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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

How to Build Muscle Fast

If you are serious about packing pound after pound of lean muscle mass on your frame as fast as humanly possible, you have to not only fully commit to all of the seven fitness rules, How to Build Muscle Fast we break down for you below, but you also have to bust your buns in every workout to really maximize the time you spend in the gym and recovering so that your muscles can grow to their fullest possible potential. Let’s dive right in!

01. Rebuild your mindset

A lot of people think that they are “hard gainers” or just don’t have the genetics to build a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. You need to change that kind of mindset immediately, or it is going to hold you back in ways you would never have realized. Embrace a growth focused mindset, and you’ll change the game instantly.

02. Focus on your fundamentals

It’s easy to get seduced by a four-page glossy magazine spread workout designed to grow your biceps faster than ever before, but if you want to build pound after pound of lean muscle mass in a hurry, you have to focus on the basics. Heavy compound lifts and dynamic movements with CrossFit slamballs will do the job!

03. Shake things up after you have laid your bricks

Of course, after you have established a solid foundation with fundamentals – we are talking a full year with a “newbie routine” – you’ll want to shake things up a little bit and start adding different workouts or exercises to your program to prioritize certain muscle groups over others.

04. Fall in love with eating right

80% of your body is going to be built in the kitchen and NOT the gym. This is why you need to clean up your diet ASAP, pack yourself full of as much healthy protein as possible, and count your calories to make sure that you are adding muscle and not layers of fat.

05. Supplement smartly

Bodybuilding supplements – especially whey protein powder and creatine, for example – can help put you over the edge when your diet is already picture-perfect. If you’re on the go, then low carb protein bars are an excellent way to feed your muscles after a workout. First get your diet down pat and then move into using the right bodybuilding supplements to speed up your progress.

06. Sleep the night away

Going after it as hard as humanly possible to the gym is going to break down every single muscle fiber you worked out that day, but without proper rest and recovery your muscles never have a chance to heal or grow – and that’s why you’re going to stay small. Get at least seven hours of quality sleep each night, and you’ll be good to go.


Progress is the name of the game, and when you just get started bulking up things are going to move fast, and you’re going to see your numbers climb at lightning like paces. However, eventually – just like everyone else – you’ll hit the wall and plateau. There are a lot of fitness trackers that can help. Keeping track of your progress every step of the way lets you see what you need to do to adjust on the fly to keep your momentum rolling, but also helps you measure things and stay motivated when the numbers aren’t moving quite as quickly as they were in the past.

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