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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Remove Toxins from Your Body

Remove Toxins – Of course, you are worried about how to keep your body clean, is not it? So do all civilized modern people. But it turns out, many of us forget is that the body should clean not only outside but inside. Toxins – that’s what pollutes our intestines, blood vessels, many body systems. You can get rid of them in different ways. But today we will talk about how to do it delicious! Eat foods by eating that you are guaranteed to clean your body.

What are toxins?

Already from one title, it becomes clear that this is – poison, toxic substances that can cause irreparable harm to our body. Most of them – is the decomposition products from the food, others we get from the environment, and many of them are not removed from the body naturally.

Our body – is a complex system that operates 24 hours a day. It is quite clear that getting food; our body produces waste. If immunity is all right, the body is healthy (you eat properly, monitor health, play sports), the decay products and toxins should display without any problems (through the intestines and leading out of the system, or later).

But if in your life there is an unhealthy diet, harmful habits, a sedentary lifestyle, environmental degradation then the toxins are not displayed. But accumulate, settling on the walls of the intestine, contaminating the blood, impairing the immune system, causing a variety of disease.

  1. Fatigue, skin problems, frequent constipation or bowel disorders.
  2. Headaches, aching joints, fatigue, drowsiness.
  3. Halitosis, isolation, pain in the gastrointestinal tract, allergic skin rash.
  4. There are deposits of salt, sand, and stones in the kidney, polyps, cysts and benign tumors.
  5. Observed diseases associated with deformation of organs and musculoskeletal system (osteoporosis, arthrosis and arthritis, rheumatism).
  6. The most terrible on it a person can identify not only the malignant tumor, the decomposition of the tissues and organs, and even nervous system diseases – multiple sclerosis, paralysis, memory loss.

Of course, to pollution of the body with toxins progressed to stage 6, you do not listen to your body! That is why the first three steps you can easily recognize, and moreover, independently bring his body in order.

Yes, plain water, clean drinking water, non-carbonated. Surprised? But it is logical: our body consists of water by an average of 70%, so the easiest way to upgrade the water inside the body. Many people forget to drink water, and its lack of puts a heavy load on the liver, and in fact this body is a kind of “filter” in the body and the main lever of removing toxins. How to drink water? At least 2 liters per day. This refers to water in its purest form, not tea, coffee, juice or compote. And from carbonated beverages with sweeteners altogether is to refuse (so they have something toxins completely!).

All products contain green chlorophyll maximum. This substance can inhibit the activity of carcinogens and quickly remove them from the body. A lot of chlorophyll in the grass and leaves – green lettuce of different varieties (who, incidentally, normalizes metabolism at the cellular level), spinach, arugula, parsley and other herbs. Incidentally, parsley is considered more and record the content of vitamin C, which is an antioxidant (also fights toxins) and supports the immune system. A lot of chlorophyll and green string beans, asparagus, cabbage and Brussels conventional broccoli.

Low-fat varieties of it – it is a source of easily digestible protein and fat (salmon, trout, salmon) – the essential amino acids our body. There are those amino acids in the meat, but it’s hard to digest, but also provides a lot of degradation products, which we mentioned above. Therefore, if you decide to arrange a proper detox diet, replace meat with fish. Traditionally considered to be more useful the sea, but can be eaten and the river. Most toxins in the fish accumulate in the head and the liver, so the fish heads and viscera should be removed.

If you’ve been looking for a menu for a detox diet, then there just had to meet the beets. This vegetable, root vegetable or rather – one of the most useful and also the most accessible in our latitudes. Maximum iron strengthens blood vessels and renewal. And beets stimulates digestion, thus not giving a chance to toxins deposited in the secret places of our intestines. Do you want to make beet salad more useful? Do not boil it until tender – it will be enough for 15-20 minutes. Sodium it on a grater, season with your favorite spices – and crunched goodies, rich in fiber, is ready.

This fruit (actually a fruit, although many accustomed to consider it a vegetable) – green, which means what? It has a lot of chlorophyll, which we described in paragraph number 2. And this is a real storehouse of nutrients for the whole of the body, the most valuable of which is considered glutathione – it cleanses the liver better than other antioxidants, but also blocks of about 30 different types of toxic carcinogens. Yes, avocados are not native to our latitudes all the time, but occasionally treat yourself worth. Prepare salads or use the flesh for spreading on bread and avocado oil can replace sunflower or olive with success.

All these products can purchase in stores or on the market, and therefore makes a list and go shopping. Enter them in the diet on a regular basis; you can clean your body of toxins pure and natural, but still very delicious way!

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