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Tuesday, October 8, 2019


Nootropic supplements like Apex Vitality – Mastermind and SynagenIQ are both brain pills their manufacturers say can increase your concentration levels, IQ scores, cognitive energy and thinking.

What do Mastermind and Synagen IQ bring to the table?

These two nootropic supplements have surfaced on the internet with very good marketing adverts behind them and some of the benefits they claim to bring include

  • Increase in IQ score
  • Improved memory recall
  • Enhanced cognitive functions
  • Boost in creative thinking
  • Concentration is also improved

Does Stephen Hawking use nootropics?

For a business to continue existing it needs to make money somehow, even if it means they have to place fake advertisements to get customers. Plenty of websites that claim to be affiliated with well known sites like TMZ posted an article in March 2017 saying Donald Trump went on the Dr. Oz show to endorse Synagen’s Core Focus which turned out to not be true. There was never such an interview where Donald Trump went on the show to credit the product in any way, shape or form.


Many other sites that claimed celebrities are endorsing their products have been taken down over the years and most notably a site called This site claimed people like Kanye West, Denzel Washington, Bill Gates, Ben Lishgar, Dr. Cortigan and Dr. Rosenhouse, all used their brain drugs and encouraged customers to try it for themselves to be as successful as the people mentioned above. Out of all the people mentioned on this website to be endorsing the product, one name stood out.

The name said “Genius Steven Hawkings” and it features a picture of Stephen Hawking however, his name was spelt wrong and he was referred to as “genius” as his occupation which led people to believe that this was a fake post and physicist Stephen Hawking is in no way affiliated with this product whatsoever. Based on those facts it is safe to say that Steven Hawking does not endorse any nootropics like  Apex Mastermind and Synagen IQ Core Focus. These websites claiming people like him are singing praises of these products are all fake and it is all just a marketing campaign to get people/customers to invest in their hard earned money into the products, if they see that their idols or heroes are using the same products. By putting faces of people with power, these websites know that they will get people’s attention and there is a high chance the product will be ordered.

People who admire Stephen Hawking have fallen victim to this trap and really believe he does indeed take pills like Apex’s Mastermind and Synagen CoreFocus which is not true. They hand over their card payment details and purchase these products, only to find themselves in a situation where they are billed a large amount of money in excess of $80.

On the other hand, there are more than few satisfied users from nootropic products such as these. There also some really thorough reviews of Synagen and Apex Vitality’s Mastermind you can check out. Furthermore, for sceptics such as myself, most well established nootropics manufacturers offer free trial deals on their products, meaning you can try the products for about two weeks and see if the products meet your needs.

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