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Monday, October 7, 2019

Menstruation is always associated with expressions like, “Yeah, congrats, you are not yet pregnant!” or “Great, you’re safe this month!”.

Reactions like these are common notions among people when women have their menstrual cycle. But, is menstruation an indication that a woman is not pregnant? Is this idea factual? Or just another misconception? Well, if knowing the answer interests you, keep your heads up and read ahead!

Here Are Facts to Answer the Question: Can You Still Menstruate and Be Pregnant?

Fact 1: Early Pregnancy Bleeding

Some women experience bleeding in their first month of pregnancy and mistakenly consider it as their regular monthly cycle. However, this rare instance is what people from the medical field call implantation bleeding, which is different from menstruation. This occurrence is quite reasonable and requires no further medical attention, though this is not a usual sign of pregnancy.

Why do women think that implantation bleeding is similar to menstruation? It is because implantation bleeding occurs at the same time of their menstrual cycle. Because of this, most women instinctively think that small bleedings on their first month are manifestations that they are just about to have their regular monthly cycle and would completely snap out the possibility that they are already carrying a baby in their wombs.

Fact 2: Frequent Spotting and Light Bleeding

Some pregnant women experience spotting and bleeding during their pregnancy. These episodes can be the result of some complications like susceptibility to miscarriage, irritation of the cervix, minor infections, and like the implantation bleeding mentioned earlier. These factors may or may not impose a threat to pregnancy.

Pregnant women who experienced spotting and bleeding were still able to deliver their babies usually. However, being alert to these events will not harm. Some experts say that spotting or light bleeding during pregnancy is normal as long as you don’t discharge too much to the point of filling up a whole sanitary pad or menstrual cup.

Fact 3: Menstrual Cramps During Pregnancy

Experiencing a menstrual cramp is not a strange feeling to women anymore. It sounds awful, but it’s normal for them. Women usually feel this pain during menstruation. However, there are instances when women experience this pain even during their pregnancy and also if they do not have their period.

Being pregnant then is like having a menstrual cycle in this case since they share the prevailing sentiment of menstrual cramps. However, the reason for their occurrence is different. Cramping during menstruation is a result of regular contractions. On the other hand, cramping on pregnancy is due to the changes in the uterus as the embedded egg starts to grow and develop.

Fact 4: Sexual Intercourse

After sexual intercourse, light bleeding is noticeable in pregnant women. Though this reason of bleeding does not cause miscarriage and is relatively reasonable to pregnant women, it is still wise to consult your doctor especially if bleeding it too heavy. And if bleeding happens in the middle of the intercourse, it would be safe to withdraw.

There are a few reasons why women bleed after sex during pregnancy. One of those are the changes happening to the cervix. In preparation for labor, pregnancy forces the uterus to change its shape, widen it, and shed cells. As a result, the cervix becomes tender and sensitive. Thus, your partner’s thrust can make you vulnerable to bleeding.

Fact 5: Pelvic Examinations

Bleeding during pregnancy can be alarming especially if the flow is too heavy to be considered spotting. However, there are also bleeding which we regard as a sign of a healthy pregnancy. Going to your doctor and having regular pelvic examinations like the pap smear and other internal examinations are indicators of a successful pregnancy. Though going through these may impose little but harmless bleedings.

The cervix is at its most sensitive state, and pelvic examinations can cause some bleedings. But since they are standard undertakings of pregnancy plus you are at your doctor’s supervision, rest assured that bleedings during these exams are entirely reasonable.


If you miss a period and suspect pregnancy, make contingency plans. Go to your doctor, use pregnancy test tools, and never forget to take extra care in whatever you do. And if you are already aware of your pregnancy and experience frequent and active bleedings in between, hesitate no more and hit your doctor’s number and rush yourself to the hospital. After all, being cautious is way better than being sorry.

On the opposite situation, if your monthly cycle visits you, then gear yourself up with appropriate kits. Gather your daisy menstrual cup, liners, sanitary pads, extra underwear and put them all in your pouch because for sure, your heavy flow is about to follow. Remember, no one and nothing beats a prepared soldier!

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