fruits and vegetables but incredibly tied to meat or dairy products. So for this method, you will need willpower.

Extreme Diet - 03

I believe the raw food diet is much less harmful (even more useful) than the low carb diet, but it is a slower process. It should be said that both these diets nowadays are the subject of fierce controversy. They have their fans and followers, as well as their opponents, so do not use them at random and at least read a few different sources and weigh all the pros and cons. However, in our case – as it is possible to lose weight fast – they are quite suitable.

04. The mono-diet and a diet based on caloric restriction

Extreme Diet to Lose Weight Quickly- The Best Diet Plan

Real short-term effects allow mono-diet – a diet which menu consists of one or more variants of the same product. If you are interested in dieting, you probably heard about them – buckwheat, rice, cottage cheese, kefir, and similar diets. The creators of food to attract attention to inventing the most incredible views of mono-diet, for example, is very questionable chocolate or exotic pineapple.

Work these diets are always on the same principle – you eat only one kind of product, you physically can not eat enough to gain daily requirement of calories. Accordingly, when you go back to the usual diet, quick returns and your weight. Mono diet work, but be very careful with them – for a couple of weeks on a diet, you can earn not only weight loss but also, for example, gastritis.

Foods based on the severe restriction of calories also provide quick results. For example, there is “actor’s diet” in which you are eating 1-2 kinds of foods on different days. The first – rice and tomato juice, the other – yogurt. And cottage cheese, a third – tea and meat, in the fourth. And wine cheese. Unfortunately, I as an adherent of a healthy diet, can not recommend such a diet to anyone. But the experimenters and special aesthetes. There are more efficient and less painful ways to lose weight fast.

Extreme Diet – The high level of extreme

Extreme Diet - 04

If you talked about weeks, now the account goes for days at an average level speech. There are ways to lose a few kilograms in a very short period, up to date, but they must be used very carefully. Otherwise, you can say goodbye not only health but also with life.

All these methods are based on the fact that, although for the ultra short duration to get rid of excess fat impossible but entirely feasible to excrete water and wastes, also affect your weight.

1. Bath and coat

Anecdotally, but, nevertheless, it works the extreme diet way for those who have a healthy heart, as the pressure of an astronaut, and who carries through life. A man dressed warmly and went to the bath, to how to sweat and excrete the maximum amount of water. Kilograms (water) go, but there is a risk to earn a heat stroke.

2. Cleaning fasting days

Extreme Diet to Lose Weight Quickly- The Best Diet Plan

You can lose weight fast by practicing fasting days, during which time you eat foods that do not only create a calorie deficit but also to quickly eliminate toxins.

These include fasting days on herbal teas or vegetables that have a diuretic and a laxative effect. From vegetables it cucumbers, melons, watermelons (I know, I know, a watermelon – great berry, but you get my point). Laxative herbal teas are usually already sold in ready-made charges and are available at any pharmacy.

During the unloading of the day, you can lose a few kilos, but this loss will be a mostly expense of water and waste; respectively, the water will come back very quickly (and waste – there’s a will to eat). The downside of this method is the fact that the digestive system, as well as the kidneys and liver. Leading out of your water and waste, are experiencing a high load. And the body will end up dehydrated. To avoid this, you want to drink plenty of fluids. And yes, if you have health problems on the part of the digestive. Liver or kidney problems, then forget about fasting days without a doctor’s blessing.

3. The pharmaceutical methods – Extreme Diet

Extreme Diet to Lose Weight Quickly- The Best Diet Plan

As they say, the same fasting days, but cheap and cheerful. Instead, natural products you use drugs. One athlete by the name of Eddie Ross using a diuretic. And cleansing diet as an experiment I managed to lose as much as 11 kilograms per day. But he did it under the supervision of specialists. And I own to resort to this method, I do not advise.

Extreme Diet - 05

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