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Monday, October 7, 2019

Fluid Retention

The delay of the liquid turns into a real nightmare for those people who try to keep themselves in shape all the time. Because of the swelling, we look fuller, and the fluid retention prevents the burning of fats.

The aggravation of this problem disrupts our rest, sometimes we can not even watch the movie, lying on the couch: we have spasms, some parts of the body grow dumb.

In order to improve your condition or prevent the appearance of edema, it is recommended to correct some habits. But first you need to understand what constitutes fluid retention and why it arises.

The fluids of the human body are in the blood vessels and lymphatic system. Of course, at some point they must be removed. Unfortunately, sometimes too much fluid accumulates in our body, as a result of which these systems cannot cope with it.

In other cases, the volume of fluid remains normal, but for some reason it begins to stagnate. The causes of this anomaly can be different: circulatory disorders, fatness, renal insufficiency, etc.

Therefore, if you are worried about swelling, you need to contact a medical specialist , because this symptom can hide serious diseases and disorders.

In most cases this problem does not pose a danger to our health. It can be triggered by the following factors:

  • Long stay in the same position
  • Temperature changes
  • Hormonal changes due to ovulation
  • Lack of physical activity

Also swelling may appear as a result of:

  • Taking medication
  • Abuse of salt

Whatever fluid retention is caused , we can always cope with this condition by following some simple tips.

5 tips to help cope with fluid retention

1. A forty-five minute walk every day

It’s about walking fast. Such a useful habit can sufficiently improve the quality of our life.

Walking activates the musculature, and at the same time it stimulates our blood circulation. As a result, the blood circulates faster and easier.

Due to this, the liquid is evenly distributed, and a certain part of it comes out together with sweat. We can safely say that walking facilitates our body this difficult task – the regulation of fluids.

2. Drink 8 glasses of water every day.

Many of us stop drinking water so that there is no edema. This is a big mistake. On the contrary, water is necessary for the vital functions of our body and the timely removal of toxins.

Therefore, people with edema should drink more water. Sometimes we give up water, because it seems to us tasteless.

If you drink plain water you seem boring, try to drink various infusions. They have diuretic properties, warm our body from the inside and have many useful properties. Infusions help us take care of our health.

3. Pay attention to carbohydrates

When we want to get rid of extra pounds and sit on a diet, we often exclude carbohydrates from our diet. But they contain the energy that is necessary for us to work and intellectual activity.

It should be noted that carbohydrates are different. Some of them are more useful than others. The best solution – in small quantities, there are cereals and whole grains. We recommend that you pay attention to buckwheat and spelled.

4. Include in your diet diuretic-rich fruit

As in the case of carbohydrates, fruits are different. Some of them contain sugar, so there are people who prefer to give up fruit.

This should not be done, because there are fruits that can help us cope with edema.

In this case, it is recommended to pay attention to the following fruits:

  • Kiwi
  • An Apple
  • Lemon
  • Strawberry
  • A pineapple
  • Melon

You can eat fresh fruit or prepare delicious natural cocktails from them.

5. Eat food containing vitamin B6

This vitamin dissolves in water, which stimulates the release of fluid from our body.

The most effective in this sense are the following products:

  • Beans
  • Liver
  • Whole grain cereals
  • Sole

It is worth noting that all B vitamins are useful to people with edema. But vitamin B6 is the most effective. Combine the foods listed above with vegetables that have diuretic properties:

  • Bow
  • Zucchini
  • Carrot
  • Celery

These simple recommendations will allow you to successfully fight with edema and do not require you to pay much more. The products that we told you about in our today’s article are easily accessible to each of us.

If there is a lot of stress in your life, we recommend that you plan your meals every week and buy the necessary products.

Thus, you do not have to constantly think about buying food. It will always be at your fingertips, and you will only have to connect your imagination and prepare something interesting.

Each time more and more people resort to this advice, because the lifestyle of a modern person and a healthy diet is not so simple to combine.

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