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Monday, October 7, 2019

Foot Fungus Treatment

Fungus, affecting the nails and the skin of the legs, is one of the most common infections. Despite the severity of the consequences of this disease, few pay attention to the proper hygiene and prevention of fungal infections. It is important to know that fungal damage occurs very slowly, and in most cases it is difficult to notice immediately. On average, the restoration of a healthy nail takes about 3 months from the beginning of treatment.

The scientific name of this problem is onychomycosis, and, as we have already seen, the regeneration of the nails after the defeat of the fungal infection will require a sufficient amount of time and effort. In this article we will tell you about the causes and symptoms of onychomycosis and about the remedies for this disease.


One of the most common causes of the appearance of the fungus is excessive sweating of the legs. For example, in a warm season, the temperature and humid environment put our feet at risk, and if you add to that visit to the public pool, sauna or shower, the risk of infection is increased . Humidity is a favorable condition for the spread of fungus, so pay special attention to hygiene and maintaining the comfort of your feet.


The main symptoms of the fungus, which are worth paying attention to, is a change in the color and structure of the nail, a thickening and the appearance of an unpleasant odor. But it is worth considering that the fungus can spread to the skin between the toes, in this case there is itching, redness and irritation of the skin.

Nails affected by onychomycosis slow growth, and this can also become one of the alarm signals. It is worthwhile to conduct regular inspection of nails and toes to protect yourself from infection.

If you managed to suspect the presence of fungi in time, you should immediately contact a specialist-podologu or dermatologist, who will prescribe the correct course of treatment. This will avoid unpleasant consequences, and you can quickly restore the condition of the legs and nails.

How to protect yourself from fungus?

  • It is important to use only comfortable shoes made of natural materials, which provides adequate ventilation of the legs, since a moist and warm environment promotes fungus development. Regularly clean and dry shoes from the inside.
  • Try not to walk barefoot in public places: a shower gym, a swimming pool, etc. Pick up closed rubber slippers or other suitable shoes.
  • Thoroughly wipe your feet after taking a shower or bath, your feet should always be dry.
  • Allow your feet to sunbathe, in warm sunny weather, let the sun warm your feet, this is also the prevention of fungal diseases.
  • If possible, do not lend your shoes and do not wear someone else’s, as, as we have already said, the fungus can not be diagnosed right away, and a person may not suspect an infection.

Follow these simple rules, and you will be able to protect yourself from onychomycosis and keep the legs beautiful and healthy.

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