Face Cleaning Products

For centuries, people has searched for the key to attain healthy skin that glows from the inside. Smooth, flawless skin has long been a standard of beauty; thus, people keep on looking for the key to achieve it. 

One of the key players in achieving blemish-free skin is regular facial cleansing. Face cleaning products should be indispensable from your daily routines.  

Here is why you should start cleansing now: 

1. Facial cleansing removes dirt and oil buildup.  

2. It boosts hydration. 

3. It helps maintain clear skin.  

4. It helps beauty products work properly.   

If you skipped cleansing, your pores will be clogged, leading to acne formation. Due to dehydration, you will experience dryness, redness, and irritation. Your skin will be oily and greasy, not to mention, significantly aged.  

 Facial cleansing should become a regular step in your beauty routine. Here are five face cleaning products that your skin will surely love: 

1. Pai Skincare Camellia and Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser –  This is a gentle, organic facial cleanser that has been tried and tested by hundreds of users. It is very suitable for removing makeup, especially those hard-to-remove eyeshadows and mascara residues. It works really well for sensitive skin, and comes with a free muslin cloth that gently exfoliates and cleans the skin. 

2. Juice Beauty Stem Cellular 2-in-1 Cleanser – Ideal for all skin types, the Juice Beauty Stem Cellular cleanser is versatile and multifunctional. It works best for removing makeup, cleansing, and toning the skin. It features a fresh, lemon scent that is very invigorating. It is specially formulated for people who are worried about fine lines and wrinkles. 

3. Acure Organics Facial Cleansing Gel – This is a must-try cleansing gel. A little goes a long way, and can remove even the toughest of makeup products! The purifying and non-drying formula is vegan and cruelty-free. It helps maintain the skin’s natural PH levels. 

4. Christina Moss Organic Facial Wash – The best thing about this facial wash is that it is hypoallergenic and completely safe for sensitive skin. It is made of organic and natural ingredients, making it ideal for all skin types. 

5. Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash – This facial wash is good for oily, normal, and combination skin. It is formulated with 36 natural ingredients, including aloe, rice seed, sugarcane and coconut. It is cruelty-free and is available in travel size, so you can carry it around wherever you go. 

6. Dr Alkaitis Purifying Organic Facial Cleanser – The non-drying formula of this foamy cleanser is gently, non-comedogenic, and contains no fillers. It is a powerful cleanser, which makes it effective in cleansing stubborn clogged pores. It also leaves the skin soft and moisturized. 

7. Honey Girl Organics – Foaming Facial Wash – This organic face wash uses ingredients that are effective in minimizing oil production and killing pimple-causing bacteria. Some of its active ingredients are witch hazel, which acts as an astringent, raw honey and propolis, which work hand in hand as antibacterial and antiseptic, and aloe vera, which has anti-inflammatory properties. This foaming facial is perfect for oily and acne-prone skin. 

8. Herbivore – Pink Clay Cleansing Facial Soap Bar – It smells as heavenly as a bouquet of freshly-picked roses! Each bar of this brand contains natural ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, white clay, French pink clay, rose oil, and many more. The clays help draw out impurities and stimulate cellular growth. On the other hand, the essential oils hydrate the skin, relieve inflammation, and fight bacteria. 

9. Tata Harper – Purifying Organic Cleanser – Tata Harper’s luxury face wash is soap-free and features fruit enzymes, clays, and oils that are clinically proven to protect the skin and remove impurities. It is best for people who are frequently exposed to environmental irritants.  

10. Atleya Organics – USDA Organic Rose Oil Face Wash – This face wash is USDA-certified and is based on the same brand’s Bulgarian rose oil. Rose oil has anti-aging and antioxidant contents that stimulate collagen production, tone the skin and fight free radical. It is also effective as a makeup remover.  

Once you have picked the cleanser you need, remember to cleanse your face properly. Lather and rinse well, and avoid scratching your skin. You can also invest in other face cleaning products. You can exfoliate from time to time, but never, ever forget cleansing. 

Regular facial cleansing is essential to achieving healthy skin. Stop skipping, and start cleansing now!