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Monday, October 7, 2019

Poor Blood Circulation

Many adults have Poor Blood Circulation. Especially often this problem worries people in the summer months.

At the same time, circulatory disorders can lead to many other health problems. That’s why today we decided to talk about the symptoms, which may indicate that the blood circulation is not all right.

If you find yourself in some of them, you need to take action as soon as possible.

Poor blood circulation: how is it manifested?

Our body works tirelessly day and night, directing blood through the arteries and veins. It is through this that our bodies function. Blood circulation allows us to distribute nutrients, is responsible for the transport of hormones and regulates the acid-base balance of our body.

When blood circulation in some parts of our body is disturbed, these areas receive less plasma of blood.

Sometimes bad habits cause bad habits such as smoking and a sedentary lifestyle. Also, blood circulation disorders can be experienced by women during pregnancy. Finally, overweight also increases the risk of this problem.

With regard to the most common symptoms of such a disorder, it should be noted such of them as:

Cold extremities

When our palms and feet get less blood, their temperature decreases. This is why people suffering from circulatory disorders often have cold extremities, both in winter and in summer.

Skin spots

Poor blood circulation can be manifested by a change in skin color and the appearance of spots on the surface of the hands and feet. This is because the blood stops feeding properly their tissues.

  • If red or purple spots appear on your calves and ankles, do not leave this problem without attention.
  • When blood and oxygen cease to properly feed the limb cells, their skin often pales and loses its usual color.
  • Physicians call this symptom Cyanosis. Cyanosis is manifested by the fact that the fingers of a person turn pale and acquire a bluish tinge due to lack of blood.


Violation of blood circulation affects the work of the kidneys, which can lead to the appearance of edema.

If you have swollen hands and feet often, it can talk about slowing blood flow. Fluid retention is a direct consequence of poor circulation.

Tingling and numbness of the limbs

Do not overlook and such a symptom as the numbness of the limbs.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that particles of fat block the blood flow in the arteries. Deficiency of blood provokes numbness of hands and feet.

Hair loss and brittle nails

Although these symptoms may be the result of other problems (for example, stress or malnutrition), poor circulation also can increase hair loss and make our nails brittle .

In this case, our hair becomes dry, and their loss in varying degrees affects those or other parts of the head. Nails become brittle and break easily, and their growth slows down.

This is due to the fact that due to the violation of blood circulation, our body stops receiving enough nutrients. The scalp of the head, hands and feet are faced with a deficiency of various trace elements, because they receive less blood.

Varicose veins

The weakening of the valves of the veins leads to a violation of the venous blood flow, as a result of which the pressure on the veins increases. Because of this, the latter increase in size and begin to protrude beneath the surface of the skin.

  • Varicose veins occur in the area of ​​the feet and ankles. This can be accompanied by tingling in these areas. This symptom can bother us when we spend a lot of time sitting.
  • The appearance of vascular asterisks also suggests that with our blood circulation, not everything is in order. Typically, they have a reddish or bluish tinge. Vascular asterisks appear on the surface of the skin and have a small size.


When nutrients cease to be evenly distributed throughout the body, we begin to quickly get tired and feel a strong weakness. The blood flow slows down, and with it oxygen transport also slows down. Our musculature and brain receive less of this substance.

This leads to the fact that we quickly get tired, we feel the heaviness in the whole body, it becomes more difficult for us to cope with the usual affairs, etc.

Delayed digestion

A few hours after a meal, you feel heavy in the stomach, although the food you eat was pretty light? This can also be due to a violation of blood circulation.

Perhaps you are often concerned about increased acidity, constipation or gases. Pay attention to how you go to the toilet. If you have constipation, it is probably because of insufficient blood supply to the intestine.

Slow healing of wounds

Disorders of blood circulation lead to a decrease in the transport speed of white blood cells, which are responsible for the healing of wounds, cuts and abrasions.

Infections and common colds

Poor blood circulation has a negative effect on our immune system. The productive forces of our body weaken , because of which we are easier to pick up viral and bacterial infections.

The work of antibodies is disrupted, and our body is less resistant to attacks of pathogenic microorganisms.

erectile disfunction

As for men, in the latter, blood circulation disorders can lead to problems in the sexual sphere, because the blood supply of the genital organs also becomes insufficient.

Angina pectoris

The causes of the pressing pain in the chest can be many. One of them is a deficiency of blood in the heart area.

This can cause a feeling of squeezing in the chest and a lack of air. In this case, such symptoms quickly pass, but soon they return again without warning.

Decreased appetite

When the stomach sends certain signals to the brain, we get a feeling of hunger. For this, our brain needs blood.

If you have lost your appetite, and the food does not cause a desire to eat, it is possible that these signals are not sent properly.

In many cases, a decrease in appetite leads to weight loss.

Decreased intellectual ability

Deficiency of blood in the human brain slows the work of neurons. This leads to memory impairments, difficulties with attention and concentration, it becomes more difficult for us to cope with everyday tasks and solve problems.

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