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Monday, October 7, 2019

Planning an upcoming interstate move can send anyone reeling. When you have kids, you will even start to think that experiencing a stress-free move will be impossible since you will need to look after them while doing dozens of things in preparation for moving day.

But no matter how busy you will be before and during the big move, you should never stop prioritizing your children. This means including them in your plans, your decision-making processes, and keeping them safe and in good spirits before and during the actual moving day.

Investing in full-scale interstate moving services which include packing and storage services (if you can’t bring everything with you just yet) is a good start to making a hassle-free family move. These services will go a long way in helping you look after your children before and during your relocation.

Aside from getting additional help from a removalist, here are five tips that will help you experience a smooth move while keeping your kids safe throughout the whole process:

1. Designate an official packing area

Kids are naturally curious and will pick up anything that catches their eye. If you don’t want them to injure themselves with the scissors and box cutters, choose a room where you will do all your packing and tell your kids this area is off-limits especially when you are busy working there.

Don’t forget to lock the door or keep your packing supplies including the bubble and plastic wraps (which are choking hazards) inside drawers or cabinets that can be locked whenever you are not using the room.

2. Pack fragile and hazardous items when your kids are asleep or away

You will be able to keep your kids from getting accidentally cut or inhaling dangerous fumes by packing your plates, glasses, knives and kitchen appliances at night when your kids are in their bedrooms. You can also dispose of household chemicals such as bleach and drain cleaners at the same time, as they are often not permitted in the removalist truck.

If you don’t want to pack these items at night, do so when your kids are in school. You can also send them to a family member’s house or even to your next door neighbor to be sure that they are out of harm’s way when you get to this delicate part of the packing process.

3. Allow older kids to pack certain items

Not all the items you will pack will be fragile or dangerous. As such, you can let your older kids help you pack certain items.

At the very least, let your kids pack the pillows, their clothes, stuffed toys, beddings, and other non-delicate items. Prepare and close the boxes for them so that they won’t have to handle the scissors or box cutter. With these potentially dangerous items out of your children’s way, you won’t have to keep a close eye on them as they pack.

However, make sure you give them clear instructions on how to pack these items. In addition, tell them to avoid lifting the boxes since they may be too heavy for them even if the cartons are only full of soft items.

4. Let your kids pack their essentials bag or box

One of the most important things everyone needs to prepare before the actual moving is an essentials pack. Let your older kids pack their essentials in a bag or box so that you won’t have to do this for them.

Tell your kids to pack a change of clothing, their pajamas, some underwear, and a pair of slippers in their bag or box. With these items in their bag or box, they can change into clean clothes or be ready to sleep without having to rummage through their boxes when you arrive in your new home.

In addition, tell your children to put two or three of their favorite toys, books, and snacks in their essentials pack. These items will keep them entertained while they are waiting for the movers to finish, and during the long ride to your new house.

5. Keep your children away from the hustle and bustle of moving day

Lastly, when the big day arrives, don’t let your children loiter around your home while your interstate movers are moving and carrying heavy boxes, appliances, and furniture.

 If you let your kids run around or do as they please on moving day, they can bump into the movers or objects which can result in injury, damage, and delays.

During the moving day, let your kids stay in one bedroom with their essentials pack. They can play with their toys or read their books so that they won’t get bored. Make sure you check on them frequently to be sure that they won’t go out and disturb the movers.

You can also send your kids to your neighbor’s house or have a family member or babysitter look after them so that you can focus on supervising the movers.

Your kids will also feel stressed out and anxious about the move. To avoid adding to their worries and for your own peace of mind, prioritize the need to keep them safe, healthy, and preoccupied before and during your big move.

Written by: Robert Wise

Robert Wise, Sales Administration Manager at Nuss Removals, has been a respected figure in the removals industry for over 20 years. His attention to detail and the ability to truly understand the needs of the customer have ensured the successful relocation of thousands of satisfied individuals and families.

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