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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Hormonal Failure

In this post, we would like to raise a very serious and painful for many women, the issue of hormonal failure. When hormonal failure phrase “hormones acting up” – takes on an entirely different meaning.

If your body’s hormonal failure occurred, then later on in this article, we will reveal the following questions What is the hormonal failure … As you know, our body has a large number of hormones, which play a very important role for us.

All hormones should be a clear balance sheet if their level is starting to change, then there is their imbalance, then this leads to rather serious consequences. An imbalance of hormones in girls has very serious consequences and must be addressed immediately, otherwise, the consequences will be very serious if the situation occurs.

On the hormonal failure female body reacts differently and at times seemingly ordinary symptoms may be due to just the hormonal failure. Let’s first look at a list of symptoms that may occur when hormonal failure.

Symptoms in woman’s hormonal failure

Irregular menstruation

If you have an unstable menstrual cycle often delay monthly, or else a certain period of time they may not be the cause of this is just a hormonal failure.

Irritability and mood swings

In the event that you are going on frequent changes of mood, or else it is always bad: you take it out on others, to show aggression and anger that you do in everyday life is not peculiar – it is one more sign of hormonal failure. This can also be attributed, and frequent depression, pessimism, etc.

Weight Gain

Hormonal failure may occur in rapid weight gain, no matter what kind of food you take. On the one hand, an unhealthy diet can be a direct factor in weight gain and serve as a catalyst for the manifestation of hormonal failure, in a word, what we wanted to say – with an imbalance of hormones in the body, you can gain weight even when you are on a starvation diet.

Poor sleep and chronic fatigue

Hormonal failure is often accompanied by poor sleep and chronic fatigue. Poor sleep is manifested in the fact that you cannot fall asleep for a long time, or else you will not sleep well and you often wake up at night. With regard to chronic fatigue, you feel constantly tired, despite the activity, that is, you can not do anything at all and you will feel tired.

Decreased sex drive

There are cases when the hormonal failure reduces libido and interest in sexual activity among girls. You do not excite affection and you just do not want intimacy.


Along with the above signs of hormonal failure may experience a headache.

Hair loss

Another sign occurring in the majority of girls and women who took hormonal failure is the loss of hair, and hair can fall very rapidly.

Other causes

Hormonal failure may manifest itself in other symptoms, but they are, for the most part, already have a more individual character. For example, such features may include dryness of the vagina, uterine fibroids, breast Fibrocystic education, wrinkles, etc…

Causes of hormonal failure

The woman’s body there are two very important hormones: estrogen and progesterone. In most cases, hormonal failure provokes an increased level of estrogen. What causes hormonal failure in women:


The most common cause of hormonal failure in women older than 40 years, is the onset of menopause. During this period, a woman’s body reconstructed from the fact that the cease production of eggs, and this in turn greatly affects the intake of the hormone estrogen.


Hormonal imbalance is and girls at puberty when the reproductive functions of the body formed. Sometimes hormone balance in girls can normalize only after pregnancy and childbirth.

Pregnancy and childbirth

The happiest time in every woman’s life: pregnancy and childbirth can cause hormonal failure, and it happens quite often, but usually hormonal balance normalizes itself after a certain time after giving birth.

The use of hormones

A large number of girls and women use oral contraception – birth control pills. This type of preparations based on hormones, and therefore may cause reception hormonal failure in the body.

In addition to hormonal oral contraceptive hormones contained in various other formulations for treatment: neuroses, allergic diseases, skin diseases, etc…

Stress and anxiety

Often hormonal crash preceded by severe stressful situations and frequent experience. On this basis can occur hormonal failure due to the fact that our central nervous system affects the endocrine, affects the production of hormones. Thus, the stronger our feelings and stress, the longer it has an impact on our balance of hormones.

Unhealthy lifestyle

Wrong way of life includes a large number of factors. This could include the wrong mode of the day, when you experience chronic sleep deprivation over a long period of time due to the fact that sleep less than 8 hours per day. Also, hormonal failure and can cause chronic fatigue syndrome, when you are pretty tired and a little rest, resulting in the body can not recuperate. Drinking alcohol and smoking – is another factor that affects the hormonal balance.


A common cause of hormonal failure in girls and women – an unhealthy diet. First of all, malnutrition caused by diets that girls use totally. Because of the reduction Hour write body loses his relevant components for generation of certain hormones. The same can also caused by eating the wrong foods, such as frequent consumption of fatty foods, convenience foods, fast foods and frequent overeating.

Excess weight

The emergence of excess weight, especially obesity, significantly reduce the production of hormones in the body, which directly affects the hormone imbalance.

Gynecological problems and diseases

Hormonal failure can occur as a consequence of gynecological diseases when the body is concentrating its efforts on the disease with the disease rather than the function aimed at the production of hormones. Produced gynecological surgery and abortions may also have its negative impact on the production and balance of hormones.


Colds, acute respiratory infections, and colds – can become a cause hormonal failure. It was established that the migrated data girls in childhood diseases can significantly affect the hormonal balance in the future when she becomes an adult.

Physical exercise

A final reason, which must also mention the reasons for hormonal failure, is the application of strenuous exercise.

How to treat hormonal failure

If you notice the presence of several hormonal failure symptoms, as soon as possible consult a physician. In this case, you will need to consult a physician and a gynecologist. To diagnose the hormonal failure and its treatment is necessary to produce a complete blood count and analysis on hormones.

hormonal failure treatment is given only a doctor, as it based on the symptomatic picture. However, test results determine the level of any hormone is necessary to normalize.

hormonal failure treatment is performed by two methods in parallel. The elimination of the causes of failure and attracted to normalize hormone levels through medication. That is, it is necessary to remove the cause which triggered a hormonal failure. For example, The use of hormonal contraceptives, irregular diet, etc., or any point in the treatment will not be as hormones can disrupted again. Well, and the second, a medication to help the body to restore balance hormones and stimulate their production.

Regarding the duration of treatment with hormonal failure, it all depends on the reasons for. And the level of hormone imbalance in the body. Restoring hormonal levels may be a few weeks, months and years so, again, it all depends on the situation.

Prevention hormonal failure

To prevent hormonal failure in the body, you need to test regularly and perform a physical examination. Also, try to exclude the factors that could lead to a hormonal crash, they described in the causes.

Note that when the first symptoms of hormonal failure, you should seek medical advice immediately. And not to delay this issue, otherwise, it can lead to serious consequences. The restoration of hormonal levels in such a case would require a longer period of time.

The consequences of ignoring the hormonal failure can cause breast cancer, infertility, obesity, excessive hair growth on the body. And other serious consequences.

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