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Monday, October 7, 2019

Symptoms Of A Heart Attack In Women

Symptoms of heart attack in women may differ from “masculine”, and this must be taken into account. Every year, the death rate from a heart attack among women is steadily growing. Perhaps this is due to implicit symptoms, since very often women confuse this state with ordinary fatigue, for example … Therefore, we believe that in this topic it is necessary to go a little deeper for our own good.

Symptoms of heart disease in women

For an adequate perception of the situation, it is necessary to cast aside the almost “classic” image of a person clinging to the chest before he has an infarction or angina. According to recent studies, in women, heart attacks occur more often than men: 19% compared to 13.7% (those are the figures).

In this case, most women simply do not notice the anxiety symptoms or do not take them seriously. This is our female nature, we are used to taking care of the health of our loved ones more than about ourselves. But you need to be more careful and attentive to your health, it’s good to know about the following warning signs.

1. Chest tightening

Sometimes we can suddenly feel a burning sensation in the chest or constriction, which will result in severe fatigue. This condition can be taken for increased excitement and nerves, you can explain to yourself these symptoms by heavy workload, multitasking, etc. However, if you become aware of this state for several days, it is better to consult a doctor you looked around. In men, for example, chest tightness is thrown on the arm in the form of strange tingling, for women the focal character of pain is characteristic. Usually such symptoms are with angina pectoris.

2. Acute pain in the upper body, in the neck, back and jaw

Here everything is much more complicated: pain can occur in both hands, back, shoulders, neck, jaw, or even in the upper abdomen (not below the navel). That is why most often these symptoms we take for such a common disease today, like osteoporosis. That is, we do not pay enough attention to our ailment, writing off it for fatigue or pain in the bones (the maximum that we do is try to remove it with the help of anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs).

However, the reason can be much more serious, remember this. Such pain (in the back, neck and jaw region) is a very common symptom of a heart attack or pre-infarction condition in women (in men less often).

3. Unusual fatigue and shortness of breath

Here is another interesting fact to note: men tend to notice small warning signals when performing any physical activity. They work and suddenly feel that their hands are numb or they can hardly breathe. During rest, these symptoms disappear. But with women, the situation is different: a heart attack most often happens in a sitting position or even during sleep. That is, a heart attack can overtake the body even during rest periods. But there are symptoms, they need to be known and always be on the alert. This is excessive fatigue and pain in the upper chest. Pay attention also to how you climb the stairs. If this is given to you unusually hard, you have severe shortness of breath, accompanied by chest tightness, do not hesitate and contact a doctor.

In addition, it may be noted that men may still have fainting (loss of consciousness), and this is also a warning about the presence of heart problems. At us, at women, the symptomatology is not so obvious, and until the fainting condition comes extremely rarely. Here, probably one more reason why we can not suspect something serious about ourselves. But this inattention can be too expensive, therefore, any malaise must be monitored and taken accordingly.

4. Feeling of nausea

Severe malaise, a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, swelling … Whatever we ate, feel bad, suffer from heartburn, which often results in vomiting. Such symptoms are easy to confuse with any other disease, from usual poisoning to gastric reflux, but forget about serious illnesses should not … Especially if such a “stomach upset” is accompanied by the presence of cold sweat. Soon you can feel unprecedented fatigue, tremors (involuntary trembling of the fingers), pain in the stomach and a strong anxiety (pressing feeling).

In conclusion, it remains only to note that most cases of heart attacks and angina give us certain “tips” and “warnings”, there is some discomfort that should alert us. The biggest problem for women is that we do not notice these signs or associate them with other ailments (stress at work, excessive workload, habitual back pain, etc.). But be more attentive to yourself, if you begin to notice that fatigue has dragged on and becomes chronic, you have problems with breathing and heaviness, do not wait or lose time – seek medical help.Yes, women have a very difficult task: to take care of the health of their family, but forget about their own, too, do not remember, if in time to recognize the signs of a heart attack, it can save a life! Be carefull!

From our daily advice and topics for all of you willing to make your and the life of your dearest better and healthier. Taking care of your health is part of your locus of control. Take the initiative starting today!

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