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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

It took almost 12 kilograms, but all that has been done is to reduce the intake. And while no hunger pangs. Sounds too good to be true, is not it? How can it be that there is an adequate diet, but not everyone knows about it? So she called the HCG diet and had been around for half a century, but since the 1960’s it was buried under the rubble of controversy, and now experiencing a rebirth. We’ll have to dig deeper to find out what the basics.

What is the HCG Diet?

This weight loss program is irrevocable, which naturally stimulates the metabolism, resulting in muscle tone and helps to lose an average of about 400 grams per day. It argues that the purpose of HCG diets is that people become healthy, not only thinner. While that still sounds good?

In general, this system was developed in the 1950s, an endocrinologist ATW Simeons. He claimed that after the administration of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) patients could significantly reduce the amount of fat without daily exercise.

In his book “Pounds and Inches» Simeons talked about the idea of two decades of research that HCG-treatment mode and power limit can be programmed by the hypothalamus in the fight against obesity by reducing fat deposits rather than muscle tissue.

The Initial Scheme of HCG Diets

Over the decades since the original development of the diet program was a lot of small changes, but the foundation of the original protocol developed by Dr. Simeons from was saved.

Initially it hormonal effects through injections or drops under the tongue. And then, after the third dose of hCG caloric restriction to about 500 per day.

Like: You can eat high-protein foods (lean meat – veal, chicken, lobster, crab, shrimp), fresh vegetables (spinach, tomatoes, onions, red radishes, celery, asparagus, cabbage, cucumbers).

Unlike: Strictly prohibited dairy products, carbohydrates (including vegetables), sugar, alcohol.

It seems to be nothing new. The Atkins diet recommends roughly the same – lots of protein and avoiding sugar, although there may be a lot more calories per day. However, a diet has some other more interesting limitations. No snacking before lunch.

  • For breakfast, you can only black coffee or tea without sugar.
  • Lunch, a selection of 250 calories is very limited. This piece of meat, a serving of vegetables and perhaps a piece of toast. You can afford an apple, strawberries, half a grapefruit or an orange.

And there are no games to serving sizes in “pounds and inches.” But the doctor warns that the slightest mistake can have disastrous results.

HCG Diet for Weight Loss - 01

How does the HCG Diet?

First, there is an idea – well, of course, anyone loses weight, if you cut back on a diet to 500 calories. And how miserable have it feel? According to Dr. Simeons with hCG-treatment of hunger will not be felt at all, the whole mood will rise. HCG hormone triggers the consumption of fat reserves stored, including the root reserves of so-called “problem areas”.

As a rule, people are resorting to hardcore diet when you want to lose weight fast, and very few people understand that leaves no fatty tissue and muscle mass. Thinner at the end of the food, and satisfied with the result, they do not see that much of the lost – a healthy muscle mass. This means that ultimately suffers metabolism – it significantly slows down and back again to the many still weight, wherein the percentage of muscle is now much smaller.

Proponents of hCG-scheme claim that the hormonal injections maintain muscle mass increases testosterone levels, creating an anabolic matic state that helps build muscle mass, which counteracts the catabolic, reduces muscle.

Ideally, the HCG course should last about 26 days, although in some cases it can take up to 43 days. During the course, the body is reconstructed and begins to distinguish the real from the false hunger, learns to eat less and easy to do without the extra portions of food. After completing the course, you can go back to the old eating habits, but better than the first time, make sure that what and how much is eaten.

Good. While all this sounds pretty tempting and promising. So why was the controversy? Is it does it work?

What is HCG?

This hormone has nothing to do with weight loss; it has been approved for the treatment of male and female infertility.

  • Women with low levels of the hormone HCG its additional portions can stimulate ovulation.
  • In men with low testosterone levels of hCG-treatment can increase sperm production.

Studies Diet Doctor Simeons HCG Diet

Dr. Simeons was convinced that his treatment process works. Unfortunately, he was the only one to describe and confirmed the impact of the scheme. No other clinical trial had never confirmed his conclusions.

The studies were conducted several times since 1960, but none of them mentioned in the books and articles written by proponents of hCG-circuit. And probably not the last role is played here the price they receive for diet course – $495 on average for a 26-day course. Of course, sellers of snake venom are unlikely to talk about its side effects.

Simeons HCG Diet

Here are the results of research in 1963. Twenty women with severe obesity were divided into two groups, one received daily injections of hCG, a different form placebo saline. The women were limited to two meals a day for 550 total calorie diet. They unlimited consumption of water was allowed, tea, coffee without sugar. After 40-45 days, the women showed a straight average weight loss of 20 pounds. There was no difference in weight loss between women who received HCG, and those who did not get the HCG. The study confirmed the conclusion that diet, rather than the action of human chorionic gonadotropin, is a major factor in Dr. Simeons’ program.

Then in 1976 there was another attempt to test the hypothesis of the effectiveness of hCG-circuit. In a double-random study for 32 days involved 51 women aged from 18 to 60 years. Each patient again received a restricted diet and weighed every day. Twenty-five women received HCG, while 26 – placebo. As a result, there was no statistically significant difference in both groups lost weight, the percentage of weight loss, changes in the circumference of the hips and waist.

Since then, the FDA calls the treatment of HCG for weight loss drugs. The preparation for this purpose may not be offered, and the one who does it is breaking the law. Peter Cohen, associate professor at Harvard Medical School, about the scheme, says it is reckless, irresponsible and completely irrational. Is it possible to lose weight fast on such a plan? Of course, but this is mainly due to the low-calorie intake.

Dangers HCG Diet Charts

The main threat is not the HCG hormone. As already mentioned, it has been approved for the treatment of infertility. Here is a list of side effects makes it guards: headaches, cramps, constipation, depression, the male breast enlargement, infections and blood clots. Although these complications are relatively rare. The real danger lies in the diet. Doctors and experts have warned about the risks of hCG-circuit due to diet. All as one claim that food is unacceptable.

To maintain the metabolic needs 1800-2000 calories per day. And the limitation of this figure up to 500 a day. When it should be the size of an average meal, will lead to the fact that the body begins to suck the protein from anywhere, down to the heart muscle, which can allegedly Dr. David L. Katz, managing studies at Yale-Griffin Center in Connecticut, lead to ventricular tachycardia and sudden cardiac arrest. And on his blog about health doctor claims that HCG diagram completely far-fetched, and its purpose is only taking money.

A lot of evidence against HCG-circuit. Each, of course, can be of the same opinion, but if the placebo as effective as the actual treatment; it is likely a waste of money and bogus search results.

It is worth adding that structured the power when it is properly thought out, super-efficient in weight loss. Especially in combination with regular exercise. That is what leads to health outcomes, rather than questionable hormone treatments.

HCG Diet for Weight Loss - 02

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