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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

On the shores of the Mediterranean stretches some countries in which the death rate is very low. Reviews of the Mediterranean diet for weight loss is always active. What is the secret? The proper nutrition. This is not a diet and developed healthy habits that affect health status, and a figure that should be followed not one week, not two, not a month, but always.

Mediterranean Diet for Lose Weight Fast - 06

Influence of diet on the body

Result control that the Mediterranean diet has on the human body, it is complex and includes:

  • saturate the body with antioxidants that push his ageing;
  • It improves the body’s resistance to diabetes;
  • positive effect on the cardiovascular system, helping to ward off most of the problems;
  • It makes it less probable cancer of the rectum and breast;
  • avoids Alzheimer’s disease;
  • It enhances the condition of the respiratory system, preventing chronic disease and emphysema;
  • Qualitative improvement of the body;
  • It leads to normal blood pressure;
  • The direction of development of the organism in the course of weight loss in cases of excess weight.

Diet principles

Mediterranean diet itself is to change the quality of food in their diet. It is necessary to increase the number of dark-green, red and orange fruits and vegetables in their menu. And still need to eat as much fish and seafood each week. The proper diet is necessary to apply the following basic rules of supply:

Mediterranean Diet for Lose Weight Fast - 03

  • the menu should be a dish in which a lot of complex carbohydrates;
  • must be used constantly olive oil;
  • use the maximum amount of plant food as a part of the menu (vegetables, fruits, legumes);
  • drink a glass of red-wine at dinner time;
  • sugar substitute honey;
  • drink plenty of water a day (6 cups).

Mediterranean diet pyramid is composed of several layers. First, the largest circle includes foods that should consume every day.

Mediterranean Diet for Lose Weight Fast - 02

Residents of each Mediterranean country often eat 4-6 times a day. Daily need to use some different products, which composition comprises a protein, starch, fat and vitamins of groups A and B, and a wide range of mineral phosphorus. These products, which use seven days a week during the diet, include olive oil, a variety of cereals, peas, beans, lupines, herb with a strong aroma, red wine, milk, cheese, vegetables, and fruits.

For breakfast

The Mediterranean diet offers cereals. Menu dinner at the Mediterranean population consists of noodles, rice, vegetables, and pasta. Protein foods and vegetables typically dinner. A glass of wine – a necessary element of food per day. What about fruit? They are an indispensable dessert, which is harmless to Mediterranean diet designed for weight loss. It is served after a meal at least three times a day. Grapes, figs, banana and juice from the fruit – not very welcome guests on the Mediterranean table.

Mediterranean Diet for Lose Weight Fast - 05

In addition to vegetable and dairy products, which should eat daily, the Mediterranean diet includes foods rich in protein. This is the second tier. Eat them must be at least three times a week. Which protein foods? White meat poultry, eggs, fish, and seafood – is the essential diet.

At the most top of the pyramid is the meat of the Mediterranean. Use it on average about once a month.

The Mediterranean diet is not left without the attention of specialists in the field of medicine and nutrition. This style of power was taken over by physicians for the development of the Mediterranean diet for people with diseases of cardiovascular system. Also, nutritionists on its basis have developed a system for losing weight. For a month they throw people on it than one kilogram.

Development menu

To your Mediterranean diet for weight loss was effective, it is necessary to develop a proper list, not for a day, but at least for a week, well, or for five days. Some people develop it a month in advance. That’s about the Mediterranean diet menu and some recipes for their preparation.

Day 01

Mediterranean diet for weight loss will look like this:

  • Muesli with the addition of pieces of fruit for breakfast.
  • Banana yoghurt – lunch.
  • A large number of different colors roasted vegetables (zucchini, peppers, etc.) – for lunch.
  • Fruit salad with grapes and kiwi flavored juice freshly squeezed lemon in the afternoon.
  • Tomatoes with mozzarella cheese – for supper.

Day 02

The menu is somewhat different. Do not leave food monotonous. We need diversity. And so every week: change everything, and the products and recipes, do not let boredom to settle down on your desk. For example:

Mediterranean Diet for Lose Weight Fast - 05

  • Sauce tzatziki consisting of cucumber, garlic, low fat cottage cheese, onions and mineral water, served for breakfast the bread and two tomatoes.
  • Mozzarella and tomatoes to slice a crunchy fragrant piece of bread would be appropriate for lunch.
  • Delicate lamb meat cooked on skewers and serve with vegetables and rice will be an excellent dinner.
  • Boil the rice and add the pieces of grapefruit in the afternoon.
  • For dinner, post papaya stuffed with fruit pulp of the same cheese and nuts. Add a slice of white bread fresh.

Day 03

The menu:

  • Breakfast may consist of half a papaya, 100 g of melon and pineapple, and fruit tea.
  • At lunch, you can take a sandwich with ham, one slice of crispy bread and 1 tbsp. l. Low-Fat butter.
  • For dinner, prepare stew of vegetables and season with its mozzarella and nuts.
  • Mid-morning snack can consist of mead, which includes juice artichokes and carrots, a small amount of lemon, a tablespoon of honey and a little bit of olive oil.
  • For dinner, perfect toast and cheese, and shrimp to it.

Day 04

The Mediterranean diet offer to cook other dishes, such as:

  • For breakfast, prepare a sandwich with ham and tomato juice. Sandwich need to season with pepper, yoghurt (low-fat) and lemon juice.
  • At lunch, you can cook sweet cheese, add the pineapple slices.
  • Fry in butter a small amount of lamb meat and serve it with pasta. Complete the dish tomatoes and zucchini.
  • Delicious sandwich with a lettuce leaf, peppers and salami are perfect for an afternoon snack.
  • At dinner salad. To cook, use the following products: radish, sweet peppers, stuffed olives, pickled cucumber, tomato, leek.
  • Bright and tasty dishes that we offer the Mediterranean diet on the fifth day of the following:
  • Breakfast will consist of a sandwich with cheese, 200 grams of melon, a teaspoon of wheat germ and a glass of carrot juice.
  • Lunch may consist of a salad made with tomato and mozzarella.
  • Slice of delicious salmon, served with sour cream sauce, herbs, and rice, will be a wonderful dinner.
  • Fruit salad with grapes (30 g), kiwi and orange (1 pc.) And lemon juice will replace your snack.
  • Dinner is on this day consists of tomato soup, to which must be submitted toasted bread and green onion.

Develop a sample list of meals for the week you must always alternate between them and be changing. These meals should be varied, useful and tasty.

Mediterranean Diet for Lose Weight Fast - 04

The Mediterranean diet – a diet for weight loss

As well as recipes for the normalization of the body, cleansing it. All of its dishes are useful and have no harmful components. Diet products being combined, help the body removes toxic substances, as well as a beneficial effect on all body systems. That is why the reviews about the diet not only written by those who wanted to change the figure, but also people who have recovered in this way from various chronic diseases. And they needed to do only one month.

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