How to get back in shape

How to get back in shape – more recently, you have been euphoric to see the cherished two strips to test for pregnancyAnd now you – the newly formed happy mom. Increasingly, however, passing in front of the mirror, you sigh with sadness. When the reflection does not find attractively toned figure, which once fascinated men and girlfriends.

If this is not the problem. You are enjoying intercourse with your baby, continue to shine shapely legs and wasp waist, then you are a true ace in these matters. And our article you are likely to come in handy. Our reader – a young mother, dissatisfied with their figure, or even better – the expectant mother, planning to become pregnant and concerned about the safety of its beauty. How to get back in shape

Step One: Preparing for pregnancy

With the fading beauty of the situation is the same as with any disease. It is easier to prevent than to cure. And if so, then a figure should think in advance – before pregnancy. Advanced parents are willing to fertility and nurturing. And it would be good to combine this training with the care of its future shape. So, what can br done?

Move more!

You walk, run, swim, do some fitness, gymnastics do – pick a word for themselves such a load that would be to your liking. Catching up on exercise, you strengthen the muscles (including muscles of the abdomen, hips, back, chest – they bear a heavy load especially during pregnancy), and improves skin elasticity, and therefore the natural increase in weight and volume will be without hyperextension. And recovery after delivery will take place more quickly and more efficiently – function muscles readily return the original form to your stomach, waist, and hips. How to get back in shape

Eat right!

Preparing for pregnancy – it’s time to adjust your diet. Limit sweets, eat fruits and vegetables, including adequate amounts of protein in the diet. Remember that proper nutrition is not only important for your future baby, but for you. Your body, get a full range of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that will work optimally – the skin is supple and healthy, and the connective tissue is reliable and durable.

Mode and the mode again!

Yes, and here, too, regime. It would seem, what’s the connection? Everything is quite simple. If you limit yourself to necessary sleep and rest if you are working as a “workhorse,” then, of course, about any gym and the gym it will not go – you just simply fall asleep during the next exercise! Remember: you are now gymnastics – is virtually the only chance to stay slim and attractive after childbirth. Be sure to allow her time, even if you have to do to give up some part of their domestic responsibilities. How to get back in shape

Step two: keep the tone during pregnancy

Pregnancy – a severe test for the female figure. The skin and abdominal muscles stretched, the mammary gland grows, and the surface inflates like a balloon. Hormonal changes lead to softening pelvic ligaments and increase volume. On the feet appear treacherous knots of varicose veins. But do not despair! Firstly, this is not as scary as it seems at first glance, and secondly, adhering to our advice, you will be able to negate the risk of unpleasant consequences for her postpartum figure. How to get back in shape

Yes, you guessed it – again, exercise! On fitness, walking, gymnastics and swimming build our beauty and health in this period of life.
If you have previously been active in sports or exercise, adjust the load and be sure to consult your doctor – in some cases more sensible to switch to simple tasks and entirely exclude certain kinds of activities.

Keep the tone during pregnancy

If you pre-pregnancy and could not bring himself to go to the gym on a regular basis, the best choice for you – unique physical training program for pregnant women. Sign up for a dance for future moms, buy a subscription for a swim. And remember a simple, efficient and free physical exercise – walking. Go shopping (just do not overload the bags!), To visit friends, enjoy the beauty of nature in the park or the woods, visit, finally, an art gallery with a lot of rooms.
Do not overeat – so you will save the skin of the abdomen and thighs from the additional load in tension. Be aware of the limitation of salt! Excess salt leads to water retention, weight gain, and, of course, volume, and for the skin and muscles – this is again the need to stretch.

More walk and stand less! Varicose disease waiting for many pregnant women, and so eager to “reward” their legs blue nodes and ugly snakes changed veins. Walking – this is perhaps the only effective prevention of varicose veins. But standing position – the largest load on the lower limbs venous valves. It is in this post there are favorable conditions for the formation of varicose veins. So try to avoid prolonged standing – carry a folding chair, waiting for the bus, do not stand “post” – go back and forth, and a great cooking delegate it to someone else.

Use special creams and gels for stretch marks. These funds, although it does not guarantee the absence of stretch marks by the end of pregnancy, however, can significantly increase the skin extensibility. To begin you need to use them at the earliest stages of pregnancy – so you can just prepare the skin of the abdomen, thighs, breasts. How to get back in shape

Step three, postpartum: restore symmetry and beauty

And then, finally, childbirth ended successfully. It would seem that the weight should fully recover – born baby, waters and placenta not. However, keep in mind that during pregnancy the weight is dialed even at the expense of the natural fat deposits on the thighs and abdomen. This is a typical reaction to the woman’s body. The desire to create a “nutritional pillow” in reserve “just in case.” Also, the enlarged mammary glands, ready for lactation, also give additional weight. Therefore, immediately after the birth of your weight will be more than usual by 3-5 kg – unless, of course, weight gain was healthy. And count on the return of your normal weight can be an average of 5-10 months after the birth of a baby. A faster and do not need. So you may have problems with lactation, digestion, and skin doesn’t have time to catch up, will hang.

After birth, the body restored rapidly, and we can help him in this.

Well, of course – exercise! Without it just did! And here there can be a lot of problems, chief among them – were to take the time to the gym? The kid does not let go of himself for more than 2-3 hours (and sometimes it does not count), overwhelmed with work, time to sleep just precious. What to do? Of course, great if you can still find time for fitness in the hall connecting the work of her husband, mother or friends, but if this is not possible? How to get back in shape

Do exercises with the baby. Put lively music, take a crumb Naruki – and forward swing the press! By the way, your chubby little boy is turning enjoy!

Restore symmetry and beauty

Did we hear about the benefits of celebrations for the baby? Remember that it is extremely useful for you. Shoes comfortable shoes, take a carriage and briskly set off on a journey through the park. Such festivities usually like small children – babies fall asleep faster, older kids are distracted by the rapidly changing landscape. In the meantime, you are actively losing weight and strengthens the muscles of the legs, back, abdomen, hands.

Dance! Put to good music, take your toddler on your hands and dance! And he was fun and good for you.

While the baby sleeps, twist the hoop – it is a simple exercise correctly strengthens the abdominal muscles, and back muscles remove excess fat from the waist.
There is a small time limit for the beginning of productive activities. Exercises for the abdominals can usually start after 1.5 months after birth; in the case of the caesarean section – even a month later. But the burden on the legs and chest muscles can be given in the first days after birth. How to get back in shape

Attention! Take care of your body – begin exercises with small loads. Exercise intensity should increase gradually.

Breastfeeding is precious for the baby and good for your figure. Firstly, it’s faster restores the uterus, and thus the volume of the stomach is reduced. Secondly, feeding – an energy-intensive process that can “eat” a few tens of grams daily excess Zhirkov.

We eat rationally

For the full feeding is enough to increase energy intake by 500-700 kcal. Try to keep those calories are not replenished at the expense of fat but the cost of unrefined carbohydrates and proteins.
If you severely scored in weight, and he does not want to abandon their possessions, seek medical attention. Perhaps your problem is related to hormonal disorders – a consequence of unfavorable pregnancy or a difficult delivery.
With appeared cellulite fight conventional methods: wrap, massage, hydro and Thermotherapy, physiotherapy. All this you will pick up and offer any beauty centers.

If in spite of your efforts on the skin appeared stretch marks, please consult with a good beautician – perhaps in your case, the situation can be improved. However, remember that stretch marks – a defect, it is difficult to be corrected.
Wear a comfortable bra. Underwear should not squeeze the mammary gland should well support the breast and bra cups – so that you can avoid excessive sagging breasts. How to get back in shape

Keep your posture! Walk straight, with your head held high, do not slouch. Train, take a walk around the apartment with a book on top of his head – so you fix the skill to keep straight.

Now, briefly summarize all the above.

Principles of preservation of a beautiful figure after giving birth

Most importantly – exercise. Physical activity maintains the elasticity of the skin and connective tissue, increase the potential of muscle, which is critical for the rapid recovery of the previous volume of the body.

Start to engage in physical exercise is necessary as soon as possible – at least for a few months before pregnancy. And to finish, so do not need to complete! For good form continued, support is needed.

Eat right: do not overeat, do not use strict diets, after which increases hunger, exhausted the patience and the weight inevitably increases with a new passion. Remember – during pregnancy and lactation, you have to forget the concept of “diet to lose weight!” Now it is imperative that the food was full.

Feed your baby breast

No illusions! Remember: stay beautiful after giving birth – yes, it is real; not save a girl’s figure with a narrow pelvis, perfectly flat stomach, and big breasts. How to get back in shape

Tune into the inevitability of natural change your figure after giving birth – you become more feminine, soft and graceful.

And it’s great! Love yourself in any way.

Even if you are now prohibitively filled out and struggle to find the waist, continue to enjoy yourself. You are worthy of esteem. And let these positive feelings will become for you a faithful assistant in the return of a beautiful figure and updating beauty.