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Monday, October 7, 2019

Pain In The Neck

During the working day in the office or while doing household chores at the weekend, very often you can feel the tension and  pain in the neck

Stress, incorrect posture and bad habits often lead to pain in the neck, back and shoulders.

According to statistics, seven out of ten people suffer from this problem at some point in their life, but usually it does not take on a chronic form and quickly disappears.

Often the pain is caused by an overload of the muscles that surround the cervical spine and are responsible for its normal functioning.

They can also cause pain in the shoulders or a headache.

Although most of the pain in the neck is not associated with serious health problems, it is better to pay attention to it, because in the long term it can lead to injuries that lead to degeneration of the spine.

In this article, we will tell you about the 6 most common causes of pain in the neck and how to prevent it. Do not miss!

1. Weakness of muscles

Because of the sedentary lifestyle, lack of mobility and constant stress, the muscles of the trapezium and other muscles become weak.

The problem is exacerbated when we eat poorly or subject our body to excessive stresses, while depriving it of nutrients.

2. Wrong posture

Wrong posture, when we sit, walk and stand, eventually causes pain and has a very negative effect on the health of our bones and joints.

Staying in the same position for several hours, for example, sitting in front of the computer, is very harmful , since our muscles become clamped and more vulnerable to injury.

The same happens with seamstresses and other workers who for a long time sit with a bent back.

In all these cases it is very important to pause every 20-30 minutes to stretch the muscles and correct the posture.

3. Emotional Stress

Until recently, experts did not want to recognize the strong connection between our emotional state and physical health.

After numerous studies today we know that the  pain in the neck can be associated with emotional stress.

Experiences, anxiety, stress or depression severely overload the shoulders, neck and back.

4. Chemical reactions

The chemical and nervous reactions of the body to different types of stimulants can also be associated with this pain.

Abuse of coffee, alcoholic beverages and meat changes the acid-base balance of the body and triggers inflammatory processes and other negative reactions in the body.

5. Smoking

Toxic substances contained in cigarettes cause chronic diseases in all vital body systems.

Abuse of tobacco increases tension in the back and neck, because it dehydrates the intervertebral discs and speeds up their wear.

6. Continuous use of smartphone

People who spend all their time bending over the screen of a smartphone suffer more often from neck and back pain than those who use it only when necessary.

When we bend over the screen of the phone, the muscles of the neck tighten and accumulate tension.

A few recommendations that will help prevent the appearance of pain in the neck

Try to minimize the risk of neck pain due to the reasons mentioned above. Also we can pay attention to the points described below , in order to protect yourself from the appearance of pain in the neck.

Here are just a few of them:

  • Do stretching exercises at least once a day. 
  • Do special exercises for the muscles of the back, shoulders, neck and head.
  • Sleep on a hard mattress and a low pillow.
  • Try to maintain proper posture when you sit for a long time.
  • Take care with heavy objects. If necessary, ask for help.
  • Sleep in the fetal position, but not face down.
  • Cover your neck with a collar or a scarf in the cold.
  • Eat foods rich in potassium, magnesium and calcium , they are necessary for the health of muscles and joints.

Now that you know what can cause back pain, try to adjust your daily routine and lead a healthier lifestyle.

If the pain does not pass, despite all your efforts, consult a doctor about suitable diagnostics and medications.

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