Healthy Breakfast

Despite the fact that breakfast is the most important meal, many people underestimate its importance. Some of us do not attach importance to the choice of products for preparing breakfast, as a result of which our body lacks certain substances. And one of us even misses the morning meal.

Today we will tell you why it is so important that the breakfast was a balanced and useful, and will share with you some ideas.

Why is breakfast important?

Breakfast is the first meal after a night’s rest, and its importance for our health is very great:

  • Breakfast charges us with energy for the whole subsequent day and makes us active in the morning.
  • Affects our mood.
  • Determines the level of physical and mental activity of a person.
  • Thanks to a good breakfast, we eat less during the day, and our body does not lack nutrients.
  • Our body better digests food, eaten on an empty stomach.

What is not recommended for breakfast?

Most often people make the following mistakes when preparing breakfast:

  • Abuse of refined carbohydrates: white bread, pastries, rolls, flakes. Because of this, a person’s blood sugar level rises, and the feeling of hunger returns very quickly. In the future, such nutrition can lead to constipation and other abnormalities in the work of the intestine.
  • Too much sugar. Especially it concerns white sugar. Hardly it can be called a nutritional product: sugar does not bring any benefit to our body. But about such negative consequences of the use of sugar, as the washing out of calcium and the oxidation of the natural environment of the body, had to be heard by many of us. Instead of sugar, it is recommended to use bee honey, molasses, stevia or agave syrup.
  • Abuse of dairy products. Many people poorly absorb milk and some dairy products or consume them in too large quantities. What to do? It is better to choose dairy products that do not cause digestion disorders, and prefer vegetable-based drinks, without lactose.
  • Eating foods that do not fit well together, such as dairy products and orange juice. This leads to problems with digestion, and our health after breakfast worsens.
  • Healthy fats that are found in foods such as margarine, sausages, etc. Such food damages the cardiovascular system and is one of the main reasons for completeness.

How to cook a balanced breakfast?

In order for the breakfast to be balanced, it must contain the necessary amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fiber.

Thanks to this breakfast our body will receive the necessary amount of nutrients, there will not be any problems with digestion, we will feel a surge of energy and spend in a good mood all the following day. Also it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the products: it is necessary to give preference to natural and fresh food, rather than semi-finished products.

Necessary products for breakfast

The choice of products for preparing breakfast and their combination are influenced by various factors: our personal taste preferences, age, lifestyle and habits. Which products are most useful?

  • Whole grains: most often it is oatmeal, which can be eaten without additional processing, like muesli. Also you can cook oatmeal. If you like sandwiches, then pay attention to the quality of bread. It is best to choose bread made from whole-grain flour. This can be flour from wheat, spelled, rye and other cereal crops.
  • Beverages of vegetable origin (from oats, rice, spelled, etc.)
  • Easily digestible dairy products: cottage cheese, kefir, yoghurt, light cheese.
  • Nuts without heat treatment. They are rich sources of vegetable protein. You can eat whole or chopped nuts, it all depends on your taste preferences.
  • Dried fruits are sources of sugars useful for our health. They will fill your body with energy for the next day. Try to include in your diet figs, prunes, dates, raisins.
  • Fresh and grown in environmentally friendly conditions fruits. It is recommended to give preference to seasonal fruits.
  • Seeds of sunflower, sesame, flax or pumpkin. A good alternative to them is the first cold pressed oil obtained from these seeds.
  • Natural juices from fruits and vegetables.

Ideas for a great breakfast

With such breakfasts, your body will never face nutritional deficiencies. In addition, they are very tasty!

  • Sandwich of whole wheat bread from spelled with hummus and cottage cheese.
  • Toasts of whole wheat bread with homemade mayonnaise and avocado.
  • Cocktail of fruits and nuts.
  • Muesli with yogurt.
  • Apple with prunes, yogurt and walnuts.
  • Vegetable milk with the addition of whole grains and cocoa.
  • Oatmeal porridge in vegetable milk with pear and cinnamon.
  • Cottage cheese with honey, hazelnut and banana.

How to complement breakfast?

If recently you feel tired, you do not have enough strength, and the mood has fallen, then try to include in breakfast the following elements:

  • Brewer’s yeast
  • Pollen
  • Wheat germ
  • Soy Lecithin
  • Maca Peruvian
  • Spirulina
  • Propolis

Thanks to these natural supplements, breakfast will become truly useful and help restore your health.