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Monday, October 7, 2019

Stomach Cancer

Cancer of the stomach or adenocarcinoma is the fifth most common malignant tumor in the world. Although the exact causes of its occurrence are not known, the key to successful treatment is undoubtedly its discovery at an early stage.

What makes the diagnosis of gastric cancer, particularly difficult is associated, first of all, with symptoms that initially do not bother the patient too much: bloating, heaviness, digestive problems.

However, as soon as there is blood in the stool or there is an unexplained weight loss, the person is already in the late stage, where more aggressive methods of treatment are needed to cope with cancer cells.

In May this year, a group of young doctors from Mexico, Greece and Chile developed bio markers to help ease early diagnosis of stomach cancer.

It is enough to do only one analysis and wait two hours to exclude or diagnose the disease at the earliest stage. This, of course, will significantly improve the life expectancy of these patients.

This is very good news, which we want to share with you.

Gastric cancer, the need for early diagnosis

Despite the fact that stomach cancer is not so often and not as dangerous as, for example, lung cancer, it is known that every year around one million people are diagnosed in the world.

If the disease is at a late stage, they have to engage in a serious struggle for their lives.

  • This type of tumor is especially common in the Pacific and although it is often associated with tobacco smoking, another factor is the Helicobacter pylori bacterium.
  • This bacterium, despite the fact that it is present in the gastric mucosa in many people, can, together with other factors, cause the appearance of cancer cells.
  • Therefore, Helicobacter pylori is a harbinger of the disease in cases where a person has a very specific gene, cagA (a gene associated with a cytotoxin).

Thus, it can be concluded that the probability of occurrence of this type of cancer depends on the complex combination between our lifestyle, diet, genetic predisposition and even the presence of various toxins in the environment.

This disease is very difficult to prevent. However, experts tell us that when gastric cancer is detected at the earliest stages , the survival rate is 90%.

Therefore, this news gives us all hope.

Creators of the biomarker

For this breakthrough in the treatment of cancer, it is worthwhile to thank the Chilean engineer Alejandro Tocigl, the Greek researcher Foteini Christodoulou and the electronics engineer from Mexico, Jorge Soto.

  • These young scientists developed biomarkers to diagnose the disease for several hours, taking a simple blood test.
  • The work was presented through the program Singularity University, an initiative sponsored by Google and NASA in order to respond to a variety of medical and social needs. of work
  • The study and development of this biomarker are the result of three years of research conducted at the University of California in San Francisco (UCSF).

A drop of blood that saves lives

The need to create a new technique for detecting cancer has not been questioned.

Today, patients with symptoms associated with possible stomach cancer, are forced to wait for a long time to meet with specialists, where they will be given endoscopy and other, equally complex, invasive and expensive tests.

  • By including this biomarker in our routine blood tests to identify a possible stomach tumor, we will be able to detect their presence long before we even feel any symptoms.
  • After the analysis is done, the blood passes through a small device called miraculous, which is capable of detecting these molecules associated with cancer.
  • The device performs diagnostics in just two hours. It is very simple, safe and effective, and we hope that in 2018 he will appear in the clinics of most countries.
  • Given the good results, it is expected that in the near future will be added other markers that will help to detect other types of cancer and other diseases.
  • This is a kind of cost-effective technology that will reduce costs for other tests and is undoubtedly an example of early and effective diagnosis. Although, yes, once again, it will be available to a wide range of patients only in 2018.

Nevertheless, it is always worth remembering that for early detection of cancer – or any other disease – it is worth talking to your doctor for any minor concern, for any disruption of the body that we notice.

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