How To Control Your Appetite

Every mom closely oversees her children’s diets, packing their meals full of as many nutritious foods as possible, coaxing them into eating extra vegetables, serving and sneaking bits of broccoli into their gravy if that’s what it takes.

It can be easier, but in between the hectic schedule at work and home don’t  forget yourself. Let your appetite and stress get the best version of you. These seven tips will help you get your appetite, and weight, under control.

1. Manage your stress

Stress eating is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to weight gain. What you mistake for a big appetite can be stress leading you to chew and chew your way into what you hope would be a better state of mind.

Forty percent of people increase their caloric intake during stressful times, according to this study. Others react oppositely, neglecting to eat altogether, putting their bodies on caloric deprivation that is sure to be followed with increased eating, and that puts their bodies at an unhealthy place.

According to the American Psychological Association, 34 percent of those who overeat due to stress say that their stressful eating behavior is a habit. How do you break the habit? By going back to the root of the problem and managing the stress that induces stress eating and subsequent weight gain.

Ways to manage stress include practicing yoga, regular meditation, spending time outdoors or going for a walk. For a busy mom, many of these activities feel difficult because there just isn’t enough time and energy, but as little as 10 minutes of meditation or a short 20 minute at home yoga session can be all you need.

2. Eat green

As pressed for time as you are, odds are you don’t get enough leafy greens in your diet. Even if you’re diligent with eating your salad at dinner, upping your intake of greens, even more, will help you feel full for a longer period.


The best way to consume more greens than you think possible is to drink them. Invest in a good quality blender if you don’t have one and make green smoothies a part of your everyday routine.

Some of these drinks make the best anti-aging smoothies so that you will be hitting two birds with one stone. Make that three birds; your children will drink these greens with a smile on their faces, and reaping the health benefits.

Baby spinach is one of the after greens to start with before moving on to kale, collard greens, and other stronger tasting leaves. Adding a banana or two will provide you with a natural sweetener and leave your smoothie tasting good without needing extra sugar.

There are several green smoothie recipes out there, so experiment with different recipes and see what you and your family like.

3. Tasteless snacks

This is one of the well-kept secrets of weight loss and appetite control. Eat one small tasteless snack between meals, such as a bit of olive oil, a cucumber, a few unsalted raw nuts or glass of water with a bit of sugar in it.

This should take your body’s association between calories and flavor. Be sure not to eat anything else for an hour past your bland tasting snack.

4. Go out on a full stomach

It’s been a long day, you have been racing through a million things, and when it is finally dinner time, and you haven’t had the chance to cook a proper meal, the whole family goes out for dinner. You order the most filling option on the menu and dig in when the food arrives.

You are starving after all, and it’s been a long day. Sounds familiar? The one trick that can save you from a ravenous appetite on days like this, and the poor food choices that follow, is keeping a stash of easy, healthy snacks.

Granola bars, jerky, raw almonds or dried fruit are all excellent choices. The key is to eat something long-lasting, easily portable and healthy. Keep these snacks in your handbag or your car and fill up on it on your way to the diner.

That way, when you show up, your hunger will be partially satiated, and you will be more likely to consult your good eating intentions before ordering and eating out.

5. Quality over quantity

Instead of focusing on eating less, decreasing the amount of food on your plate and eating fewer meals, try to focus on the quality of your diet. Eat foods that are packed with vitamins for pain relief and health-promoting ingredients like fiber and healthy fats for proper metabolism. Other than that, there are many appetite suppressants in the market that can help you lose weight.

6. Drink up

It’s been said once and again; water is essential for weight loss. Not only does water have numerous health benefits; it also protects you from falling into the trap of mistaking first for hunger, and going overboard with your calories. This is especially true if you have been eating a lot of sugar or high-fat foods.


This study has found that people who consume a large number of saturated fats and added sugar are less sensitive to thirst. What you think is an appetite for food could very well be your body needing water.

Keep a cup of water nearby and sip on it as you go about your daily tasks, and keep small water in your bag at all times. These small sips will add up, and you will be increasing your water intake and decreasing your appetite.

7. Write it down

Keep a food diary, whether in a notepad or digitally through any calories counting app. Be consistent and write everything you put in your mouth down, then evaluate your eating habits and how they connect to other events in your day.

This will help you see more clearly, and you will discover if you are eating more at specific times in the day, whether you stress eat, or if you use for to reward yourself.

From there, you will be able to pinpoint the areas you need to work on more accurately and determine when you need to stop with your appetite.


Making healthy food choices is difficult enough, but with the mountains of never-ending tasks, chores, and responsibilities, things become even more challenging. The seven tips above should help you get your appetite under control, improve your eating habits and lose weight, and, best of all, you can do all this on the go.

Written by: Margaux Diaz

Margaux Diaz is writing for health, beauty, skin care, and fitness for many years. She has been consistent with her writing thus contributing exceptional and worthy articles. She is very much passionate about her work that she has devoted herself to influence and motivate others to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Connect with her FacebookTwitter and Linkedin.