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Monday, October 7, 2019

Healthy Pregnancy and Newborn Baby

Babies are the most innocent, adorable, and perfect living beings on the planet. They are born with so much potential and fill their parents’ futures with hope.

Pregnancy, though, may not always be as fun as having a baby, especially for mothers. There are a lot of obstacles new moms (and fathers) face while carrying their little bun in the oven.

Expecting parents, specifically those who are having their first child, often have many things to think about before their baby is born. They tend to jump ahead and start planning (or at least strategizing) their kid’s future.

However, taking a step back to think about the present (the ongoing pregnancy) should be priority number one. The health of the mother during pregnancy and the newborn after birth, in particular, should be considered.

Below are some tips for a healthy pregnancy and how to take care of your newborn.

Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

1. Exercise Tips While Pregnant

Exercise, even when pregnant, is important to maintain the body’s strength, flexibility, stamina, and endurance. However, it doesn’t just help you stay fit while a baby is growing inside your tummy. Staying active can prepare your body for birth.

Exercising can increase your chances of a healthy, problem-free delivery. For instance, moves that strengthen the abdominal muscles in the stomach could prevent backaches commonly caused by having to carry your baby’s increasing weight. Squats and pelvic tilts, on the other hand, are recommended to help ease the delivery process when the time comes.

Any woman who has found out she is pregnant should consult their doctor before continuing their exercise routine or starting one. Below are some safe exercises you can engage in while pregnant.

  • Brisk walking
  • Yoga (as long as you are following a certified instructor who has experience with pregnant women)
  • Swimming (being in water can be quite soothing for an expecting mother)
  • Cycling on a stationary bike
  • Low-intensity aerobics

But while staying active during pregnancy is commendable, it must be approached with care. Below are some safety tips to keep in mind if you do decide to exercise while pregnant.

  • Wear loose, well-ventilated clothing to prevent overheating
  • Put on appropriate shoes
  • Take breaks as needed
  • Stay hydrated
  • Go through your exercises slowly

2. Healthy Eating Habits During Pregnancy

Doctors recommend maintaining a healthy diet during pregnancy. The term “diet” during pregnancy does not mean “to go on a diet” and lose weight (which the word is usually associated with). It refers to pregnant women observing healthy eating habits.

Typically, expecting mothers should increase their calorie intake to 300 to 350 calories per day in the second trimester and 500 calories during the third trimester.

Expecting mothers should consume foods from each of the basic groups. Below are the main food groups soon-to-be mothers should focus on:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Dairy

The foods above provide pregnant women with the necessary nutrients they need to help the babies inside them grow and develop properly.

For instance, fruits like oranges and honeydews are excellent sources of Vitamin C and folic acid. On the other hand, expecting mothers can get high levels of calcium to help their baby’s bones develop from dairy products, like milk and yogurt.

Meanwhile, carbohydrates (like bread or rice) and meats (like fish or chicken) can provide nutrients, like B vitamins, iron, and fiber. Iron, in particular, helps both mommy and baby stay healthy. It gives oxygen to the growing person inside you via the blood. It also prevents fatigue, depression, and weakness in expecting mothers.

3 Newborn Health Tips

1. Buy some baby essentials

When it comes to your newborn, be prepared. Having a first aid box at home filled with baby essentials will ensure that you’ll be ready for anything at a moment’s notice.

Here’s a list of items you might want to put inside your first aid kit:

  • Petroleum jelly
  • Vaseline
  • Cotton or gauze
  • Blunt scissors
  • Acetaminophen for babies (or Tylenol for kids)
  • Medicine dropper
  • Antibiotic cream
  • Saline nasal drops
  • Infant clippers
  • A soft brush to comb the little hairs on your angel’s head

2. Accept assistance from your partner or relatives and friends

Newborn babies barely do anything but sleep and eat. Ask any couple who has had a child, though, and they’ll tell you that the first couple of days or even weeks can be extremely exhausting for parents.

As much as parents want to stay on top of everything to ensure the baby’s health, safety and well-being at all times — from shopping for the best quality supplies, to updating all home security products, to constantly keeping the house spotless, and the like — there is simply no way to get everything done without help.

Mothers need rest to recuperate, so ask for help when you need it. You should be able to rest after nurturing a baby in the womb for nine months and then delivering the little bundle of joy.

3. Listen to your baby

There are plenty of books, manuals, and even people sharing all kinds of advice for caring for a newborn. However, every child is different, and parents need to adjust according to their baby’s needs.

So if, for example, your mom’s advice isn’t working, try taking a step back and observe your baby. Children, even little babies, are pretty honest and open communicators. Watch them closely and they will tell (or show) you what needs to be done.

The Cardinal Rule for Babies

Enjoy every moment with your baby. Kids grow up fast, so you should stay present at all times. Continue the exercise and eating habits you followed during pregnancy so you can stay healthy and strong for your child.

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