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Monday, October 7, 2019

Natural Remedy For Back Pain

Pain in the lower back often appears in people at their most “active” age, that is, from 30 to 60 years. This is a very common phenomenon caused by muscular overstrain in the lower back and characterized by soreness and limited mobility.

Here it is necessary to understand that the organism of each person is unique, and in spite of the fact that pain in the lower back usually passes itself during the period of 3 to 6 weeks, it is better to be under medical supervision. 

Sometimes this problem can be associated with a hernia or other disease, so it is so important to get advice and recommendations from a professional on time.

But when we are at home, we can always perform a few simple actionsthat will help us cope with this ailment and accelerate the process of recovery and recovery.

And our today’s article will introduce you to them. Read on!

1. Rest, but not permanent

The first, than our “faulty” loin makes itself felt, is a strong pain and burning sensation in the lower back. Many describe this state, as if they are “tearing in two.” In this case, people experience severe difficulties in moving, it hurts them to turn, and sometimes even sit.

As we already noted above, pain in the lower back passes completely somewhere in 3-6 weeks . This is a decent period of time, it turns out that if we suffered this fate, on the “hospital” we are on average a month.

Does this mean that we must provide our back with complete peace? Not at all.

  • It is best to observe bed rest for the first two or three days. At this time the pain is too intense, and the nerves are inflamed, so any physical activity would be impossible and, to put it mildly, unnecessary.
  • However, after this time, it is no longer necessary to remain “still”. If you lie all the time, your muscles will begin to weaken, and weak muscles always adversely affect the health of our spine.
  • A certain load is necessary, let it be easy, smooth movements, such that pain and discomfort will allow you. That is, after 2 days of rest you should try to be as active as possible, otherwise it will take considerably more time to restore than you would like.

What exercises can be performed?

Of course, you can seek professional help from a manual therapist, a physiotherapist or a specialist in the field of patient rehabilitation.

But being at home, you may well be able to perform some of the exercises “to stretch ” in order to strengthen the muscles of the lumbar. 

  • First, you can walk (slow pace) or walk on the treadmill.
  • Secondly, if you swim a little every day, this will be one of the most effective treatments, since nothing better for our lower back simply can not be imagined.

2. Natural anti-inflammatory drugs for back pain

2.1. Antiinflammatory agent for oral administration: ginger

Two cups of ginger per day will also be very useful in this case. After all, this is one of the best natural anti-inflammatory drugs that can easily replace the usual analgesics (if you suddenly wanted to use them to relieve your condition with back pain).

It is enough to brew one teaspoon of grated ginger root (5 g) in a glass of water (250 ml) and drink the infusion hot after meals.

2.2. Anti-inflammatory agent of topical application: essential oil of rue, horsetail and rosemary

Among the most recommended medicinal plants in order to cope with the pain in the lumbar region, we isolated horsetail (ponytail) and rosemary.

In this case, you will need to take a liter of water, put it on the fire, add 1.5 tablespoons of horsetail (15 g) and the same amount of rosemary. The infusion is cooked for 20-30 minutes, then allow it to cool slightly.

Now you can moisten a piece of gauze or other clean cloth in it and attach it to the loin for 30 minutes (this time will have to lie down). If you repeat the procedure twice a day, very soon you will notice a positive result and you will feel relief.

Ruta, in turn, is also a good anti-inflammatory drug. It has the ability to relax the muscles and reduce pain. Therefore, we recommend that you also look for the essential oil of this plant in pharmacies and do a gentle massage of the waist with it.

This is also a very effective alternative treatment.

3. Cognitive-behavioral therapy for back pain

And although at first glance this method of treatment may seem to you ineffective, in fact, it is not so, and it should also be borne in mind.

After all, very many people, when faced with pain in the lumbar region, try to avoid any movements, they are afraid to move, because they have similar actions associated with severe pain, and this creates more tension and “overloads” the muscles.

It turns out to be a “vicious circle”: pain causes fear, fear tells us the idea that we should not move at all, and immobility leads to an even more intense inflammation of the nerves and weakening of the muscles in the lower back.

  • The first thing you need to note for yourself is that the back pain lasts long enough. It will be at least a month before we feel like before.
  • During this time, you must come to an understanding of the idea of ​​harmony of your mind and emotions with the “axis” of the back. The more stress and stress, the stronger the pain.
  • Therefore, try to always remain calm, relax and make soft, smooth movements. Cast away your fear and think that every day you will become easier and easier.
  • Go for a walk, this will dispel thoughts and distract from discomfort. So you can rid yourself of the abuse of medicinal anesthetics.

Finally, in your city, there may already exist so-called “schools of back” or “schools of health of the back”. There they give lessons in postural hygiene (about proper posture), talk about ergonomics, how to properly lift heavy objects and distribute loads, what exercises will help prevent back problems in the future, and, most importantly, how to ensure the highest possible quality of life and support it, taking care of the health of the spine. 

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