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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

How to Count Calories – The idea of losing weight comes to mind for many. But a few decades ago this problem did not exist. Of course, people who are overweight have always been, but not perceived as some serious flaw. Today the situation has changed – Overweight. And Obesity recognized as not just a problem. In 2006 the X International Congress on Obesity, held in Sydney (Australia), found that overweight should be considered as a global (and worldwide) epidemic of non-infectious. Because excess weight has long ceased to be the concern of individuals.

The World Health Organization has in the same 2006 reported with alarm. That the total number of people who are overweight or obese. More than 15% of the population, with some countries of the world, have reported that this problem affects more than half of their population. As for 2015, that is, today, the WHO predicted that obesity in the adult world population would exceed 700 million people. And overweight will suffer no less than 2.3 billion people.

How to Count Calories

How to Count Calories

Since overweight and obesity are a serious threat to the health of anyone. And on such a scale are converted into a real threat for all national health systems. To weight loss encourages not only the desire to look better but the World Health Organization. Grave concern about this problem at the global level has led to the fact that many people tend to lose weight. Someone goes to the gym, someone goes on a diet. Someone takes part in special weight loss program.

Interestingly, almost all slimming becomes a critical issue of how to count calories to lose weight. Although the idea of caloric intake can be helpful for people who just tend to keep the weight at a reasonable level.

The dangers of overweight and obesity

A hundred years ago, no one could have imagined that the word ‘epidemic’ may be connected with the word “obese,”. But today the situation is as follows. And being overweight to any degree ceased to be an individual concern of every man. Has become a national scale problem because of hurts and social. Health, and even life and economic spheres of state activity. How to Count Calories to Lose Weight

About the social dimension of the problem of overweight and obesity. Unfortunately, it is evident for too many. From the earliest childhood, when fat kids bullied peers in the gardens, in the yard or any children’s company. The World Health Organization reported with a large concern that in 2005 at least 20 million children who yet fulfilled. Five years were overweight globally. Expressed its concern that the number of full and too full of children is increasing respectively. And growing problems associated with this. How to Count Calories

Adults are the same people who are overweight are much harder to find a decent job. Because many employers want employees to have a “representative” of the form. It is an indisputable fact. These people are much more challenging. Sometimes impossible to create a family, often have a very limited circle of friends. They are often difficult to find the necessary clothing. How to Count Calories to Lose Weight

Dangers of Overweight and obesity

The medical component of the problem of obesity and overweight is probably the worst. That overweight doctors all over the world, and the World Health Organization is associated risks of a plurality of far-reaching diseases.

For example, it is known that cardiovascular disease is more likely to develop in people whose weight exceeds the norm. And it was the Cardiovascular diseases are leading cause of death and annually carry more than 17 million lives (WHO data). How to Count Calories

The direct relationship between the determined and overweight to any degree and type 2 diabetes, a severe disease of the endocrine system. WHO warns national health systems and governments around the world, as well as non-governmental organizations, in the next decade, the mortality, for this reason, may increase by more than 50%.

How to Count Calories

Furthermore, being overweight and obesity become one of the causes of various musculoskeletal disorders, particularly osteoarthritis, which may lead to disability person, and one of the reasons for some cancer (cancer) diseases. How to Count Calories to Lose Weight

Overweight and obesity

We should not forget that the more severe in individuals with obesity and excess weight only virtually all diseases, harder to fuse fractures and heal any wounds and injuries. Also, we have shown that if a person’s weight exceeds the average values by only 10%, the increase of threats and diseases such as atherosclerosis, gout, cholecystitis, metabolic and degenerative arthritis, obesity, liver, and kidneys, reduced male potency, disturbed menstrual cycle among women. What can we say about people whose weight is outside the norm almost in half, and maybe more?

Anesthesiologist note that individuals who are overweight to any degree worse perceive and tolerate anesthesia, which required at the time of surgery, and it is precisely for people with obesity and with any degree of overweight characterized by requiring surgical diseases of internal organs, and fractures. How to Count Calories to Lose Weight

How to Count Calories

And because obesity and overweight are the cause of many health problems, many insurance companies that provide health insurance for the complete set of people higher rates for their insurance programs.

Excess weight has an effect on life expectancy: According to medical statistics, obesity II degree reduces life expectancy by about five years, but III level obesity shortens life by 10-15 years. How to Count Calories to Lose Weight


”Scientists say that the average human lifespan depends on more from obesity than from cancer, if it were possible to defeat cancer, the life of a person on average would increase by one year, and if it were possible to beat obesity, people would live longer in four years.”

As for the economic component of this issue, some countries are such statistics, and that can not hurt. For example, the loss of the UK economy, which explains the overweight or obese people in this country determined within 13-15 billion pounds per year. And for the United States losses from the issue amount to more than $ 70 billion annually.

Many countries such statistics are almost, but this does not mean that the problem if it exists, does not affect the economy. How to Count Calories to Lose Weight

The problem, which used to be exclusively aesthetic and cosmetic acquires worldwide very severe economic outlines of which are directly related to health and social levels of the problem.

What is the caloric value of food?

The importance of maintaining a healthy weight is virtually certain. As the undeniable fact that healthy weight only comprehensive measures can keep. Proved that the appearance of extra kilos. Which is quite rapidly becoming overweight. Then obese, is influenced by many factors, among which scientists. Researchers mainly isolated genetic predisposition. Environmental influences, metabolic processes in the body, the human psychological condition in including a bad mood, state of fatigue, depression and other conditions, as well as the image of his life, and that is food as well. If many of these factors affect people unable to modify them and cannot, the power can still be adjusted, including the control and possible over-calorie food. How to Count Calories to Lose Weight

What is the caloric value of food and calories?

As for calories, the resilient people came up with this explanation: calories – are small and almost invisible to the naked eye pests, which in the dark quietly making their way into closets and ruthlessly sutured her clothes. Speaking seriously, calories – is the amount of heat which is necessary to heat one gram of water one degree centigrade, if the water heated at standard atmospheric pressure. Also, the calories used for measuring the energy and performance.

As for the caloric content of food, which is also called the energy value is below this phrase should be understood that the amount of energy that the body gets, digesting certain foods. Accordingly, each product that used for cooking has a certain caloric value. How to Count Calories to Lose Weight

How to Count Calories

It is easy to understand that the more calories the body gets, the more he gets the energy. If the power resources are not used by the body to perform some activity, they all deposited in the stock that converted to the body fat stores, which lead to the first appearance of overweight and later obesity.

How to Count Calories

Today, there are individual tables, which already determined the number of calories for each product, and sometimes you can find and calculate the caloric content of some ready meals.

It should immediately note that the measure of any product or calorie meals at home hardly possible because the technique of this process involves the use of specialized equipment. How to Count Calories to Lose Weight

Interesting! Energy value and calorie, any product or food is determined as follows: The product burned in a special instrument called a “calorimeter,” and then measure the heat which is released in the combustion products using such measurement dedicated heat water bath which surrounds the calorimeter.

It known that protein calorie is 4 kcal per gram product calorie carbohydrate is same, that is also 4 kilocalories per gram of product, and the calorie content of fat is 9 kcal per g product.

On the packaging of the finished product, manufacturer indicated calorie and calorie other products should check on individual tables calories.

How many calories the does body need?

It would seem that the fewer calories, the better. But it only appears that way because of the calories not only get fat – and the energy needed for the body to work properly. That is, to ensure the body’s vital functions. It means here that – even if the person does not do anything, but just lies in a state of complete rest. That is sleeping, then it works the cardiovascular system, running the gastrointestinal tract, the person is breathing, place some processes in the nervous, a hormone in all the other systems of the body. How to Count Calories to Lose Weight

Although these processes are almost invisible, they are critical and do provide vital functions of the body, requiring for this a certain amount of energy. It is this energy that is spent on life support the body in a state of complete rest and called the base (or primary) metabolism in the body.

How to Count Calories

How much more energy-intensive primary metabolism? While various studies have found that human organism per kilogram of consumed calories in about one hour. That is, a person whose weight is 70 kg, only to provide a basic need to exchange 70 kilocalories per hour, i.e., a day it will be 70h24 = 1680 calories that the body is spent only on the fact that the body supported in his life.

It proved that the first exchange among representatives of different sexes is not the same. Central metabolism in women is lower by ten to fifteen percent than the core metabolism in men. Thus, it turns out that the fundamental (basic) metabolism in women – it is 1500 kcal per day (average), and men only to provide a basic (primary) the body’s metabolism requires approximately 1700 kcal per day. How to Count Calories to Lose Weight

How to Count Calories

But this is only the base exchange, that is when a person does not do any work and is not even taken into account some additional energy costs. For example, if a person something to eat, the power consumption on digestion will increase by approximately 200 kcal energy consumption and to some, even minimal movement – turn over, go to the kitchen or the bathroom. All this stuff, but the energy consumed by them.

That is why when calculating the base exchange more frequently used by some averaged figures. Also, we should not forget that the metabolic processes and the speed of their course, everyone have their own, so neither to calculate their energy consumption up to one kilocalorie is practically impossible. How to Count Calories to Lose Weight

But in real life, every man is always something doing, and different types of activities require different amounts of energy. It is clear that the more intensive work, the more energy spent on it.

How to Count Calories

In the study of this question have been identified factors with which you can calculate how much energy required for the full life of a person. Scientists and practitioners have identified several groups of work (physical activity), depending on its intensity and energy expenditure required.

To determine the amount of energy that the body is required, the base must exchange number multiplied by the corresponding coefficient (called activity factor) depending on the group of physical stress on the body. How to Count Calories to Lose Weight

How to Count Calories

  • The first group of physical activity is the people who exercise a minimum, for example, that office worker or, for instance, librarians – that is, this group includes people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, almost. The activity coefficient for such people is 1.2. Means that women with baseline energy metabolism, which is 1500 kcal, in such lifestyle need 1500h1,2 = 1800 kcal per day. For men, the figure will be higher, as they have higher base exchange: 1700h1, 2 = 2040 kcal.
How to Count Calories
  • The second group is composed of people whose way of life can be called little activity – sedentary work of such people combined with a few simple workouts during the week. For them, the activity coefficient is 1.375.
  • The third group includes those whose activity defined as moderate. Maybe a sedentary job, which complemented by almost daily training and works that involves not only the location but also some movement. The activity coefficient for such people is 1.55.
  • A fourth group – a group of increased physical activity. The activity coefficient for this group rose to 1,725.

The fifth group includes people whose occupation involves regular, significant physical activities that are comparable to the two very intense workouts twice a day. In this case, the activity factor is 1.9.

Of course, the activity coefficients enable us to determine the energy consumption of the body only about. However, it is clear that the girl and the girl-Secretary-plasterer spend very different amounts of energy, and therefore it should fill in completely different ways. How to Count Calories to Lose Weight


“Experts point out that to correctly determine basal metabolic energy needs can only be based on muscle and fat mass. All formulas designed for the average person, so these methods are not suitable for determining the basal metabolism in individuals with significant overweight or obese and bodybuilders, muscle mass is much higher than the normal human muscle mass.”

How to lose weight by counting calories?

So, we know that for a woman who works in the office, you need to per day 1800 kcal. If this amount of energy will supply to the body, the weight should remain in place. Because the body will get everything you need without access to reserves set aside; without a deficit to expand already deferred. How to Count Calories to Lose Weight

Thus, it turns out that if a person needs to recover a little and round. He must receive with food slightly more calories than the base exchange and provides the similar formula. But if you want to lose weight, calories should be less than required (calculated using methods). Then the body will be forced to use private reserves, that is, begin to produce energy from domestic reserves of fat. If determined number. For example, 1800 kcal, this means that for slimming the figure should be reduced. That is, to provide power, in which the body will receive less energy than necessary to ensure equilibrium.

How to Count Calories

However, reducing the power consumption of the food. We should not forget about the primary, or base, metabolism, which requires a certain amount of calories. And those calories if you do not act, then any of the organs of the body strange. Extremely unpleasant metamorphosis can occur. That is, even when the need to lose weight should not touch those energy flows that provide the primary metabolism. How to Count Calories to Lose Weight

Specialists, nutritionists recommend never to try to lose weight fast. Because the body perceives it as a stressful situation and always try at the first opportunity to catch up. Which is why lost during any limiting diet with so much effort and suffering weight often comes back and then increases.


“To lose weight you need to lose weight very gradually result is preserved as long as possible. So that the body time to get used to and do not feel stress. The best losing weight, nutritionists say 0.5 kg per week, which will be about 2 kg per month.”

Of course, all the processes in the body are very individual. Including the context of losing weight, but the “miracle” diets that promise a loss of ten kilos in ten days. This is, firstly, unscientific fantasy, and secondly. Even to someone then miraculously it succeeds, will soon return to the 15 kg. How to Count Calories to Lose Weight

Note that counting calories do not reduce their number, just count this allows all the time to monitor how much energy the body has received.

Venturing on a weight loss counting calories, it should understand that any thermal treatment of the product requires a change of numbers. For example, the caloric content of 100 grams of rice about 414 calories, but it is a hard product. As is known, when cooking rice swells increases in volume and becomes heavier. That is 414 calories – a calorie is not a hundred grams of cooked rice and whole cooked servings if brewed exactly 100 grams. In short, it is necessary also do mathematical calculations. How to Count Calories to Lose Weight

How to Count Calories

Changing calorie foods and when frying or baking, and calculate calorie fried or baked foods are much more complicated. It believed that the roasting process increases the calorie content of about 20%. But completely different products differently absorb different fats, so calculate with accuracy that is not possible. By the way, nutritionists recommend a diet with any of the fried foods in general refuse.

Advantages of Counting Calories

Regarding the flaws calorie counting can only say one thing. It is necessary all the time to weigh something (at least, until the habit). And regularly write and count. Of course, I keep walking with a notebook. And write each a glass of juice or each cookie might get bored. But there are conditions of the event, after which the loom and beckon and a good figure. And a wonderful feeling, so we’ll have to try. In fact, many dieters under this system, in order not to bother each different candy or other small. Virtually abandoning snacking than, among other things. Reduce the total caloric content of food per day. How to Count Calories to Lose Weight

The undoubted advantage of calorie counting. People are beginning to understand that the reason for their excess weight lies not in some mysterious “big bones,” or heredity. And in the banal overeating. Well, the body does not need them so much energy! And her cram so many years, and even smacked his lips at the same time. As soon as the amount of energy that is calorie-reduced, the body will begin to consume the pending inventory. And begin a long-awaited process of losing weight.

How to Count Calories

Another advantage of counting calories – eat what you want, but stacked in a certain number of calories. If you want a cake, then why not. But the trouble is that it is very high-calorie. So a piece of cake will mean that the daily limit of calories is almost exhausted. But cucumbers or cabbage can crackle with virtual impunity – their caloric content is very low.

Scientists who watched people who chose counting calories. They say that such people are moving to a healthy diet because the way a person eats – it’s just a habit. Believing calories, people learn to control themselves and limit. Choose less high-calorie food, to give preference to more useful products. How to Count Calories to Lose Weight

Thus, it appears that the daily calorie count might well eventually lead not only to weight loss. But also to a healthy diet and a happy healthy life

How to Count Calories

Many people who are from all diets have stopped the choice on counting calories. Suggests that counting calories do not limit their choice of food. If you suddenly want candy or ice cream. It is not forbidden by only eating high-calorie foods will reduce the proportion of substantially remaining this daily calorie. Therefore, makeup something refuses. But it is a choice, which for most people is just essential. How to Count Calories to Lose Weight

Doctors note that weight loss, providing counting calories very quickly becomes a habit of monitoring all eaten. But it is much more useful than any restrictive or low-calorie diet.


The essence of any diet – a reduction of the energy value of the food coming into the body. That is, the desire to make the body start to give the accumulated reserves. Counting calories in the daily menu – almost the only way to lose weight. It does not provide for any other restrictions, control total calories eaten during the day.


Lose weight or lose weight? It has long ceased to be an issue that requires reflection. And the problem of a few decades ago left the plane fashion, beauty, aesthetics. Today, even in countries with low levels of per capita income obesity has become an epidemic that gripped even children. The World Health Organization strongly draws attention to the need to maintain a healthy weight. How to Count Calories to Lose Weight

Of course, a healthy weight depends on many factors. But a proper diet is number one of the first places next to the appropriate physical exercise. And, perhaps, the count calories daily menu is not the worst choice in the fight against excess weight. Because it is a struggle not only for their beauty. And the struggle for health, for the opportunity to lead a full life, to work, to have a family.

How to Count Calories

Of course, there are diseases in which the weight depends on the malfunction of the endocrine system. But because many people are obese simply because of the banal overeating. And continue to stick stubbornly or sausage rolls their problems further. But the problem with being overweight in itself is not going anywhere. How to Count Calories to Lose Weight

You do not have anything in particular to limit yourself, do not give up your favorite foods – just count calories. And if the result set thinking, start to speculate that the new menu, and without which you cannot do anything. Start. Try. And you certainly will, because the road by walking only.

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