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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Tired of excess weight? To lose weight fast and keep the new weight, you need to develop a long-term eating plan; you could stick to it every day. But if you just need to lose a few kilos quickly, there are many ways to achieve this goal and. In this article, we will tell you how to do it.

Method 01 – Extreme Diets to Lose Weight Quickly


Try food for juices – Lose Weight Fast

There are many different weight loss programs, based on fluids, but they all share a common principle: eat only fruit and vegetable juices. Diet cleanses the body of toxins, helps to lose weight fast and make you healthier.

  • Most diets designed for 1-3 days, but some reach 7 days. You can buy ready-made juices without sugar or make them yourself with a juicer.
  • Try to drink more vegetable juices. In the fruit, a lot of sugar and excess of milk will slow down the process of losing weight.
  • Some countries sold individual sets for weight loss by this method.

Try a large unloading Diet – Lose Weight Fast

This diet allows only eat liquid: lemonade (a mixture of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and water), saline laxatives and herbal infusions. The diet lasts 16 days: three days of preparation for food, which is allowed to eat only raw vegetables and fruits; followed by ten days of liquids; three days of the diet output.

  • Remember that this diet is designed for short term and rather a discharge for the body than weight loss program.

Try a water diet – Lose Weight Fast

This diet is based on the daily drinking cold water (a total of about eight glasses a day) at regular intervals. Drink a glass of water before each meal and snack. This will create the effect of satiety and reduce appetite, which means that you will eat less than they otherwise would.

Lose weight Fast - 01

  • Remember that this diet does not involve just drinking water. Drink only one water throughout the day and did not have very dangerous if you do so for a long time. The body needs nutrients to stay healthy and maintain metabolism. If you only drink water for a few days, when you return to eating, you can gain more weight than it was, because your metabolism will slow down.

Try a diet with the time starvation – Lose Weight Fast

This diet is based on the belief that human nature can be alternately hungry and gorge, so we need time to time to arrange “hunger strike.” According to the diet plan, women should be twice a week to eat only 500 calories, and men – 600. These days you must eat only vegetables, seeds, legumes and fruits.

  • During the hunger strike, you need to play sports as well as usual.
  • To smoothly enter into the diet regime, try to starve half a day and look at their health.

HCG diet for Lose Weight Fast

It is a very controversial diet in which severe calorie restriction is combined with injections of the hormone HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) or with its reception in tablets. For weight loss for most people, it is enough to limit your daily calorie intake to 500-800 per day, but this limit is far below the recommended daily allowance of calories, even for people trying to lose weight. Hormone injections take the form of or tablets.

  • The effectiveness of such a diet was tested in numerous studies, but the results were not impressive. Despite the fact that there are people who claim that they were able to lose weight by 12-15 kg using this diet, many scholars claim that HCG injections are not necessary and may even be dangerous.

Method 02 – Other proven Diet – Lose Weight Fast

Mediterranean diet for Lose Weight Fast

Although the efficacy of any of the diet has not been proven, the best result demonstrated the Mediterranean diet. It is based on traditional foods and ways of cooking the Mediterranean region. Studies have shown that people who adhere to this diet are at less risk of heart disease. Also, it helps to lose weight fast and strongest. Try to eat the following foods (and discard the bread, dairy products, and processed food):

  • A fish
  • Olive oil
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Peas and other legumes
  • Spice
  • nuts
  • Red wine

Paleo diet for Lose Weight Fast

At the time of cave, people did not have a chance to ensure that the oven muffins and roast potatoes. Paleo diet tends to approach the diet of ancient people, and its supporters believe that our bodies are not adapted to new ingredients and food processing methods. It is necessary to eat meat, vegetables, fruits and other foods that were available at that time, and to give up any meal, which was not there before.

  • Any artificial colors and cereals are prohibited.
  • To speed up weight loss, some people are also satisfied with the hungry days as part of this diet.

Sit on the thirty diets of unprocessed foods

This diet involves giving up all processed foods for 30 days so that the body could be cleansed of artificial ingredients and other substances with which it’s hard to cope with digestion. Alternating 30 days you will notice that your waist became thinner, and you will have more strength.

  • Try not to eat cereals, dairy products, sugar, beans, and other processed foods, and do not drink alcohol.
  • Eat meat and vegetables, some fruit and drink enough water.

Be on time raw foodists – Lose Weight Fast

If you do not like meat and tired to cook, this diet is for you. Raw food diet requires food only products which are not subjected to heat treatment. Man loses weight because eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Diet permits the use of coconut milk, nuts, seeds and other products.

  • Nutritionists do not recommend a long time to stick to this diet since the rejection of whole groups of goods will deprive you of essential nutrients.

Method 03 –  Proper Nutrition for Lose Weight Fast

Count Calories – Lose Weight Fast

How to count calories? Find out what is the minimum number of calories your body needs for health, and it will be easier to create your eating plan to lose weight fast and not gain the weight again. Your calorie needs will be based on age, gender, height, and activity level. Some online calculators help you calculate this value.

Lose weight fast - 02

  • You can make an appointment with a dietitian and discuss with him your goals in losing weight, nutritional needs, dietary habits, and ways to improve the situation. It will help you to calculate your calorie needs.
  • Make a meal plan. Choose meals that have fruits, vegetables, grains, healthy fats, and lean meat. Lunch should half of the vegetables or fresh fruit and half of the grains and lean meat or fish.
  • There are many programs and services designed to create a literate diet. Examine the information on the Internet and pick what suits you.

Eat foods that suppress appetite – Lose Weight Fast

A balanced diet will not only provide the body with essential substances but also help suppress your appetite, so you did not overeat and did not refuse to supply the new system. There are products to help you for a long time will feel satiety. This include:

  • Grapefruits
  • Oat flakes
  • apple
  • eggs
  • Ginger
  • nuts
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Potatoes
  • Dark chocolate
  • Spicy food

Keep a Food Diary – Lose Weight Fast

Throughout the week, record each meal was eaten, a snack and drink, as well as the approximate number of whole foods. This will allow you to make better decisions when choosing food and will motivate you to take care of health. If possible, write down the number of calories next to each product or food.

  • Do not forget to fix the coffee-based drinks, condiments, dressings and sauces.

Determine what’s in you the desire to eat something and note it in your nutrition plan

Many people want to snack is due to some action. For example, someone cannot watch TV at night without eating, and someone to love watching and learning when the hand is a sandwich. If you know in what situations your hand reaches for food, regularly buy healthy foods and keep them near him.

  • If you do not buy anything harmful to the snacks, you are more likely not to back down from its plan.

Keep an eye on portion sizes – Lose Weight Fast

It is important to monitor how much you eat. For example, a large handful of almonds and dried cranberries can be a very high-calorie snack, if you do not limit the portions. Harvest food for meals in advance, dividing into parts, and then you will not accidentally eat too much.

  • Choose richer calorie versions of your favorite snacks. You will have them longer, and you do not want to eat too much. For example, a small bar of dark chocolate is pleasant to the taste, but it slowly melts in your mouth, and then he did not want to eat one, but milk chocolate is eaten just unnoticed. Standard light beer is consumed very quickly, causing appetite and dark beer (even the most delicious) drink is much more complicated. Promise yourself to eat or drink only one serving.
  • Make a list of necessary products for the food and stick with it in the store. Try to view the brochure of shops to find out what items will be off, and do not overlook showcases shares.

Do not skip meals – Lose Weight Fast

Lose weight fast - 03

A good breakfast will start your metabolism in the morning and energize you. Also, it will also help you not to snack before lunch. Take a small snack every 2-4 hours to metabolism continued to work properly. Regular consumption of food also will not allow sharp fluctuations in blood sugar levels and will allow you to stick to your plan.

Pass by the side of the shelf with a bad meal

Stay away from soft drinks, cookies, ice cream, pizza and other high calorie foods to avoid the temptation to buy them. If you do not see them, you will not want them.

Find a replacement for your favorite high-calorie meals

Most products have more useful options to help you get rid of extra fat, sugar, and calories in food. Find a useful replacement, and you will lose weight faster.

  • Try to eat only vegetarian food a couple of times a week. Replace nutritious meat foods such as peas, beans or tofu, and you will be able to significantly reduce the number of calories eaten, without prejudice to the diet.
  • For dessert, eat fruit instead of cookies or cakes.
  • Replace potato chips and chocolate bars on nutritious snacks with low-fat content and little nutritional value. Eat cheese with grapes, smear peanut butter on crackers, savory, pepper poppy in hummus.
  • Try to replace high-calorie salad dressings with lemon juice.
  • Instead of sunflower oil, use olive oil in cooking.

Avoid sugary drinks – Lose Weight Fast

Viet water, tea, coffee instead of Power, coffee with cream and syrup and a martini. Reduce your calorie intake by drinks much easier than you think. For example, in a large latte drink your morning, can be up to 500 calories. Since a kilogram of fat equals about 7,000 calories, if you replace the glass to a real coffee without sugar, you can lose weight fast by 500 grams per week.

  • Drink water instead of sodas, coffee with cream, alcohol, juice or milk – it will help you get rid of empty calories. Water will also allow the body to use all the incoming nutrients properly, and you – to be energetic, happy to engage in sports and feel full longer.
  • If you can replace all the drinks on the water at once, you will lose weight faster. You will be surprised how much you will have power, and even look like you’ll be better.

Method 04 – Spa Treatments and Lose Weight Fast

Go to the sauna

The heat will make you sweat heavily, and very quickly you will lose a lot of fluids. However, this method of weight loss, as well as other methods aimed at, to withdraw from the body fluid, will help you become better only by water, which means that the thinner you become just a day or two. The sauna will not help keep the weight. Drink several glasses of water in the steam room to avoid dehydration.

Lose weight fast - 04

  • If you lose weight to get in shape for a competition, or for any other reason, to be weighed (usually all that is harmful to health), get on the scales before the drinking water.
  • Please note that the sauna cannot go often. It is better to confine 15-20 minutes a day.
  • Sauna is contraindicated for people with high blood pressure, problems with the cardiovascular system and small children.

Sign up for a mineral wrap – Lose Weight Fast

It is believed that some metal covers so well with excess weight that the girth of your waist hips and hands reduced instantly. The process is based on mineral cleaning which removes toxins from the body, thereby reducing weight and cellulite, as well as skin tones and making it supple.

Try other Wraps – Lose Weight Fast

Mineral wraps are very popular, but other procedures will allow you to become thinner. Unfortunately, the covers will give only short-term effect, but it may be enough to prepare for the particular date.

  • Lipase wrap. This type of cover consists of two procedures. At the first stage, the substance applied to the body with enzymes, which helps get rid of fatty tissue near the surface of the skin. The second stage is a mineral wrap, which strengthens and smooths the skin.
  • European Wrap. This procedure also aims to reduce the weight in problem areas. It helps to strengthen and tighten the skin, smooth out cellulite or stretch marks, as well as to make the body slimmer.
  • Hot wrap. Hot wraps – this is probably the most famous spa treatments designed to cleanse the body and improve your skin. The heat and massage designed to improve blood circulation, which helps the body to lose weight faster.

Make an enema – Lose Weight Fast

Medicine allows mechanically remove fecal matter from the bowel using large quantities of water. Such a procedure will help people who suffer from bloating, gas and constipation, but it also facilitates weight loss. However, many experts are of the opinion that an enema, if improperly performed, and when used solely for the purpose of weight loss can be harmful to health. Talk to your doctor before you decide to do an enema.

Think about liposuction

Liposuction – a surgical procedure aimed at rapid weight loss. Usually, it is people with one or two problem areas and relatively slim figure. Because the procedure involves surgery, it is associated with certain health risks and can be performed only a specialist.

Method 05 – Physical Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

Make time for sports – Lose Weight Fast

Physical exercise can lead to weight gain at the expense of muscle mass, but it is a required element of any long term weight loss program and plans. No matter how busy man you are, it is important to practice every day, if you intend to lose weight fast and not gain it back. Even little things like going to the store on foot and not by car, affect the speed of weight loss.

Lose weight fast - 05

  • Exercise, doing business as usual. Try to walk more around the apartment, walk the dog three times a day, wipe the dust and sweep the floor with redoubled zeal.
  • Most go on foot. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, and park the car as far as possible from the entrance to the store.
  • Find a hobby that will make you move a lot. Delve into the garden at the cottage, spend time in the garage, do something with your hands, play with the animals – all this will help you get rid of the extra kilos.

Try Circuit Training – Lose Weight Fast

If you want to throw a couple of kilograms to a specified date quickly, and you do not matter, whether the weight will come back, start to perform Circuit Training. Many women’s magazines and publications on health, as well as personal trainers, recommend this type of training to those who need to get rid of excess weight and postponed quickly. Within a few days, you will notice a difference.

Think about what kind of exercise you can perform

If you want to lose weight fast and maintain weight, you should not be limited to circuit training. It is best to choose exercises that you like and that you will not mind performing. If you do not like to run, do not run the primary form of exercise because you will be very hard every day to force yourself to deal with it. Better to try something different, and with practice, you will find that you enjoy: swimming, biking, or even Zumba.

  • Remember that sports games (volleyball, tennis) will help you burn more calories while you’re having fun spending time with loved ones. You will want to play every day!

Like cardio – Lose Weight Fast

For general health are more important than strength and cardio, cardio, but it will allow you to lose weight faster. You are recommended aerobic workout of medium and high intensity.

  • Cardio burns fat and promotes weight loss, and strength training helps the metabolism to use energy more efficiently.

Make training enjoyable – Lose Weight Fast

The variety will not let you throw a workout, and your health will benefit from this. Doing the same exercises every day, you run the risk of getting injured. Also, you will get tired of it all, which is why you will not find a reason to continue to do. In the hall, use various simulators, sign up for group lessons, decide to weight training.

Lose weight fast - 06

  • Spend aerobic workout. Walk briskly, biking, aerobic workout at the gym or go for a swim – all this will be good for your health and figure.
  • Engage in weight training. These classes will help speed up the metabolism and build muscle that will benefit you, even when you rest. The most useful to include in its schedule of both the power and cardio.

Choose the load at which your body will work with the effort

So you will be able to work out every muscle group and burn calories at the same time a large number of muscles. For example, engaged in an aerobic exercise with the weighting (can be kept small dumbbells while running or cycling during the occupation).

  • Rest for at least 24-48 hours of strength training, dedicated to one muscle group (and the working muscles of the hands and abdomen on different days). Engage in no more than 5-6 days a week.

Get enough sleep

Rest helps you to be energetic throughout the day, and because of this you will not overeat, and your chances of injury are minimal. Lack of sleep is often associated with the inability to lose weight, so let the dream will be your assistant.

Advice – Lose weight fast

  • You can reduce your calorie intake if there will become slower. The brain needs about 20 minutes to realize that you are already filled. Pauses in food, listen to yourself, and you will be easier to control the amount eaten.
  • Remember that one mistake does not mean failure. If you took a step back, gather and return to their original plans.
  • Your goal – to get rid of fat, not weight. If you engage in power interval workouts to lose kilos (and this is what should happen), first you will see an increase in the balance. If this happens, do not worry. Most likely, you will lose fat and build muscle, which is denser fat and is much healthier for the body.
  • Remember that losing weight without harm to the body will require your effort, perseverance, and constancy.
  • Acupressure weight loss is impossible, even if they write about it in magazines. If the body fat away, it goes away from all places, even if you just swing the press. No abdominal exercises will not help you achieve a flat stomach if your life is not cardio loads and proper nutrition. Do not aid and squats. Ideal flat stomach relief is only possible if the body a little fat. If this is your primary goal, you should not only do the exercises for the press but also devote a lot of time aerobic training.

lose weight fast - 07

Advice – Lose weight fast
  • The right thing to lose weight fast at the expense of a healthy diet, plenty of water and moderate workouts alternating occupations. If you plan to lose weight fast on the extreme diet or other expeditious means, do so no more than a few days, and then go to a smooth weight loss. So you will take care of health, and weight loss will not be dangerous for the body.
  • In the weight loss will take some time, but every effort will be justified.
  • Understand what makes you want to lose weight fast and define your goals in losing weight. Make a list of reasons why you decided to drop a few kilogram’s to a reminder of the plan was always in front of your eyes. Believe in what you can achieve your goal, and you will succeed.
  • Experts recommend losing weight slowly and gradually (500 g – 1 kg per week). This is possible with proper nutrition and moderate exercise.
  • The desire to get rid of a pair of kilograms to some special day can be a real motivation for the time, but to lose weight fast and after the event, you will need a long term plan.
  • Communicate with people who support you. Friends and family can help you lose weight fast and maintain weight. If you report on the progress of at least one person, your chances of success and weight loss in the long term will increase dramatically.

Warnings – Lose weight fast

  • Don’t starve yourself. Regular lack of necessary calories can lead to opposite results. And if you eat very little all the time, it becomes life-threatening. If you have tried to lose weight by skipping a few meals or significantly reducing your calorie intake. Talk to a psychologist who specializes in eating disorders.
  • If you feel that a diet or exercise an adverse effect on your state of health (you got nausea, dizziness, weakness, headache, you feel any other pain or you have other symptoms), stop and go back to normal. If your condition is causing your anxiety, see your doctor.
  • Don’t start to lose weight, without consulting with a specialist. Rapid weight loss may be contraindicated in various diseases.
  • Rapid weight loss is dangerous and can have negative consequences for the organism. Despite the fact that this entire article is dedicated to the rapid weight loss is much better to lose weight fast gradually. If a person loses weight quickly in a short time, it can have serious health problems. The best and safe for clinical outcomes provides a slow weight loss under the supervision of a physician or nutritionist.
Warnings – Lose weight fast
  • Avoid extreme diets, diet pills and other quick ways to lose weight by dramatically reducing calorie intake. Or eliminate entire food groups. Fast foods are not always effective. And many of them are still dangerous. Tablets and powders for weight loss and diet, providing strict calorie restriction, refusal of food groups or exhausting exercise, are a danger to health. Dietary supplements and diet pills are not medications and are not controlled by the Ministry of Health so that they can be harmful. Eliminating certain foods is recommended only in case of particular health problems, as for nutrition and weight loss diet requires a significant number of different products. Pills and rigid diet can lead to a deficiency of certain elements, the destruction of bodies, high cholesterol, and other diseases.
  • Talk to your doctor or nutritionist before you decide to take vitamins because of multivitamins. And dietary supplements are not suitable for everyone, especially if you are trying to eat healthily.
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