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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Mineral Water – Recommendations For Use

The human body is 70% of water. However, soda is not easy, but with the minerals and nutrients dissolved in it, that is, in fact, a mineral. The importance of such water for our system confirms the fact that we can live without food for several weeks but without water only a few days. Only thanks to the water body can function properly. Below m s talk about what it is useful for mineral water – recommendations for use as described below.

Water is a solvent and carrier of nutrients, regulates blood pressure, body temperature, removes harmful metabolic products and increases resistance organisms.Nedostatok of water leads to drying of the mucous membrane, which ceases to be a natural barrier to microorganisms. With water, the skin becomes smooth and healthy tissues and organs. Lack of water in the body begins to appear much faster than any lack of brain Foodstuffs. Study less blood supply, reducing the power of concentration, leading to deterioration of the memory. The man often makes mistakes, even the most simple situations. Dehydrated people also suffer from chronic headaches, has trouble digesting and work the cardiovascular system.

How much should you drink mineral water?

It is hard to specify exactly how much we need to drink fluids throughout the day. On this issue, the opinions of experts were divided. Some believe that the norm is to consume only 1 liter of mineral water, while others claim that you have to drink it as much as you want. One thing is clear – the amount of water consumed in the whole mineral and in particular depends on the climate, type of work, physical activity, food type, age, the state of health.

You should be aware that women should drink more fluid than men, especially during weight loss. That also applies to people who suffer from constipation, consuming high amounts of protein, as well as nursing mothers.

Recommended application nutritionists

Daily drink at least 2 liters of fluid, including 1-1 .5 liters of mineral water. It aids in digestion, metabolism, contains many essential macro and micronutrients. It’s these nutrients and is in a safe and high-quality mineral water. It contains minerals in an easily digestible form and ionized, which can have beneficial effects on health and supplement the deficiency of certain minerals in the diet. However, keep in mind that too high concentrations of some minerals can lead to their accumulation in the liver or kidney, and this, in turn, stimulates the development of certain diseases. For example, too high levels of sodium can sometimes cause hypertension and kidney damage.

Thus, frequent mineral water consumption is at its safest small or medium mineralization. Mineral Water The composition is different. In our stores sold mainly water of medium mineralization. It contains 200-500 mg per liter of trace elements. You can also buy highly mineralized water containing up to 4000 mg / l minerals. This healing mineral water, which is used for medical reasons and only in prescribed doses. It is not always convenient for everyone. So if you want to drink mineral water every day, you had better consult a doctor.

It should also select water that is regularly or frequently, we will drink, and find out the composition and quantity of minerals contained in it. Who wants, for example, to strengthen bone and avoid tooth decay, can select from many glasses of water and calcium fluoride. Calcium also acts favorably on the processes of blood coagulation and cardiac work. Water with a high content of magnesium recommended for people with nervous system disorders who have difficulty falling asleep.

When is it better to drink mineral water?

Many people think that the use of mineral water while it does not matter, but it is not.

Until noon, if we can afford it, we should drink 1-liter vegetable juice – so that the body received the appropriate dose of vitamins and fiber. In the afternoon and evening to drink only bottled mineral water, which cleans the blood and replenish the lost fluids during the day. However, mineral water should be drunk in equal parts, distributed throughout the day. Best of all – in half an hour after eating. Drink mineral water during meals is bad for digestion, as water dilutes the digestive juices, lowers the accuracy of their work and extend the digestion time. That is an additional burden for the already full stomach.

It understood that most people drink too little mineral water. Usually, we drink it only when we feel very thirsty. Then we begin to drink plenty of fluids, at a time like this – an excessive burden on the cardiovascular system. So take the example of the beautiful models. They do not leave with a bottle of mineral water, drinking it in small sips throughout the day. They know how well clean, decorate, nourishes and heals mineral water – the recommendations for use, they always listened to leading experts

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