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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

How to Get Bigger Boobs

How to Get Bigger Boobs – Many women are unhappy with the size of their breasts and want to increase it by any means. Women feel uncomfortable for various reasons, most often to increase the breast to increase self-esteem, but sometimes – to restore shape after surgery. It is impossible to say that these methods will help to increase a breast very quickly and permanently. But if you try several ways (for example, visually enhance a breast, and then physically possible, resorting to surgery), you definitely will achieve long-term results. How to Get Bigger Boobs

     Method 01 – Visual Breast Augmentation     

1. Spread the shoulders.

Good posture and straightened his shoulders chest visually make a little more elaborate. Stand up straight, straighten shoulders and carry them back, the hand position on the sides.

How to Get Bigger Boobs

2. Wear push-up bras or special bras that give the shape of the breast.

Now, many manufacturers have begun to produce soft underwear bras that give the breast’s natural shape, increasing size. Do not hesitate to buy and wear such clothes. The chest will seem even more if wear a special corset slimming. How to Get Bigger Boobs

  • Trust the experts for you to choose the right bra size. You can seek advice from a shop consultant, he advised you to bra model and chose the size.
  • To enhance the effect of breast augmentation, buy underwire bra that will hold the shape of the breast.
  • Think about what kind of clothes you would like to wear on top of a push-up bra or corset. Buy a few different things that they are suitable for a variety of images. It can be the jumper with a plunging neckline, dresses, T-shirts.
  • Please note, it looks like your breasts in a bra. Cups should be complete, they must gently encircle the chest, but should not stick out from the front or on the sides. How to Get Bigger Boobs

3. Insert the special bra pads.

It can be fabric or silicone pads, which fit the shape of a bra, enclose them in a cup of the bra to the breast was slightly raised and seemed larger. Place one pad on the bottom of the bra cups to the chest seemed lusher. Here are some ways:

How to Get Bigger Boobs

  • Place the pad on the outside of each cup bra
  • Place a pillow under the chest (inside of each cup bra) to the chest seemed upbeat.
  • Position the pad, so that positioned on the upper part of the chest (just above the nipple). So breasts will look more toned.
  • If you are not very happy with the result, place one more cushion to each cup.

4. Wear tight-fitting tops and T-shirts.

Properly fitted tops and t-shirts can visually change the shape and size of your breasts, make it more fluffy and volume. How to Get Bigger Boobs

  • Buy T-shirts and tight tops or tops with a belt at the waist.
  • Wear jackets with ruffles. Rushed and various illustrations at chest level visually make breasts bigger.
  • Slimming waist belt to the chest seemed lusher.

5. Use cosmetics.

With the help of the foundation, shadows and highlighter can achieve the visual breast enlargement. Apply highlighter on the furrow between the breasts to make them bigger. How to Get Bigger Boobs

How to Get Bigger Boobs

  • Apply a little highlighter on the upper chest. Keep in mind that the tone should look a little lighter than your skin tone, but remain natural. Thus, the breast will visually appear larger.
  • Apply concealer (on darker skin tone) to the contours of the breasts. That is, draw a chest that she looked magnificent.


     Method 02 – Natural Breast Enlargement     

1. Enter weight.

The breast consists of multiple tissues that are rich in fats. , try to recover slightly increase breast size physically. Of course, this method is not so useful, because with increase breast and other parts of your body. How to Get Bigger Boobs

  • Eat more healthy fats: avocado and lean meats (such as chicken). Try not to eat bad food, because of it you will feel the lack of energy and mood.

2. Strengthen the chest muscles.

There are a few strength exercises to help train the muscles of the chest. They cannot increase your breast size, but it will make it more toned and sexy. So, try to do four sets of 8 times: How to Get Bigger Boobs

  • Push ups
  • Chest Press
  • lifting dumbbell
  • Side hikes.

3. Learn more about the different supplements.

Now is available a lot of supplements and creams that increase the breast. Unfortunately, there is little evidence of the effectiveness of these products. Also, such additive may cause side effects.

  • If you still decide to try taking supplements, consult your doctor, because there are contraindications and incompatibility with certain medications (such as blood thinners).
  • Try natural supplements for breast enlargement by herbs. In some supplements, there are phytoestrogens, which in some cases may create favorable conditions for breast growth. However, now there is no compelling medical evidence that phytoestrogens can directly increase your breast size.
  • Try other herbal extracts.

4. Stimulates the synthesis of hormones.

Typically, natural hormonal surge occurs while taking hormones and pregnancy hormones stimulate breast growth. But in no case do not spend their hormonal therapy only to make the chest a little more magnificent! How to Get Bigger Boobs

Here are some drugs that can affect the growth of breasts:

  • Estrogens course of hormone therapy
  • Birth control pills
  • Antidepressants


     Method 03 – Surgical Intervention     

How to Get Bigger Boobs

1. Consult a physician.

Before you decide to hold a breast augmentation surgery, be sure to check with your doctor, therapist, and only then with a plastic surgeon. Doctors will tell you about the pros and cons of surgery. How to Get Bigger Boobs

  • Share with your doctor your preferences about their figures; the doctor will develop a plan to achieve your goals and talk about the first procedures.
  • Ask your doctor some questions you may have about the course of the operation, the risks, and complications, as well as the recovery period.
  • Do not hesitate and honestly answer the doctor’s questions about your expectations, as well as accompanying and illness.

2. Ask your doctor about the possible options for the operation.

There are several methods of surgery to increase the breast. Talk to your doctor and decide together which one is best for you.  So, here are some options: How to Get Bigger Boobs

  • Silicone implants which are placed beneath the breast tissue and replace normal adipose tissue, making the breast more. Silicone implants The method can be used for any woman older than 22 years.
  • Saline implants which locked beneath the breast tissue. They are put in the woman’s body, and only then filled with sterile salt water. Method saline implants are available to any adult girl wanting to increase your breast size.
  • Surgical transplantation of adipose tissue. The operation is that of a body portion (e.g., thigh) remove a quantity of fat tissue and inject it into the breast. To achieve the best results, you may have to spend about 4-6 sessions.

3. Be sure to learn about the risks of surgery.

Of course, no surgery is held without certain risks. After surgical breast augmentation can follow some of the adverse effects. Knowing about the consequences and risks of surgery, you will be able to analyze the situation once again and make a decision. The following are the possible danger: How to Get Bigger Boobs

  • Tissue scarring, due to deformation of the implant which may occur in the breast
  • pain
  • Penetration of infection
  • Changing the breasts and nipples
  • Rupture and leakage of the implant.
  • Loss of breast volume in the long term due to absorption introduced into the tissue of fat cells
  • Mutations breast cells and the development of cancer
  • Breast tissue necrosis.

How to Get Bigger Boobs

4. Analyze your decision about surgery.

Talk to your doctor and find out about the risks and consequences before making a decision. Read the documentation related to the operation, as well as consider all of the factors and conditions of the transaction. Then take the final determination. Keep in mind that: How to Get Bigger Boobs

  • Breast implants do not prevent the loss of elasticity
  • Over time, breast implants lose their shape and strength
  • Implants complicate mammography and MRI procedures
  • Potentially, it is impossible to mastectomy
  • High cost (like plastic surgery is not included in the MMI system if the operation is not carried out for medical reasons). The service will cost you about 250,000 rubles.

5. The operation and the recovery period after surgery.

If you’re still decided on surgery, plan when it is better to spend. Keep in mind that before the operation you need to pass medical tests and receive the necessary certificates and documents. How to Get Bigger Boobs

  • If the doctor advises a mammogram before surgery, be sure to listen to his advice.
  • Before the surgery quit smoking. The doctor will tell more about how long you have to abstain from this habit.
  • Do not take any drugs before the surgery, which can increase bleeding.
  • Agree with someone from friends or relatives that you drove home after the surgery.
  • Learn more about the follow-up care, recovery period and the need for consultation with a physician. Be sure to follow your doctor’s all instructions for care of the implants.

How to Get Bigger Boobs


  • Keep in mind that a woman’s breasts to evolve until the age of 35 years. After 35 years there is a process of involution when the breast begins to lose elasticity. Be sure to consider these factors when trying to increase a breast in different ways.
  • Warnings
  • Before you begin taking any medications or herbal supplements, you should consult with your doctor, or supplements can be detrimental to your health.
  • If you plan to carry out breast augmentation abroad, be sure to carefully read all the documentation and verify the competence of doctors. Keep in mind that to correct the situation will be much harder and more expensive.
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