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Monday, October 7, 2019

Sex is one of the most important ingredients for a great life and it’s not an overstatement if one should say sex is life, given that it is through this means that reproduction occurs. It is crazy to see that in some societies, sex is still looked as a taboo, still a topic that is handled in certain circumstances and not in public.

In the western world, sex education is part of the subjects thought in schools. This is to teach young adults to understand the changes that are taking place in them as they are growing, especially, during puberty stages. While in some conservative societies in parts of Africa and Asia, sex is seen as a taboo and only discussed by adults in private conversations. So different cultures have their various appreciation of sex as a whole and the way it should be carried out in particular.

In a conventional sense sex or sexual intercourse is when a woman’s vagina is penetrated by an erected penis of a man with Orgasm and the ejaculation of sperm or semen as the final outcome. But there are other forms of intercourses that do not involve vaginal penetration, such as oral sex which involves penetrating the mouth with an erect penis and anal sex which involves penetrating the anus.

This is an activity carried out by almost all living things, but it is more developed in animals than the others. Consequently, animals especially man turn to be looked like the only ones practicing it.

Positions to Make Your Woman Enjoy Revolutionary Sex

In order to spice a sexual activity, it is advisable to be able to use different positions as to avoid monotony. Some of the positions that can make any woman enjoy revolutionary sex involve:

The horse or doggy style

This sex position permits deep penetration and erotic view of the act. Entering from behind in most cases permits for your prick to touch her cervix, a pleasure zone that is often neglected. In this position, some women like it fast while some like it slowly when it is painful.

The ballet dancer or get a leg up

This involves erotic moves and women enjoy this option or position that can be done outdoors, in places like toilets, train stations and even in the office. You are standing to face each other and she takes her leg up and wraps it around your buttock pulling you into her. Try this position under a hot shower, rubbing each other with soap to stimulate your nerve endings.

The wheelbarrow or standing position

This position is so athletic that it is also called the calorie burner. You the man stand and lift her by the pelvis and she grips your waist with both legs. This position takes a lot of energy so much that it’s not advisable to take it for long, or you will be too tired to continue.

The missionary position

In this position, the eye and body contact that adds the pleasure the more. It is the most used sex position in the world allowing penetration depth control and the speed of thrusting too. Your weight in her boy gives her joy plus the eye to eye contact. This position makes ejaculation easy because of the deep thrusting and intense friction, so to increase your intercourse time don’t last too long in this position. To increase the intensity of pleasure, raise her leg till her knee is leveled with your shoulders then thrust towards the inward section of the leg. It forces penetration to be tight thus raises the pressure of the clitoris.

The sixty-nine position a.k.a under and over

This is a simultaneous oral pleasure giving position. This is a position that permits mutual and intense control of each-others genitals for maximum oral sensation. It needs a lot of hygiene before practice.

The usage of exciting sex words

Though this may not be a position, it plays a major role in making especially a woman enjoy sex from another angle. Certain words and boy gesture guide the other partner as to what he or she is doing right and which parts to stimulate for an intense pleasure to be obtained.

The use of supplements

It is good to use male enhancement supplement if you have attained a certain age, in order to keep your sexual activity vibrant. People use supplements such as Viagra, virectin and many others. Virectin male enhancement pills have helped many men in giving the necessary energy and resistance to giving revolutionary sex to their partners. It is clear that nothing can be a 100% good reason why some virectin reviews are negative, some users claim the supplement doesn’t work and say they can’t recommend it to their people.

Sex without innovative ideas, in the long run, becomes boring and people turn to cheat their partners, so changing positions and exploring other possibilities is always advisable.

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