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Monday, October 7, 2019

Osteoporosis In Women

It is known that  osteoporosis is a disease that affects women more. Unfortunately, we often suffer from this chronic disease, in which the bones lose weight, become more fragile and may even deform, causing us to suffer daily.

Is there an effective solution? Unfortunately, until now it is not. But we offer you a  series of strategies that will help alleviate the manifestations of osteoporosis and, thus, improve the quality of life.

What risk factors can cause osteoporosis?

As you probably know, bones are made up of living tissue . Their structure changes with time, starting from the moment of our birth. They increase their density and strength as we grow, until the moment when we are 20 years old. It is at this age, as a rule, the highest bone mass is reached.

What does it mean? The fact that the period of growing a person is very important in order to later have stronger, healthy and strong bones. Therefore, the basis of everything is proper nutrition and useful habits , it is they who give us strength and help to maintain our skeleton in good condition.

But, as you already know, sometimes we suffer from a lack of certain substances, for example, calcium deficiency, fluoride or vitamin D. Consider the  factors that contribute to the development of osteoporosis.

1. Risk factors that we can not influence:

  • Paul:  It may seem unfair, but our nature, genetic and hormonal factors determine that we are prone to this disease, which can go to a chronic stage and with which we must learn to live.
  • Age:  This factor is also inevitable. As we grow older, the chances of developing osteoporosis increase. This is a normal process.
  • Genetics:  Does one of your loved ones suffer from osteoporosis? Maybe your mother or grandmother? If this is the case, then there is a high probability that you will have osteoporosis. It is worth remembering this in order to deal with its prevention as early as possible.
  • Menopause:  Hormonal changes caused by menopause also increase the risk of osteoporosis. Especially be careful if the menopause has come too early, about 45 years.
  • Constitution:  People with lean physique are more susceptible to osteoporosis.

2. Risk factors that we can control:

  • Calcium deficiency and vitamin D . Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure that we receive these vitamins in the proper amount.
  • Alcohol. Avoid alcohol, as well as sweet carbonated drinks. Despite the fact that they are very tasty, these drinks wash away calcium from our body.
  • Smoking. Do you smoke? We advise you to try to get rid of this bad habit, starting right from today.
  • Dietary disorders, such as anorexia. Be careful, if they take place for a long period, it will definitely affect your bones.
  • A low level of estrogen and testosterone can also cause osteoporosis. And be careful with thyroids, their imbalance also leads to loss of bone mass.
  • The use of such drugs as corticosteroids. Be careful with them, since these anti-inflammatory drugs, if taken for long years, can lead to a variety of health problems. This applies to drugs that reduce gastric acidity. Their side effects are that they worsen the absorption of calcium by the body and cause, thus, osteoporosis. Take it only if necessary, and never abuse it!

Is it possible to treat osteoporosis?

To begin with, some aspects should be clarified. Osteoporosis can not be cured completely, but one can fight its consequences. Always follow the treatment prescribed by the doctor .

It is also very important to understand at a time when you are diagnosed with this disease, that your life will not be the same as before. However, by making some changes in your lifestyle and gaining the right mood and cheerfulness of the spirit, you will practically reduce the negative manifestations to a minimum.

It is not necessary to be limited, for example, only reception of anesthetics. Apply these simple tips in practice and enjoy life and yourself:

1. Swimming: It is known that a sedentary lifestyle contributes to the loss of bone mass. So, if you were told that you have osteoporosis, do not give up and do not stand still. For example, swimming 3 times a week, will greatly improve the situation. You will stop the progression of bone loss, you will notice that you have become more dexterous, mobile and less likely to experience pain.

2. Magnesium and Vitamin D:  You can take food supplements that are sold in pharmacies, or you can talk to a doctor, and he will write them to you. These indispensable elements can also be obtained by adding to your diet products such as spinach, pumpkin seeds, brown rice, fish, avocado, natural Greek yogurt, bananas, figs, bitter chocolate.

3. Horsetail and dandelion: These plants are simply wonderful, they allow us to make up for the lack of silicon, from which women tend to suffer. If you drink infusions of these plants every day, then our body will be much better to synthesize calcium.

4. Cherry and lemon: These two fruits are simply irreplaceable. Probably, cherries are not so easy to buy, especially not in season, but try to drink every day a glass of water with lemon juice. Why? Lemon juice is very rich in calcium and vitamin C. This, in turn, will help solve the problem of correct calcification of bones.

Well, let’s start right now practice all these tips?

From our daily advice and topics for all of you willing to make your and the life of your dearest better and healthier. Taking care of your health is part of your locus of control. Take the initiative starting today!

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