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Monday, October 7, 2019

The onset of the red river is one of the most uncomfortable and troublesome things for women the world over. The distress that women face during the time they are menstruating can never be understood by someone who hasn’t faced it ever. While we may cope with other things, the worst of all is the menstrual pain.

However recent studies point to a new, and delicious, solution – chocolate! To discover the various benefits of chocolate. Read on!

The Story of dysmenorrhea aka Menstrual Pain

If you feel that you are alone in this battle, don’t worry! More than 80% of women suffer from menstrual pain or dysmenorrhea at least once in their life. Based on their sexual development and maturity, the pain may increase, decrease, appear from the blue or vanish at once!

Certain uterine ailments like endometriosis, fibroids, adenomyosis, etc. Can sometimes be the cause of menstrual pains. These conditions need immediate assistance from your gynaecologist. However, for most women, the causes of menstrual pain aren’t so complicated.

Menstruation is characterized by the discharge of the uterine lining formed during the menstrual cycle. In order to carry out this discharge, the female uterus starts contracting. Prostaglandins, the hormone-like lipid compounds, are released by the body to aid these contractions. The increased levels of prostaglandins cause the menstrual pain.

The Magic Medicine

Drop down all those pain killers because we have got the perfect magic medicine for your menstrual pain. A nice bar of your favorite dark chocolate!

Chocolate has a multi-frontal mechanism for targeting your period pain. First of all, chocolates are a rich source of calcium in your body. Studies have shown that women having higher levels of calcium in their body, face lesser pain and discomfort during their periods. Chocolates are also rich in Magnesium, a chemical that helps the absorption and utilisation of calcium in the human body.

Secondly, chocolates, especially dark chocolates contain a high amount of cocoa flavanols. Cocoa flavanols have a lot of health benefits. They boost your cognitive activity aid, your body’s blood circulation and work as a magical pain killer for your period cramps.

Thirdly, chocolates are associated with the secretion of endorphins in the human brain. Endorphins are neurotransmitters secreted by the human brain that work as natural pain killers.

Thus, chocolates target your menstrual cramps in every way possible and ensure their alleviation.

Chocolates stop at NOTHING!

 If you think that soothing your pain is all chocolates can do when you are menstruating, you don’t know the magic medicine yet! Apart from working as a brilliant natural pain killer, chocolates make your period bearable in many other ways as well. Here is all that a chocolate bar can do for you:

01. It makes you happier.

During periods, the female body has higher levels of cortisol in it. Cortisol is a hormone that is associated with stress. This is the reason why women feel anxious or disturbed during their periods.

New studies have found that the flavanols of chocolates can also counter the effects of cortisol, reducing the stress levels in a person.

As mentioned earlier, chocolates also promote the secretion of endorphins. Apart from soothing your pain, endorphins also give you a “happiness high”.

02. It is a strong medicine with a lot of iron.

Iron is a chemical that helps the circulation of oxygen in our body. Iron is necessary for the production of haemoglobin and myoglobin, the blood cells that carry oxygen to each and every cell of the body. Low levels of iron lead to amnesia, an ailment common to women having heavy periods.
Consuming chocolates replenishes the lost iron content in your body making you feel fitter and better.

03. It gives you a boost of energy.

It is normal to feel tired and low on energy during your periods. However, eating dark chocolate can help you have a nice energy boost.

Chocolates are a rich source of caffeine, a stimulant that makes you energetic. Secondly, chocolates also contain compounds like theobromine and tryptophan which are also associated with energy boost in the human body.

Written by: Anaya Shastri

Anaya is a full-time blogger. Topics she likes to write about include marketing, gifts, travel, festivals and many more. She is also a serious chocoholic and loves to write about anything to do with chocolate. When not writing she is usually traveling or trekking in the mountains

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