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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Seven Interesting Facts About Organic Food

We all go through that phase where we promise ourselves that we’ll quit our unhealthy eating diet forever and ever. With good intentions, we throw away our secret stash of chocolate and Cheetos and run to the supermarket to fill our reusable bag with a mountain of healthy and organic food.

As we stroll through aisles, we have never gone down before in complete awe of everything they have to offer. What are this organic apple cider, fat-free soy milk, and kale chips? It looks all so not tempting. – They all scream of health and lure you in. And of course, you give in. The next day your organic diet starts, and you begin to miss the junk you used to eat, you start to lose all will power and starting thinking what is the harm if you cave. Oh well, just stick to it, it will get better!

Contrary to popular belief, organic food is not dull and boring. Here are some interesting facts about organic food you didn’t know about. They are rather interesting. Have a look!

1. America Before World War II Was All Organic

Organic food is not a recent concept. All crops and plants were organic before World War II, after the war, farmers began to use various synthetic chemicals, insecticides, and pesticides to ward off insects, rodents, and weed. The first half of the 20th century, the organic food movement started in response to the concerns that some conventional agricultural practices caused. In the 1940s, Farmers, agriculturist, ecologists, and even some government unions got together and began this organic farming movement.

2. Organic Food Can be Cheaper

People believe natural good is a luxury, which they are right because it does cost 20 -50 % more than conventional food. Which makes only the wealthy can really afford it. But thankfully stores like Trader Joe’s are coming out with affordable organic food products that are anyone can afford. But the truth is, if everyone in the world switched to organic food, all farmers would begin to produce organic food, and it would make it cheaper for everyone no matter what grocery store or produce market they shopped at.

3. China Loves Organic Food

Did you know that the frozen organic vegetables at Whole Foods Market come all the way from China? China is one of the biggest supporters of organic food. Chinese government officials, celebrities, and athletes fear adulterated food so much that they have an exclusive control on growing and supplying organic food in their country.

4. Coca-Cola Owns Organic Farms

When we think about organic food, we picture a beautiful farm dotted with apple trees in the countryside being run by a kindly farmer and his small family. Surprisingly, it’s a lot more corporate. Even companies like Coca-Cola own organic farms!

5. The Dark Days of Organic Peanut Butter

In 2009, organic peanut processing plants in the U.S. faced serious food safety violations. There was an outbreak of salmonella on the peanut farm that resulted in nine deaths and 691 cases of food poisoning. A few years later in 2012, a contaminated organic peanut butter plant in New Mexico caused severe health issues in about 42 people. The plant was shut down after inspection.

6. Jerome Rodale, an Organic Food Promoter, Died of a Heart Attack on TV

Jerome Irving Rodale was one of the biggest supporters of organic farming. In June 1971, he appeared on the couch of “The Dick Cavett Show.” for an interview. Rodale, 72 at the time, boasted that he had never felt better in his whole life and he will probably live up to a hundred. When Cavett turned to his other guest, Rodale gave out a loud snore and passed away. The channel never aired the episode, but the news spread like wildfire in the country.

7. There is an Organic Version for Almost Everything!

Yes, it is true, there is even organic vodka and bubblegum.

Apart from food, you can find an ‘organic and green’ versions of everything you can think of. There are organic beauty products, clothes, electronics and what not! Some companies even create organic energy that helps create a clean environment, like Alcen Renewable for instance.

It takes a lot of willpower and time to switch to a healthier lifestyle, but we know it is a great initiative. Let’s take one step at a time. Kale chips, anyone?

Written by – Susy Bento

Susy is a Socal girl who will keep you on your toes, no one ever knows what she is about to say or do. She spends most of her time reading and writing blog articles, while juggling her school and work life load. On her free time, you can find her sleeping, hiking, eating sushi, or bugging her handsome boyfriend. Susy considers herself a foodie . . . even though she is actually pretty picky. Although she is outgoing somehow, she is a cat mom. In the next couple years, you’ll probably find Susy living on the beach with three children.

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