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Monday, October 7, 2019

Heartburn Or High Acidity

Many suffer from one of the digestive disorders; usually this is due to an unbalanced diet.

In this article, we will explain what causes heartburn and increased acidity and  how to distinguish them from each other. This will help you deal with digestive disorders  (if any) and find suitable natural remedies to cope with them (we will also describe them).

Causes of digestive disorders

The appearance of both  acid reflux and acidity can result in the same wrong eating habits:

  • Combine incompatible foods in one meal – for example, meat and fish, dairy products and meat, etc.
  • Overeat. Do not overload the stomach; it is better to eat more often, but little by little.
  • There are after eating fatty desserts, as well as desserts from dairy products and / or sugar; they interfere with the digestion of food and contribute to weight gain. It is better to eat desserts some time after breakfast or lunch.
  • There are citrus fruits for dessert.   Acids are poorly digested after eating; it is better to eat an apple or a pear, and leave the citrus fruits in the morning.
  • Eating too fast without chewing food.
  • Drink plenty of water while eating.  It is better to drink water half an hour before meals and after some time after eating.
  • Are in a state of stress, anxiety or irritation. We should try to eat in a calm state, in a pleasant environment, not doing other things and avoiding companies that take us out of balance.
  • For a long time, take  antacids , which can change the pH of our stomach.


With heartburn, the stomach secretes an insufficient amount of gastric juice, which causes fermentation in the stomach, and the food is poorly digested .

Thus there are such signs:

  • Digestion slows down and becomes difficult.
  • After eating, heartburn occurs.
  • Hunger and anxiety.
  • Quickly there is a feeling of filling the stomach.
  • Constipation, gas and gum disease may also occur.

How to deal with heartburn

The following recommendations will help combat these symptoms:

  • There is little and often.
  • Do not eat too hot or too cold food. 
  • Although we are worried about eating, we should try to chew slowly and chew well .
  • Take natural food supplements based on digestive enzymes ; they must correspond to food components that are worse digested (fats, proteins, carbohydrates).

High acidity

The increased acidity of the gastric juice is another: the stomach produces too much acid, so the food is digested quickly. Increased acidity is expressed in the following symptoms:

  • Irritation of the stomach is felt before eating.
  • There is also a strong appetite; after a meal the irritation of the stomach, associated with high acidity, is removed.
  • Constantly I want to drink (and I want cold drinks).
  • With increased acidity, constipation and inflammation of the gums are also possible.

Means for reducing acidity

  • Although the food in this case calms the irritation associated with high acidity, do not pounce on everything, choose healthy and fresh foods and thoroughly chew food.
  • Avoid acidic foods and such that increase the acidity of the body  – citrus, refined flour and sugar, fried foods, dairy products, red meat. You can eat lemon – it, though sour to taste, neutralizes the acid in our stomach.

Natural antacids

If you need to take antacids – because of heartburn or because of acidity – let it be natural remedies that alkalize the body without changing the normal pH of the stomach.  We will try to do without drugs and soda, which can also be harmful.

  • Plum ueboshi:  Japanese plum ueboshi have a sharp sour-salty taste due to the fermentation to which they are exposed. They are very useful. Put such a plum in the middle of the tongue, hold it there for a few moments and swallow it.
  • White clay (for ingestion):   White clay is a very useful additive, it helps to remove toxins from the body and perfectly alkalizes the body, reduces its acidity. Put a spoonful of clay into the glass of water. We stir it (the spoon should not be plastic or metallic). After 10 minutes, this solution can be drunk.
  • Juice from raw potatoes : potato juice, despite its specific taste and consistency, is a natural antacid, which must always be “handy”. You can squeeze juice from a well-washed and peeled potato or buy ready-made juice in a store of natural products.
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