Pregnancy test after Drinking Alcohol

Pregnancy Test After Drinking Alcohol – Almost all women want to like, whether the pregnancy can found more quickly. The visit to the gynecologist and the medical examination can answer in just a few weeks. And here to the aid of pregnancy tests that allow a few days after intercourse to know whether conception has occurred.

How accurate can be such tests, especially in cases when the female body enters alcohol? Of course, we all know that, in preparation for fertility, harmful habits, including alcohol, must abandon, however, situations in life are different. So the problem arises if it makes sense to carry out a home pregnancy test after drinking alcohol beverages.

What is a home pregnancy test

Determine early pregnancy may be using a pregnancy test. Of course, you can carry out this test in the laboratory of the medical institution. But it will have to donate blood, and blood for this analysis collected from the vein. But it is possible to carry out the test at home, using special test strips or other kinds of home tests.

Human chorionic gonadotropin begins to produce tissue chorion, i.e. embryo shell fabric and then the embryo and fetus. It proved that HCG appears in the blood and the urine of women after the egg fertilized, and within a few days after fertilization. The concentration of this hormone becomes sufficient so that it can detect and fix.

The presence in the blood or urine of women human chorionic gonadotropin may consider the entirely reliable indicator of pregnancy, as the body’s non-pregnant women, this hormone is not produced.

Chorionic gonadotropin

Human chorionic gonadotropin begins to produce fabrics chorionic immediately, as soon as the fertilized egg can add itself to the wall of the uterus. Hormone levels in early pregnancy double approximately every two or three days to reach the peak in the center (but in some cases, the end) of the first trimester pregnancy.

What is the test more reliable – a laboratory that is testing the blood, or a home, that is urine testing? The answer can only be one – if the pregnancy and the shell to attach to the uterine wall of the ovum start producing a hormone. It will be found both at home and in the laboratory (and in urine and blood).

Which could affect the test result?

The test result depends on the sensitivity of the material deposited on the strip – the sensitive nature of the test above. The earlier can obtain a reliable result. Most tests for pregnancy, entering the pharmacy chain, have a sensitivity range from 20 to 25 mIU / ml (international units per ml) – they are considered completely reliable only after a delay of menstruation.

More sensitive tests with indicator ten mIU / ml, which feel safe when used in a week and a half after conception may have occurred. If the delay exceeds the monthly week, it will be effective, any home test.

Of course, the treatment in a medical institution is never superfluous, especially since the early formulation of a pregnant registration is critical for an important observation of the development of the pregnancy. And the early diagnosis of possible fetal abnormalities.

Test strips and other modifications to the home pregnancy test can purchase at any pharmacy establishment, but it is critical to pay attention to the expiration date of the test.

How to conduct a home pregnancy test?

To perform a home pregnancy test requires an individual test strip covered with sensitive hCG composition. Since the test strip detects the presence or absence of human chorionic gonadotropin in the urine, it is quite clear that it will take to collect the urine, which will use for the test. Some test strips do not require the collection of urine – they are sufficient to substitute a jet.

If a test strip must lower into the urine, a small amount of urine to collect in a small clean container and only a few seconds to drop the piece (the exact time always specified in the instructions to the test strip, and various tests may be different).

Whenever the urine is, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). Then to the test strip under the influence of the urine will show two red stripes, and it confirms the beginning of pregnancy. If the strip is one, then the pregnancy has not yet occurred.

Which can distort the result of a home pregnancy test?

It should recognize that in any cases the results of any tests for pregnancy, including the home, can change.

  • First of all, the test results can alter the reception of some medicines. Especially those used in the treatment of infertility. The point that some of the drugs that used for such therapy include human chorionic gonadotropin. And if the test carried out after ingestion of such a formulation. The result may be a false positive, because the trial may react to hCG, which contained in the preparation.
  • False positive test result could be after the pregnancy has been terminated. The fact is that even after the termination of gestation the body for some time produces hCG.
  • The incorrect test result can be and if during testing were not followed the recommendation of the manufacturer. Underutilized clean dishes for the collection of urine; a test strip in the urine was insufficient time; for the manifestation of the pieces was not enough time.
  • The test may show false negative results if performed too early, that is, when a person has not yet started gonadotropin produced or when hCG levels are still very low.
  • The wrong test on pregnancy outcome can attribute to the health of women: the presence of hormone-dependent tumors in the body; ovarian dysfunction; pathological development pregnancy.

What is the effect on the pregnancy test result of alcohol intake

Many women interested in: can distort the results of home pregnancy tests use of alcohol? In fact, taking any alcohol in any quantity on the test result has no effect. Because the reagents used during the test. Respond only to human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) and insensitive to alcohol. That cause any alcohol, including the stage of decay ethyl alcohol, does not enter into any chemical reaction with hCG.

However, with the use of home pregnancy test, a woman must remember that some alcoholic drinks, such as beer. Have diuretic properties so that the body can lose quite a lot of fluid. But the fluid loss may well be the cause of the false-negative result.

The fact is that under the influence of diuretic drugs of any origin, including alcohol, urine less concentrated. So the concentration of hCG in it becomes smaller. As a result, human chorionic gonadotropin can not define because of its low level.

Alcohol and Pregnancy

It knows that alcohol and pregnancy are incompatible, and especially in early pregnancy. The use of female spirits or soft drinks during early pregnancy can lead to extremely undesirable consequences. Because at this time there is a tab of all organs and systems of the future child.

It knows that alcohol and pregnancy are incompatible, and especially in early pregnancy. The use of female spirits or soft drinks during early pregnancy can lead to extremely undesirable consequences. Because at this time there is a tab of all organs and systems of the future child.

Alcohol may disrupt the healthy development of the embryo, the embryo and then the fetus. Very often, the use of alcohol in early pregnancy causes fetal development defects and disorders in the unborn baby’s development. Alcohol consumption in early pregnancy can cause spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) or missed abortion.