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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Why Age is More Hard to Lose Weight

Hard to lose weight – You notice that in 18 years could have anything you want, and still be thin, like a candle and at the age of 30, to lose a few kilos, required almost a month. And with the exact count of what you ate? This happens because of the metabolism – the metabolism – slows down with age, and even the slightest violation of the diet leads to weight gain. Knowing this, it will be easier to keep fit.

Metabolism – a chemical process. The body digests food and then gets out of her energy. From this chemical process depends on many things: how much can we eat food that does not recover at the same time. Metabolic rate is different and varies with age. Why Age is More Hard to Lose Weight

Let’s be honest; there are such lucky that from birth endowed by nature with a good metabolism that allows them to burn calories faster and eat more than one serving of chocolate cake. Such women can be recognized by a thin and excellent smooth skin that even with age a little covered with wrinkles.

You are very lucky if you belong to the order of 7%, which, according to statistics and have a high metabolism. But if you’re one of those who is recovering even looking at the cake, then you should teach your body to cope with the ups and downs of energy needs and make friends with the metabolism, rather than working against it. Why Age is More Hard to Lose Weight

However, if you’re not sinning by overeating, but still difficult to keep, then, the reason. Failure in work of the hormonal system. It can be anything – the thyroid gland (hypothyroidism with when thyroid function is reduced, weight can increase), while the problems with the adrenal gland, dysfunction of the ovaries and pituitary gland and so on.

What to do?  If you are in the regular diet and sufficient activity you noticed an increase in weight, go to the doctor-endocrinologist and passed inspection. Why Age is More Hard to Lose Weight

The lucky 20, when you could afford to eat anything, and in any quantities, the metabolism was, as they say, at the peak due to two main factors – muscle mass and hormone levels. They are in this age of the highest and most active. When you crosses over 30, the rate of metabolism changes. Why Age is More Hard to Lose Weight

All because your physical activity is not the same level as before. You walk more slowly, less exercise and are not as active in sex. It is, therefore, critical to know – the older you get, the higher should be the level of your physical activity. Why Age is More Hard to Lose Weight

What to do? Find the physical activity that you like. Pool, studio of Oriental dance, freestyle dog, morning run, Simulator – the choice is yours.

All the dietitians of the world say that the food over the years should only facilitate and reduced in volume. And increased only in frequency. The more often you eat, the more your metabolism, which you do not give nap. Always throwing up “firewood” in the fire.

What to do? Exclude products containing sugar, white flour, yeast, preservatives.

Factors that affect the biochemical processes that are manageable. Now that you know what it depends on your metabolism. You will be easier to control your weight, health and, most importantly, a sense of enjoyment of life.

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