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Monday, October 7, 2019

How To Treat Infections

Urinary tract infections occur, as a rule, in the bladder, urethra, or kidneys, that is, where pathogenic bacteria enter. In addition, it is important to note that in most cases, these infections affect women.

Why, you ask? Yes, because the female urethra is much shorter, the men’s week, and is located closer to the anus (anus). And such problems often occur during the menopause.

So today we have devoted an article such a delicate subject as infections of the urinary tract, and we are going to tell you what food should be followed if you are experiencing this problem.

So, take a note!

Infections of the bladder, urethra and kidneys

Urinary tract infections, as noted above, can be localized in various organs of our body, this should be treated with special attention and follow the doctor’s recommendations for the necessary treatment.

And besides this, at home, we can completely alleviate our condition ourselves and accelerate the process of restoring normal body functioning, adhering to the balanced nutrition that our body can provide with antioxidants, vitamins and other useful substances with antibacterial properties.

But no information will be superfluous, and here with what infections we can face:

  • Bladder : Bladder infections are the most common, it is cystitis or just inflammation of the bladder.
  • Kidneys : Kidney infections are more serious. If the infection has affected only one of the two kidneys and this phenomenon is temporary, then the speech is most likely about acute pyelonephritis, but if the condition does not improve for a long time and the infection affects both kidneys, then this is chronic pyelonephritis. But in any case, kidney infections – a very painful phenomenon, it is accompanied by high fever, chills and severe fatigue.
  • Ureters : sometimes the ducts that connect the kidney to the bladder can also suffer from infection. This is not the most common case and I must say that it is easy enough to treat.
  • Urethra (urethra) : this type of infection is called urethritis and, as the name suggests, it is localized in the canal through which urine is excreted from the body. This is a very common phenomenon.

Diet for the treatment of infections of the bladder, urethra and kidneys

1. Infusion of chamomile

Chamomile deservedly considered one of the best natural remedies for the treatment of urinary tract infections. It consists of antibacterial compounds, which greatly accelerate the healing process.

In addition, we must not forget that chamomile is also a powerful cleanser. So, it helps by means of urine to excrete various harmful substances and bacteria from the body. A preparation of a medicine based on chamomile should be as follows:


  • 20 grams of chamomile
  • 1 glass of water

Method of preparation:

Take infusion of chamomile should be twice a day. The first cup in the morning, immediately woke up, and the second in the afternoon. It is prepared very simply: put water on the fire and, when it boils, throw a daisy into it. Cook for 20 minutes and remove from heat. Give a little bit of it and cool down and drink with small sips.

Baths with infusion of chamomile

Another interesting (and pleasant) treatment option is baths with chamomile. The preparation of this procedure is as follows:

  • 1 liter of water
  • 40 grams of chamomile
  • Brew chamomile in boiling water (as in the previous case). Only now cook for 30 minutes. After this time, remove from the fire and give another 10 minutes to brew. Remember that the water for intimate hygiene (in this case for a bath) should be warm, but not hot. All that remains is to pour the resulting broth into a bath and sit in it for 15 minutes, until the water cools. It turns out that in this way, too, you can use the beneficial properties of chamomile.

2. Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is another very effective and, most importantly, completely natural remedy for the solution of the problem of urinary tract infections. After all, the cranberry can cope with harmful bacteria that “attached” to the walls of the bladder, and contributes to its strengthening, not to mention the fact that this berry protects us from other diseases.

Try to drink one glass of fresh cranberry juice per day (without the addition of sugar).

3. Morning medication based on lemon and baking soda

To ease your condition in the case of an infection of the urinary tract, it is good to use, as usual baking soda, and lemon juice. Why? The fact is that these products help reduce pain and discomfort when urinating. In addition, both ingredients have an alkalizing effect on the body, which means they “kill” the acid-friendly environment (its elevated level).

Perhaps it will surprise you, because in itself a lemon is sour, but in the process of its assimilation by our body it has an alkalizing property, which is very beneficial for the healing of irritated and damaged tissues of the urinary tract.

Ingredients :

  • Juice half a lemon
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda (3 g)
  • 1 glass of water (200 ml)

Method of preparation :

So, in a glass of water you just need to dilute the specified amount of baking soda and lemon juice. It is desirable that the water is at room temperature. Drink this home remedy in the morning on an empty stomach for 5 consecutive days and you will notice a positive result.

4. Useful properties of pineapple

When it comes to fighting urinary tract infections, do not forget about pineapple. This is one of the best fruits for removing inflammation and eliminating pathogens. Thanks to a substance called bromelain, the healing process is significantly accelerated, so try eating 3 or 4 pieces of fresh pineapple per day.

To be of maximum benefit, eat pineapple 15 minutes before breakfast and 15 minutes before dinner, as the properties of this product will be much stronger if you consume it on an empty stomach. 

From our daily advice and topics for all of you willing to make your and the life of your dearest better and healthier. Taking care of your health is part of your locus of control. Take the initiative starting today!

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