Pregnancy Tips – Take Care of Yourself During Pregnancy

Face care during pregnancy

Pregnancy Tips – It’s no secret that during pregnancy in a woman’s hormonal changes going global, the skin at the same time undergoing a lot of different changes. Therefore relate to the care of her to be more than careful. To keep as long as the appeal is possible and look great. After a few decades, you may have to carry out some partial replacement of certain cosmetic products from the usual for you a set of cosmetics. However, sometimes the care products are necessary to change almost entirely. Pregnancy Tips

During pregnancy, the female body produces more estrogen, which, of course, contributes to dry skin. That is why if your skin has always been fat. The nature of the problem, you might even luck because now her condition is likely to come to an absolute norm. You can very quickly forget about acne, and that is not nice oily sheen.

But if your skin is in everyday life in type belonged to dry, then, unfortunately, it is now difficult to have and care for her need to be even more intensively and carefully than before. Forever forget about lotions containing alcohol. Now for the constant daily care. It is best to use a moisturizing cream, as well as from time to time to try to set aside time on some hydrating mask.

Face care during pregnancy

It may happen that during pregnancy you will get even acne. This would mean that hormonal changes also affected the work of the sebaceous glands, stimulate their active work. In such cases, fight acne could. Should be using as much as possible mild cleansers that do not contain soap or alcohol. Throughout the day, problem skin is very useful wiping Antibacterial wipes. But remember, in any case, do not even think about the possibility of the use of creams is saved from acne vulgarism. For pregnant women, they are simply not safe. You can consult on this matter with your doctor. And only if the physician deems it necessary and possible. It will be able to prescribe further any useful additives. For example, a complex of vitamins of group B. Pregnancy Tips

Be sure to read closely and annotations for all the new cosmetics that you decide to purchase. Pay your attention to the fact whether there is a label on the label such as hypoallergenic.

Another important point, if you feel that you have at home too dry air. Be sure to try to moisten it; your skin was able to breathe freely. And to do this, it is possible using a regular wet cleaning. An excellent idea to use water spray or professional humidifiers.

Useful beauty treatments

Pregnancy Tips – Useful beauty treatments during pregnancy those women, who claim that it is impossible to carry out beauty treatments during pregnancy. Live apparently outdated notions about life and pregnancy. Some types of skin care you not only will not hurt, but will be more than helpful.

During pregnancy, some restrictions are recommended only for a harsh chemical cleansing facial. But regularly clean the skin using a light peel, natural masks, and scrubs. While actively complementing the effect of their use of massage and mask, it is not only possible but necessary. Of course, it would be much better if you don’t become to use chemicals, namely natural resources specifically for sensitive skin. Pregnancy Tips

Try to use natural light natural scrub for the face. For example, prepared to manually clean Melk Molo Togo from coffee or already used coffee grounds. Approximately the same effect gives a very easy cleaning of the face with a mask of raw oatmeal. If you exercise regularly, superficial exfoliation, which is best done once a week or every two weeks. Depending on the skin type. This will help you save for a long time a beautiful, healthy complexion throughout the date of pregnancy and after childbirth.

  • Sour cream mask. It is necessary to mix a hundred grams of sour cream add to it one egg white, heavily powdered rind of one lemon. Season it all one teaspoon of vegetable oil, all again carefully mix. Apply the mask on the face with a brush or plastic spatula. Leave it on your face until the mixture is completely dry. Then all you need to rinse with a warm decoction of parsley. Pregnancy Tips

Beauty treatments during pregnancy

  • Mask for an oily skin problem. For this skin will be very useful cover plain yogurt. Yogurt contains lactic acid, which is high to dry oily and problem skin. Also, it can be too narrow the pores on the face. This nourishing mask yogurt you can afford to do on a daily basis.
  • Masks with mint. Such masks are also ideally suited to care for the problem and oily skin. It is necessary to dilute the concentrate with water mint, after which it must be applied to the face with a brush or cotton swab. The real mint or mint tea perfectly narrow the pores on your face and your skin at the same time will be lighter and even more transparent. However, we must remember that the mints applied solutions should not be directly on dry skin; it can dry it further, just before using the mask, rinse your face and do not rub it. Pregnancy Tips
  • The mask of watermelon juice. This cover will improve blood circulation and refresh the skin somewhat. Cosmetologists have noticed that it turns out that watermelon is the same acidity level of pH, or more accurately corresponds to the pH of human skin. Furthermore, watermelon juice is used as an excellent tonic. In addition to the content of vitamins A and C, watermelon is still a lot of others, but no less essential minerals, trace elements, and vitamins. On a purely washed face, apply a paste of watermelon and leave so for about twenty minutes, then rinse with warm water and all.

Beauty treatments tips during pregnancy

  • Masks made of soft black bread. It will be good to clean and will not over dry skin. Also, it has another significant advantage; it is very easy to do. First, crumble a slice of black bread and fill it with warm water, knead it to obtain a slurry. Then, apply the mask on your face and, when the mask will dry up, wash it with warm water.
  • Mask with eggs. It is best to use to whiten dark spots. Protein to start to whip then adds a few drops of camphor alcohol, after which the mixture can be applied directly to those places where there were dark spots. After twenty minutes the mask will need to be dried up, rinse with warm water. Pregnancy Tips
  • Masks with egg yolk. It is a good egg lecithin, extremely useful to care for dry skin. If your skin is dry or mixed for you will be the ideal mixture of egg yolk with one tablespoon acceptable for you vegetable oil. To mask was also need to make small nutrient additive, namely, to put into the mix even a teaspoon of honey. This mask, like many others, should be applied to the skin for twenty minutes, and then it is necessary to rinse with cold or slightly warm water.

What makeup can afford the expectant mother?

Pregnancy Tips – What makeup can provide the pregnant mother? Most of the cosmetic products that you used to enjoy before pregnancy. It will come to you now. However, a pregnant woman is better to give it to those funds. Because of which can clog the pores, which is usually powder and small foundation. Also, it should be noted the fact that all the right kinds of cosmetics are required to have a certain hygienic conclusion. A conclusion usually requires all suppliers all serious, reputable shops. This clean end more often indicates that the components that are part of our this cosmetic product will not have a negative systemic impact on the human body. Pregnancy Tips

Still, do not abuse the cosmetics. Try to determine for themselves the very minimum of cosmetics, which will allow you to look and feel beautiful and well-groomed. The main thing, in any case, a sense of proportion. You must agree, the phrase of one of the fashion and celebrity stylists are now more relevant than ever, he said: “When a woman has not brushed her hair, has no sense of actively painting eyes.”

Hair Care in Pregnancy

Pregnancy Tips – Due to hormonal changes that occur in pregnant women and in particular because of a significant amount of estrogen often produced enough future hair mothers can become denser; they may even grow better and faster. Sometimes the hair is shinier and becomes a beautiful velvet tone. However, this does not occur in all pregnant women; sometimes the situation may be quite the reverse.

If we talk about hair painting, chemical perms, highlighting, and other radical experiments with the hair, in current conditions drugs, are used for this purpose, can be far unsafe for the unborn child. Although many masters in beauty salons claim about the safety of all such procedures. Before you decide on any global changes in appearance, consult a doctor, learn your pregnancy, as well as a professional hairdresser. Pregnancy Tips Remember that due to hormonal shifts in the body occurs. A change in the structure of hair, resulting in staining them it may happen that the effect of the painting would be completely unexpected. It can occur even in cases where you use the same color and the same brand of paint that was used long before the pregnancy. This is not too fun fact you will be able to confirm any hairdresser.

But to wash your hair during pregnancy should try to use only quality shampoos and hair care products, only those tools that are based on natural and natural ingredients. Also, many hair concerns are not difficult to cook at home.

Such a useful olive oil.

It is perfect for dry and brittle hair. You can use it like this: about an hour before thinking to wash your hair, apply a little olive oil on your hair, then wrap your head with plastic wrap and tighten the top with something warm, say a large towel. To get the effect of a compress. Very useful for olive oil to add a tablespoon of honey and separated from the protein mashed egg yolk. Mask need to hold on the hair for about an hour then remove the towel and washed out her head, as you used to do. Pregnancy Tips

Perfect for hair care fits honey.

It’s safe to use to give your hair more shine and a certain velvety, honey, first of all, you need to supply the scalp. How to use: put in a water bath to heat two tablespoons of honey, then add one teaspoon of castor oil, is not a bad thing if you add to the mix a few drops of lavender oil, all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Brush, swab or just your fingertips, apply the resulting mixture to the hair, at the same time providing a gentle massage of the head. After fifteen minutes pass head can be cleaned in the usual manner.

Care with the help of beer.

Beer is a product which is particularly useful for thin and fragile hair. A beer that stayed for several hours in an open dish necessarily can give thin, weak hair a significant amount. Beer is usually applied to the hair immediately after shampooing, and then only dried down.

Such useful lettuce.

They are extremely rich in various minerals. All the valuable minerals which are in the salad and it phosphorus, and sulfur, and compounds of silicon and many others can favorably influence the growth of hair. To make a mask, first chop lettuce, while adding a little water and minuscule amount of carrot juice or the juice pepper. This resulting slurry must be applied to clean hair, and then five minutes later you can wash it all with warm water. Pregnancy Tips

Nourishing mask for weak and damaged hair:

use one teaspoon of herb plantain, the same amount of herb nettle and chamomile flowers, and the same crumb crumbled rye bread. Pour a cup of boiling water one tablespoon of the resulting herbal mixture and leave to infuse for about two hours. Then infusion to drain and add the softened and already separated from the crusts of rye bread. You will enjoy the smell of paste. It can be applied to the hair and then will need to wear an insulating cap or simply wrap the head with a piece of cellophane, and then cover all the warm towel. This will create a greenhouse effect. The acting mask needs about one hour. After that, it will need to rinse with clean, hot water.

Nail care during pregnancy

In the body of a pregnant woman, there is some lack of calcium, which can lead to the fact that her nails can become brittle and even fragile and, of course, will need special care. Pregnancy Tips

First, an essential thing to do would be a future mom, is to increase your daily diet by foods that contain significant amounts of calcium. Second, it is critical to do directly caring for your nails. It will be very useful in this case, a light but regular hand massage with medicated oils or lotions for strengthening the nails. It is possible to pamper your hands and paraffin or ozocerite baths, then they will be softer hand, will become smooth, and your nails will be strengthened considerably. Also remarkably is right for brittle nails bath of sea salt.

Prepare it as follows: a tablespoon of sea salt dissolved in a glass of warm water, then dipped to the nails for about twenty minutes. Such procedures can be carried out in a day, the whole two or even three weeks.

Proper care for your hands

During pregnancy your skin, as well as the entire body, in general, is more sensitive to negative external influences, can sometimes appear a tendency to irritation and excessive dryness. So just necessary to regularly use moisturizing and nourishing creams specifically for hands. Especially well-suited cream, containing the extracts of natural ingredients such as extracts of chamomile and calendula. Pregnancy Tips

Caring for body skin

Caring for body skin. Pregnancy is precisely the time when more than ever need to pay more attention to all their skin. It is not bad if you take it a rule once or twice a week. But no more need to carry out with the help of scrubs civil procedure of exfoliation of dead cells of the epidermis.

If you would like to engage the methods for the prevention of stretch marks on the body, the emphasis you will need to pay the weakest areas of the female body. Of course, is the abdomen, thighs, and breasts. The scrub should be applied to wet skin and then massaging in a circular motion. A few minutes to try, as it were, to clean off the top layer of the epidermis. Then you need to wash all the fresh water thoroughly.

In this simple way, you can accelerate cell renewal. As well as significantly increase the resistance of tissue, can prevent the sagging skin on the thighs and buttocks. These procedures help saturate your skin. So many useful it essential trace elements such as sodium, iodine, magnesium, and iron. As a useful add-on, you can use the firming cream that is rich in vitamins and natural oils desirable. Begin to rub it gently in a circular motion, causing the skin of the abdomen and thighs. Pregnancy Tips

Caring for body skin – pregnancy tips

Pregnancy Tips – It is permissible to use homemade scrubs to do this, take the salt and mix it with olive oil, and here is your scrub is ready. Replace salt can be regular corn groups or finely ground coffee. These scrubs are perfectly clean and nourish the skin, but the cream may be required after any scrub.

Along with the use of a scrub can be made comfortable plucking massage that will help you maintain skin elasticity. Means that it is possible you will be able to avoid the appearance of stretch marks. Massage is done as follows: lightly grab the skin with your fingertips, then pull up very slowly, as long as the skin will not appear light red. Similarly, you can massage the thigh. Although quite acceptable thighs and large amplitude movements of massage.

Sometimes a pregnant woman’s skin can be very itchy. Most often it happens when the fetus is growing too fast, and the stomach too quickly increases and stretches the skin unnecessarily. Try both moisturize the skin often as possible, which will help you quickly remove any such discomfort. Also, try to use only the highest quality deodorants.

Caring for the breast during pregnancy

Pregnancy Tips – During pregnancy, a woman’s breast is markedly increased in size. Even in the very early stages of pregnancy in a week after the onset of some of the women will be forced. To change to a bra sometimes two sizes larger than were previously. In addition to size, you may have to modify the model and bra. Try to choose a final and robust model bras, preferably without bones. Possibly on wide straps, of course, with adjustable buckle and always elastic back that will help support the breast well.

To maintain the elasticity of skin on the chest. Try a daily massage the chest while standing under a stream of a refreshing shower. Your movements should be circular. It is desirable that the direction of the message was top-down closer to the middle of the chest. If you suddenly appear from the nipples unclear allocation, which is called colostrum. The breast will wash better a little more closely and more often it is desirable to lubricate. The skin of the breast with special emollients to prevent such painful nipple cracks. Pregnancy Tips

After each shower, try to massage the breast. Then rub it vigorously with a towel, not too affecting the nipple. Halos nipples and pacifiers do not necessary to wash with soap and water. Just rinse them with fresh water, and then gently soak through the towel.

Care belly

The skin on the abdomen just needs some care. Although the belly will increase in size much later than it does with the breast, it is desirable for the prevention of care for maintaining skin elasticity and firmness on the stomach from the earliest stages of pregnancy. Stretch marks that appear on the abdomen may be alarming, even more than women reaching appearing on the thighs. Many experts argue that the elasticity of the skin is a hereditary factor. Pregnancy Tips

And that genetic predisposition may play a decisive role in this regard. It will depend on the genes, how your skin will lose elasticity and acquire a tendency to stretch marks during pregnancy. But, despite this, it is worth to try to overcome the genetic factors and family history of stretch marks, using specialized cosmetics for pregnant women and, of course, professional massage.

Foot Care pregnant

Pregnancy Tips – Foot Care during Pregnancy hard enough during pregnancy accounts for women’s feet. Particularly in the second half of it. Woman forced to wear not only its weight to it every day actively added weight as a fast growing baby. Because of this heavy load may occur, and other problems. For example, varicose veins, many nocturnal cramps, painful are swelling in the legs.

To make the most likely to reduce the risk of such unpleasant consequences, try to make your shoes were soft enough. Always with a stable heel, and of course, non-slip soles. Such shoes can give you a real support in the literal and figurative sense. With such shoes will decrease the load on the back, will be activated muscles legs, which in turn will be able to save you from the pain in his legs. The development of such diseases as varicose veins. And of course looking after your feet can not be limited only to a choice of right and proper footwear. Pregnancy Tips

For the legs, as well as for the whole body, you need to take care of properly. So excellent care can not be too heavy physical activity and exercise, in which will be significantly reduces swelling, which can maintain your muscle tone. The Beautiful effect can give. Individual dragging away stockings, just perfect relaxing bath infusions of herbs, massage, to help get rid of cramps. But the most striking effect can be achieved by combining all methods of care.

Foot Care pregnant – Pregnancy Tips

It is better to start as early as possible to use special stockings. They are much more comfortable than conventional, as they are sewn so that they will not compress the abdomen and waist. Put on these tights, usually lying down; it’s more convenient. Buy them is not difficult, they are sold in any drugstore, there will help you choose the right size for you.

Do not forget about such important and useful techniques such as tempering and warm feet. In winter, more can walk barefoot through the house, and in the summer, and even better, walk barefoot on grass, sand, and gravel there, of course very carefully. There is another equally pleasant way to take care of their feet; they can wipe the ice cubes, the ice at the same time better prepared from the infusion of herbs yarrow, sage, or arnica. This procedure simultaneously reduces swelling and lessen the feeling of fatigue and heaviness in the legs. Pregnancy Tips

Do not forget about the great exercises that will help relieve the tension in the muscles on the inside of the thighs, which can improve blood circulation in the veins; exercise is quite simple – the vertical lift legs up at a right angle Backed with the feet on the wall.

Foot Care pregnant – tips for pregnancy 

Pregnancy Tips – While in this position, try to make sure that the buttocks were firmly pressed against the wall. Your back firmly touches the surface of the mat on the floor or bed, in general, to the place where you lie. This fixing of the position will be considered correct. Do this exercise every day; it is desirable for a few minutes. It would be better if you select it for the evening when the feet have become wet from accumulated during the full day fatigue. When performing this exercise later in the term of thirty-fourth-week. You should be very careful; it is a time when the risk can be much larger air entering directly into the vagina, which in turn is not too beneficial effect on the microflora. Especially true for those women who are not too crotch to train or simply weakened the previous birth. Pregnancy Tips

If you have any cramping, you will have to do a foot massage. It does not matter, you’ll do it yourself, or you can help your partner. Massage should be done by progressive movements of moving along the legs from the feet. Running the force to the knee, and then a little higher. During holiday home try to attach the legs to some elevation.

House and try to work as much as possible to give your feet a rest. Especially if your job is related to the static load. For example, you have to sit for long periods in one position, with one and the same table. Stand behind the counter and not to leave a long time. Check Related content Work During Pregnancy  Pregnancy Tips

Try not too complicated rules, and it will help you feel better:

  • If your work is connected with long-standing, try to negotiate with the management to reduce the time of the day. Or try to find a way sometimes to sit down or even lie down.
  • Find a way as often as possible to do stretching. Do not forget this exercise is suitable only to a period of thirty-four weeks.
  • At the first opportunity, try to take your shoes off. Then your legs will be able to breathe freely, at least for a while. Pull the legs forward, pull a few toes, then bend and straighten the foot. Repeat these exercises should be four or five times in the working hours. This immediately improves the blood circulation in your legs. Of course give you the opportunity to experience some natural, even for a short time.
  • Do not sit in a pose, crossing his legs crossed this situation, as a rule, violates the physiologically correct circulation.