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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Genetic Predisposition

Genetic Predisposition – Personality is formed as taking into account traits inherited from parents, and by the environment. To date, the debate continues which of these factors plays an important role. Some firmly confident that with proper training, you can correct any congenital disabilities, while others are sure that it is always determined by heredity, which eventually formed personality. In this article, we will talk about what an important role in our habits and preferences played heredity.

How inheritance affects the formation of personality

1. Car driving

Driving – not such a difficult task – only to learn a certain amount of traffic rules and a bit of practice. Some people still cannot cope with this task, in spite of the sincere desire to drive a car. One interesting study helped to explain this phenomenon. It turns out that there is a particular chain gene which can have a direct impact on memory, orientation in space and speed of reaction. It was found that 30% of the world population is better not to even think about how to get behind the wheel.

2. Predisposition to bad habits

Such addictions like alcoholism, drug addiction, and smoking – not only a social problem but also health. Genetic predisposition – a crucial factor in the development of dependency. The probability that a person is addicted to smoking is dictated by the genetic characteristics of 70%.

3. Laziness

As it turned out, there is even a genetic predisposition to laziness. Wish all day nothing to do, except lie in bed watching television is also due to hereditary factors, the scientists say.

4. I love to travel

There are two kinds of people. The former cannot always stay in the same place, they lure distant lands, and they cannot imagine their life without frequent trips to new places. Others are comfortable with the travel and feel quite comfortable if there are not expected shortly. In fact, regularly pulls on the road is not due to excessive romanticism, or hobbies adventure books, all the fault of DRD4-7R gene, the presence of which is due to the tendency to change places. Genetic predisposition to travel meets just 20% of people.

5. Musical tastes

Genetic predisposition is a decisive factor in the choice of music. In 2009, Nokia now conducted a lot of research, whose main task was to find out what role heredity plays in the formation of musical tastes.

As part of the experiment, scientists surveyed 4,000 pairs of twins. It was found that the younger a person is, the greater impact on the formation of his musical preferences has genetics. However, when a person grows up, this dependence is growing unabated. And approximately 50 years to become a decisive factor only environment.

6. Phobias

It is believed that phobias can develop only as a result of negative experiences in life, which leads to the emergence of an irrational fear of the phenomena or objects. This view was refuted by scientists from Emory University School of Medicine, saying that phobias are transmitted from generation to generation. Researchers mice instilled fear of cherries by the current strikes. The offspring mice imposed hatred also feared this berry.

7. Choosing a partner

It’s pretty sad, but, even in romantic relationships is a significant genetic predisposition. When a person wants a regular sexual partner, the decisive factors when selecting is not a black eye color, beautiful figure. Or common interests. All the matter in a family of genes called MHC (major histocompatibility complex). Numerous studies show that women tend to choose a partner with the MHC, which will be the most different from their own. Thus, there is a greater chance for the conception of healthy offspring.

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