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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

How to Maintain Weight – Weight management technique includes many ways to keep their weight. Control of their weight does not mean losing weight because you do not aspire to lose kilos (which can be quite difficult). You just do not try to “collect” them. Here are some tips to maintain weight is healthy.

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1. Be aware of your weight.

The results of your diet and your lifestyle is always reflected in your body. In most cases, people gain weight because it is gradual, and they do not notice until you rack up too many extra pounds. Basis weight management is to find a balance between the energy that we consume and develop throughout life. How to Maintain Weight – Thinking type, Diet and Activity

Studies show that 75% of those who have successfully lost weight and stick to it, weighed every week. Weighing is not your primary concern, but this is what you should do from time to time if you want to keep an eye on their weight.

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2. Do not make mountains out of molehills.

Remember that a change in weight between 1-3 kg during the week and even during one “day” is standard. It makes no sense to put himself in the head fixed idea to weigh yourself every day; this way of thinking can backfire. The recommended considered once a week due to weight changes you. How to Maintain Weight – Thinking type, Diet and Activity

Your weight morning, afternoon and evening will be different. Weigh yourself every week at the same time to keep an accurate count of the results of your efforts.

3. Calm down and go to sleep.

The easiest way to weight gain is stress and lack of sleep. Your body works best when it is rested and relaxed.

When you’re tired, you find it hard to cope with stress. When you do not deal with a stressful situation, you start eating. Start gradually increase the duration of sleep and practice relaxation techniques. Yoga classes – a great way to relax. How to Maintain Weight – Thinking type, Diet and Activity


1. Start reading the packaging.

Continue to monitor the weight, when you go to the grocery store. Take a shopping list, consisting of healthy food. Think about the recipes for the week ahead. Consume 30 grams of fiber, and to ponder the size of servings. But most importantly, do not go hungry. How to Maintain Weight – Thinking type, Diet and Activity

As a rule, final products are not particularly useful. They have a lot of toxins and other substances that your body does not even perceive. How to begin to only pay attention to the label, notice these items immediately. Look for whole foods and see that the name was not called elements in 4 words.

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2. Eat breakfast quickly.

Fast, not to a basket of donuts and a cup of coffee. For a good breakfast, you will be grateful not only to the waist. Easy and healthy breakfast is key to a successful day.

Want proof? Ask a nationwide program of weight control. They not only dropped to 13 kg but not recovered over the next year (some of the following 6). And you know what? They all had breakfast. How to Maintain Weight – Thinking type, Diet and Activity

3. Eat right

A well-balanced diet can control some consumed calories, vitamins and minerals. When the body gets all the necessary nutrients during the day, you feel good and full of energy. All these results motivate you to stick to a healthy diet, which as a result allows you to monitor your weight.

When you go to the store, focus on the benefits. Fruits and vegetables are good for the heart and internal organs, as well as the good impact on your weight. Well, choose lean meat, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products. You may not watch calories, but, nevertheless, still are interested in reducing their consumption of sugar and salt. All this is well affecting your health. How to Maintain Weight – Thinking type, Diet and Activity

4. Plan your diet

When you go to the store, knowing in advance that you will have during the week, you will not make hasty purchases of products that you have to eat later. You will not be stuck in front of the counter with cakes if they are not on the list for shopping.

Planning cooking, make sure that it is well balanced and bright. Each meal should contain 10 grams of fiber, as well as vegetables and fruits. Eat at least yolks and proteins. How to Maintain Weight – Thinking type, Diet and Activity


1. Always be on the move.

Now you are in the form in which you want, find a way to do maintenance forms part of your lifestyle. Sedentary lifestyles lead to excess weight.

Get up off the couch! Grab a best friend and go for a walk in the park, dancing or swimming pool. If you can, go up the stairs. Go out and slide a couple of habits that will help you comply with the healthy weight. How to Maintain Weight – Thinking type, Diet and Activity

2. Continue training.

Exercise – a prerequisite for the maintenance of healthy weight. Association of American cardiograph Dietetic Association and guidance on a diet for Americans recommend performing the 30-minute set of exercises that will keep you in shape, without weight loss. Remember that any exercise benefit, even if you can not engage in 30 minutes a day.

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Exercise can be very different. You can walk the dog every evening, doing yoga or swimming. Anything that makes you move, it is considered exercise. And yet, you do not need to engage in a day of 30 minutes at a time! If you do so it will be more convenient, break the 30-minute workout three smaller. How to Maintain Weight – Thinking type, Diet and Activity

3. Alternate

If you’re tangled up in the routine of training, and you and your body are tired. You will be harder to deal with and therefore maintain weight.

Work on cardio, lift the weight, spend interval training, yoga. Even routine every day can be different. You can also be combined in one day, several types of training. Go in with the weight in a day, so that the muscles can recover. How to Maintain Weight – Thinking type, Diet and Activity

Advice – How to Maintain Weight

  • Use the system of the food pyramid to plan a healthy diet, keep track of the number of calories consumed and the necessary training. In it, you will also find tips to maintain your weight.
  • What is a healthy weight? For women, it is about 45 kg with height 152 cm, plus 2 kg per each following 3 cm in height. Men’s 48 kg with height 152 cm, plus about 3 kg per each next 3 cm in height.
  • Look for farmers markets in your area. When shopping at farmers’ markets, you will not only support the local economy, as you learn to buy organic foods.
  • Consult with a registered dietitian. Only they are qualified consultants in the field of nutrition. They will help identify problem places of your diet and offer you a new approach to the management of its weight.
  • To keep in shape, no matter what happens, do not take food as a reward. Allow yourself a little to boast that you are in great shape.
  • Resist the routine! Means no food during the burst of emotions; Be active, mobile and, most importantly, love your body.
  • Increasingly, the insurance policy covers the gym. For the addition of enthusiasm always be on the lookout for more efficient weight control their methods.

Warnings – How to Maintain Weight

Before you change the diet or start new physical activities, you should consult with a physician to determine the presence of contraindications and features of your health.

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