Prevent Injuries During Exercise

Doing exercises is good for the body, however, in many cases people get hurt. As per a recent study, almost 19 percent of the people who worked out in the gym got injured during Cross Fit training. Many athletes also experience injuries such as stress fractures, muscle tears, shin splints and tendinitis. You should be careful and need to protect yourself from injuries. The injuries may affect the workout sessions and your overall mobility and health.

There are many ways to avoid such injuries. We will look at some of these tips to ensure you have successful exercise sessions.

1. Regular check-ups with a doctor

Although it may seem silly, it is very important that you visit a doctor and go through regular checkup especially when you start a new fitness exercise. All exercises come with a certain level of stress and it is important to know if your body is handling it correctly and is able to bear the stress. If you have an undiagnosed condition, it can lead to problems. The exercise needs to be changed accordingly to further cause more problems. The doctor can also advise on what you can do to prevent further injuries and other recurrent issues in certain parts of your body.

2. Warm up

This is something which is mostly ignored by many people. Warming up before exercise will ensure that you complete the workout session successfully. Before you start the workout session do some light exercise and then you should start slowly and gradually increase the speed. You can do stretching, jog, walking, and meditation as great warm-up exercises. These warm-up sessions will help your body get the necessary momentum and the proper mind frame for strenuous exercises.

3. Contact a personal trainer

Most injuries happen when people do not know how to start the exercises. People who are not aware what to do or where to start you should contact a personal trainer. The personal trainer can help you start safely and even help come up with a fitness plan based on a clear set of goals. A trainer will also help avoid many incorrect habits that can affect your workout and also allow you to concentrate on your form to achieve the best results. You should work with your trainer for a few hours every day to get the best results.

4. Wear the appropriate clothing and equipment

A lot of sports injuries happen due to the lack of the required equipment. It includes clothes and shoes. You can also use various equipment to prevent injury. You can use the best ACL knee brace and MCL knee brace for support. They are available in the market. Whatever exercise you do, make sure that you use the relevant clothing and footwear. It has to be the something which will protect from injuries and need not to be very costly. If you are not certain what you need, contact the trainer for more information.

5. Work along with the body

We usually tend to overdo while working out. This is not the right thing to do. The fitness mantra “No pain, no gain” is not always right. You should not follow this mantra as it will cause more harm than help you. Working out in itself is hard and when you feel any pain you should not continue. If you feel pain then you should give yourself some rest before you continue further. Take appropriate breaks between the exercises.

6. Drink a lot of water

It is advisable to drink ample amount of water before, and after working out. You lose a lot of water as sweat during exercises. Drink enough water and fluids to keep you hydrated.

7. Go slow and Increase gradually

When you start initially it is advisable to go slow and then gradually increase the level of the workouts. Starting with intense training can only cause more harm than good. One should start with moderate exercises and then increase the intensity of the exercises.


Exercise is good for health and should be done with proper care so that it is beneficial for our body. Take proper care and rest while working out.